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    • In reviewing stats yesterday looking at points for and points against for us and others in the division I noticed the obvious and perhaps the not so obvious.  Obviously you have to score more than you give up and in most every category our defense gave up.more than we produced. So obviously the problem was the offense right? Given we don't play our offense against our defense but other teams defense then how does our offense compare to others teams defenses and you see the issue. NO and TB both has top 10 defenses.  Of course they had top 10 offenses as well. While Atlanta is supposedly bad on defense, points wise they were right next to us.  So how many points can we realistic expect to give up and still win? Obviously the answer is we need to score 1 more point than they score. But given the defenses in our division and on our schedule can we afford to give up 25 points a game and stand a good chance of winning?  Can our offense consistent put up 27 points a game?  Should they have to? I have always said my goal for the team is don't give up more than 21 points and you should be in most games. That would have put up top 5 last year. NO gave up 20.9 and Tampa gave up 21.6 and were both top 10. So while we want our offense to be prolific and score 30 points a game is that realistic? And given that Tampa and NO score 30 points a game on offense and Atlanta scored close to 25 points is it realistic to assume we can hold them to way below their season average. And yes I know Brees retired but I am not writing them off until I see them suck. I keep seeing the discussion about how we were on both sides of the ball compared to other defenses or offenses on the same side of the ball but wanted to change the conversation to how will our defense compare to the offenses and vice versa.
    • He shouldn't have too much problem with Melvin. If he's looking better you go with your young draft pick in my opinion 
    • I have.  Agreed, really nice, wouldn't live here if it wasn't.  Super Bowls should be held in warm-weather/vacation type destinations that offer a wealth of other recreational options...  
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