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  1. Those first 2-3 DMX albums were awesome. Also DMX was a rapper that fans of other genres liked even though they weren't big on hiphop. I remember going to a concert with him/Limp Bizkit/Godsmack when I was a teenager at the old Charlotte Colosseum and he put on a pretty good show.
  2. He isn't coming back. That said, I hope he dominates and DOES return to form.
  3. Hey more time on your Sundays when hopefully the covid world is more back to normal and we can do more normal things.
  4. History will look back and realize that Cam had one of the best QB seasons of ALL time in 2015. It was amazing. Especially with the talent he had. He also had one of those type seasons in college. Cam was a generational talent, we blew it not building around him better, but I won't ever forget what he gave us here and the thrills.
  5. Yeah it's mostly Vision without the stone now. Wanda reading Darkhold should bring some cool stuff. We previously have seen this book in Agents of Shield, dealing with Ghost Rider and other storylines, and other shows too (Runaways/Cloak and Arrow). I think Wanda will need Agatha eventually to teach her how to control it all.
  6. Yeah I wouldn't say say Six Feet Under was a massive show though. Justified had a fantastic ending too but not a massive show. Parks and Rec, etc. But yeah it's kind of true, if a show is SO popular, all those years, so connected with fans, which ones really were amazing? Breaking Bad was pretty close, M.A.S.H. But there is a lot of examples like you posted. I really do think people are so sad to see something go that a lot of animosity goes into their judgement.
  7. I was prepared to be really happy with Melo if he dropped like 8-10 assists, high rebounds, and 10-15 points. He's going above what I ever expected. The other guys are just feeding off it. If this team had a legit big man....
  8. Yes, it's fantastic TV. The ending wasn't perfect, the show needed another season for motivations to be clear, but it wasn't as bad as everyone says. The ending made sense they just needed more time to get there. I think a lot of the hate was people also just "sad" it was ending. It was a massive show and event (kind of like Lost back in the day).
  9. Well it's not really a retcon, the actress watching even said "recast" as in, she noticed it wasn't the same likeness of her actual brother. I think it's just a direct creation of a "American" quicksilver (and the beginning of her creating mutants and all that IMO). Possible or the head guy of SWORD was talking about the space mission and how applicants are failing out, etc. Could pave the way for the FF4 crew to be the ones that succeed at that mission.
  10. This has been pretty obvious in the NFL since Goodell came along. Magical storyline after storyline in the SBs. Better ratings, etc. The Denver game had like 25 missed calls all in favor of Denver..... and people think that was coincidence. Look at the Saints able to just late hit Favre over and over so we could get the Katrina Super Bowl storyline. Harbough vs Harbough, Peyon's last game, etc. It only takes one head ref pushing things one way or the other (a game of momentum). I don't think it always works but they are pretty good at it. Why do rules get more convulsed an
  11. Man, I remember the light rail ride back to the car..... cold, wet, just completely deflated. Not fun.
  12. The campaign by AKPantherfan about the NFL logo in the middle of the field lol I think there were many "fight me bro" storylines on the huddle but not sure any came to fruition.
  13. Each ending of the episode at the credits zooms into Vision's eyes, kind of weird.....
  14. Well when it comes to a lot of people, it really IS a babysitting thing as to the complaints but I understand that it is stressful for them. Like I said, snow days are kind of the low level example and we should have expected this from that. Also, as long as people with no kids still pay taxes for other people's kids to go to public school (personally I'm ok with) they have a right to say what they want. It's really a wide society issue right now that will impact the future. I think the proper thing to take from it is we need to invest more in education as a country. But also,
  15. This. People are mad their free babysitter isn't at their beck and call right now. It's really ironic because a lot of them are the first to cry out against the big "S" word with helping out your fellow man. It's the same crap when snow days happened but obviously a larger scale. But there is a larger social issue with this if people would look at it differently. It's pointing out that, pre-covid even, the system is just broke, from school to a normal family spending their life working (both parents mostly) and having little time for their children. Yup, everything
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