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  1. He's Casanova compared to Robbie Anderson.
  2. Meh. We have it here now but I don't do it. The chances of you making bank off it are very very low. It's just a waste of your money.
  3. Not sure why this is even a thread. Unless he was a Panther of course. People die every day.
  4. Prepare? Uh ... we've been trash since day one sans a few seasons. Can't even have back to back winning seasons. This is par for the course! You need to ask ... are you prepared to (one day) see the Panthers be a success! And that I'd say: wow ... no I'm not. I'll have to shuffle Sunday plans from time to time, buy a jersey, head down to CLT to see a game here and there, follow talk radio again, get into what TV guys are saying. That sounds like a lot of work.
  5. You seem to have issues with a LOT of people on this board, Franklin. Perhaps you need to do some soul searching.
  6. Let's get the entire first page all Baker threads. You can do it, guys!
  7. And people think I'm nuts when it comes to Cam.
  8. So true. His commercials are straight trash compared to the Oikos yogurt commercials.
  9. US cities were announced today for the World Cup in 2026. Assuming I still live here I'll def try and catch a game or two.
  10. He's a WWE announcer for a reason.
  11. Thanks, rayzor. Glad it's on record.
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