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  1. I liked Canales in this video. Dude is a hype man of positive energy but also knows when to chill. He's new to this as well and is probably just sitting there taking everything in and learning. Perhaps he's just of the mindset that it's his job to coach up what players he is provided but he did put input in when needed. I feel he's a guy that also puts trust in his coordinators and their judgements so a lot of things were probably already talked about and went over when they came up with their board. He probably had more say during that process I'd guess. If anything, I wish Evero had more say in the video but guess that makes sense with the heavy offense picks. Evero is a guy who has an ability to make something out of nothing as we seen already. I'm excited to get HIS guys on the team because right now, I trust his judgement on players.
  2. No silver line is a terrible idea with the amount of traffic coming from Union.
  3. I feel Canales is probably different in the locker room. Probably more intensity I'm guessing.
  4. Yup. I remember watching that. Big late hits, no calls. You could tell the NFL really wanted the Saints to go through when they stopped protecting their golden boy Favre. That was probably statistically his best season.
  5. It looks good so far but yes we thought last year was good too. I don't really feel like the season is going to be about wins but more about "how" we play the game and more importantly how Bryce plays. We're giving him a better cast than last year to see what we really have. If we're terrible again, we can draft another QB. I'd be excited winning 5 games to be honest but just hope we play well in the losses. I mean I don't think we can get worse than last year anyway.
  6. Did we actually get the hometown discount for once? I feel that's a good contract for a bad team.
  7. I read 2 year 20 mill, up to 24? That doesn't really seem that bad....
  8. I feel this is just a way to really see what we have with Bryce this year. If you give him at least an average line then we'll know more. If the line holds up and Bryce doesn't deliver then we most likely have a top pick for the next QB and a line waiting on them.
  9. I get what you are saying but when it comes to piracy a large, very large percentage of folks wouldn't have consumed that content in other ways so it's not exactly "lost" if it wouldn't have happened anyway. In fact it may benefit the content creators when word of mouth and advertising from the viewer helps get others to watch legit. I remember early 2000's when it came to PC game piracy this was generally what studies found etc.
  10. I think the guy was just making a business decision. Throw his name out there and see if anyone wanted to throw a crazy amount of money at him. It makes sense. The league could catch up to your offensive schemes at some point and you may get let go etc. If someone wants to throw a crazy pile of money at you to be a HC it would make sense to jump at that. I'm guessing no one blew him away so he chose to wait another year. Maybe he just likes being an OC. Too often in society everyone expects people to just keep moving up or trying to. Maybe he's just happy where he is.
  11. I think 2-3 years but if we come out as bad as last year I would say less. I think most of the board expected 5-7 wins last season considering how the team played at the end of the previous season. Reich's team came out and was just historically bad on offense. It wasn't just about losing games but how dead the offense was. If we had a bunch of losses like the Green Bay game where we kept it pretty close and our QB showed promise I don't think Reich is gone. There was just no signs of improvement and that was the issue. As long as Canales' team shows promise throughout the year (s) I think he'll be given some time.
  12. This is fishy lol. I think most of US make that catch. Right at the chest.
  13. Detroit doing their best Panthers imitation.
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