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  1. Brooklyn 3.0


    Great first episode. Only 6 in all, but I agree it could be the best yet.
  2. I'd bet at some point if cable is hurting (it won't be), they could give customers Netflix, etc. for free. Like, my cable (FiOS) has Netflix and YouTube as a channel. Not like an app, an actual channel. It's weird. But if you could tune in to your account that way and they foot the bill that would be something. I also have a Smart TV as I assume will be the norm with most TVs hence forth. It's nice to be able to watch all my subscriptions there and not have to watch on my laptop or push the stream from the laptop to the TV.
  3. I wonder how many cord cutters pay more now with all their subscription services than they did with just cable, lol.
  4. I'm not reading this thread buy holy hell you guys love to live in the past and torture yourselves.
  5. I'd put the eight teams in St. Louis, Portland, San Diego, San Antonio, Memphis, Indianapolis, Orlando, and Boston.
  6. My neighborhood cares more about soccer than basketball, but I for one am excited for this next round. Nets/Bucks should be a great one. I hope Atlanta beats Philly so that either the Nets or Bucks wipe the floor with Trae Young. What he did to the Knicks reminds me of the Reggie Miller days with Spike Lee.
  7. True. It began in Alabama according to the flyer. But I was a BCBS for a long time in NC. I signed up just for fun. Should know how much I get around December. Maybe enough for a donut!
  8. Did anyone get a mailer about the class action lawsuit? I left NC in 2011 but had BCBS to that point for many years. It's a legit mailer and I'm impressed they know where I live now. Payout couldn't be much at all though. Anyone sign up for it?
  9. Just started The Expanse. I can already recommend it six episodes in. As good as BSG.
  10. The Hornets are a city team. The Hurricanes are supposed to be a dual state team but in reality are only really liked in the Triangle.
  11. Because some people here have no lives, or have terrible lives, and they made themselves feel better by living through the Panthers. Cam gave them a chance to wear a jersey with egotistical pride, thump their chest, brag, and get the attention they so desparately crave. He was their whole world. That's why he's still their avatar. They can't let go of the ONE thing that made their lives meaningful. It's why I constantly pick on them. They need to MOVE ON and learn how to live. I'm actually trying to help them in an odd way.
  12. HBO Max already shows DC stuff: Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing (soon), Stargirl (among other CW shows). I highly recommend Doom Patrol and Titans to any comic fan. Both getting new seasons on HBO Max.
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