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  1. Trade for Trey Lance, lol. JG went to the Super Bowl two years ago and he might be back again this year. Why does everyone think the 9ers are going to get rid of him?
  2. Falcons fans be all ... we won't be a meme anymore!
  3. If the Toms win this, I only feel bad for Stafford. Couldn't care less about the rest of the Rams.
  4. If GOAT can pull this one off, the Rams board will be an entertaining read later.
  5. Pulling for the Bills and Brady.
  6. Hey, Aaron, your hippy fiancee would love Boone/Asheville. Just saying.
  7. Some (no ... a very few) people just made a LOT of money in Vegas today. Or the apps.
  8. Watch the 9ers keep JG and trade Lance for a 1st round pick lol.
  9. I'm not in that wild of a winter wonderland but I've gotten used to winter here (spent the first 34 years of my life in the south). I won't even wear my heavy coat unless it's under 20. You definitely get acclimated to it. And yes, summer here is brutal now lol. I'd die if I had to go back south.
  10. As long as the pedo-looking McCarthy is a coach he takes the cake.
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