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  1. Harbaugh is NOT coming here. Please stop with this. "University of Michigan and Jim Harbaugh are in contract extension talks worth over $11 million annually. Nearly a month from the Rose Bowl between Michigan and Alabama, talks of a contract extension for Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh are underway." Only seven NFL coaches make more than that this season. Tepper would obviously pay as much as needed. But ask yourself, why would John Harbaugh, who has already been an NFL coach, come HERE? He'll get paid very well to stay at Michigan and be in the title conversation every year, or get paid very well to go to a better NFL team.
  2. Don't worry, we'll staff this team with "up and coming" college coaches lol. Maybe it's time to pick a new team to cheer for? Let's see ... what are my local options: NYG or Jets.
  3. I told you guys not to sleep on Dallas. Blah blah "but Playoffs" blah blah. This might be their year. Philly is a fraud, KC is a fraud, Miami is a fraud, Lamar Jackson doesn't have that it factor. Either SF or Dallas is winning it this year. Hopefully SF, for CMC. Though our resident poster Frank will lose it.
  4. BC the Bears might actually keep him. Draft Harrison Jr. to pair with Moore, and then non-QB BPA with their top picks. Trade down one pick and get a better O-line.
  5. You know how low we are as a fanbase when we make very positive posts when our NFL QB makes a ... pass.
  6. So you disagree with Vilma that Bryce has bad footwork. Cool.
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