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  1. Not a Top 10 show for me by any means, but it was fun. Looking forward to her being a villain for a bit. My guess is she'll go up against Strange alongside a supervillain, before helping Strange defeat that supervillain. And that's doesn't even touch on the multiverse angle that film will have.
  2. Anyone who says Houston will take Teddy is already reason enough to not read anymore of their mock.
  3. Yeah, I know they were for other films. I just don't care about Skrulls. And I wanted a cameo. Not her reading a book that might turn her to the dark side.
  4. FUN episode but the cliffhangers were a big old dud for me.
  5. He's been doing the LaVar bit for a while now. Such a great character to rip on.
  6. I've never understood this. If you're a proud team, a contender, elite, etc., you don't care if you face a former player during a season. Don't be scared. Man up.
  7. He'd be a fool to come here over Miami. Houston would be a fool to trade him to Carolina over Miami.
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