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  1. If he could catch he would have had like 25 TDs in 2015 I swear.
  2. Zaximus


    The show completely changes the MCU honestly. Yeah, we now have Kang (as most expected would be the new bad) but you have the multiverse as an even bigger thing now. They are giving us some new movies with new heroes to prepare for this huge war coming in. No doubt the next Spiderman is all about this and Dr. Strange too. I also believe this is how we will have X-Men and FF4 eventually in the MCU. You couldn't just be like "oh the X-Men have been here all the time". But now, we can have different "supers" from different multiverses coming together to fight Kang. You can then either have them stay in their own multiverse or something happens in the story where it ends up just being one universe and everyone in it. Lots of possiblities. I also expect Thanos to be back from one of these multiverses and help fight Kang.
  3. This was pretty good. I agree that draft room was more calm than I expected but we didn't see the full time haha. Tepper being involved but not pushy is nice. Whatever happens at least it seems like they got who they wanted.
  4. It's too early tell but they "could" be right. If Darnold is who he has been and Fields lights it up in Chicago, our team is going to look real bad. The bit about Samuel is goofy. We couldn't pay him and Robby/Moore and we got a steal at WR in the draft.
  5. That 2003 team had something you can't coach and it was heart. So many come backs from week 1 onward. I think 2015 was better just because Cam was just unstoppable with a pretty bad supporting cast. That was one of the best QB years ever and people seem to forget.
  6. I don't think it'll happen but that 38 year old QB just threw 48 TDs and only 5 ints lol. We just seen Brady win a superbowl at 43 (granted great team too). If Tepper feels like this team can win in the next couple of years I don't know, the guy bold. I still don't see it happening though.
  7. I mean a 6th so whatever but couldn't we get this guy as a udfa??
  8. Rhule was finally told there are offensive players in the draft.
  9. Lol people that try to be cool telling people to not care about OL are way worse. Someone should screenshot them all and show them mid season while our QBs are getting killed
  10. Lol Cosmi was probably our plan and they stole him
  11. Lol gentleman and hurney probably will take who we wanted and this whole plan will be wrecked
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