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  1. Sam was a big gamble by Fit. Doesn't look good. They will double down because it's almost make or break for Rhule and him. It was a big gamble passing on QBs in the draft. Yes the line is bad but Sam has yet to show any deep ball accuracy on passes he should land. He misses open receivers often. He makes bad decisions and panics. I believe he has all the physical tools but lacks the mental side of football. Kind if like Jameis. With a mediocre line I think we are a playoff team still but I think he still makes mistakes and has us at early outs in playoffs. He just isn't that guy but I really hope I am wrong.
  2. Sam isn't a world beater but our receivers had like 10 drops. Also the fumble. And the the offensive line as usual. All three were bad. And Brady play calling.
  3. It's not a fair comparison. Lions have been so bad for so long they have given up all hope. Panthers have had some flashes of light and two superbowl appearances. The Rollercoaster is way worse for us. It would be easier to just expect 14 losses a season instead of up and down and up and down.
  4. I'm sorry but it's time to get used to not having CMC. He's clearly into that good player always injured territory.
  5. Burns trying to be flashy but costing us the game.
  6. I bet Burns has missed 10 sacks just this year like that.
  7. Burns is actually overrated here. He just never seals the deal. He cost us there most likely the game
  8. Burns is actually worthless. He misses tackles like all game.
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