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  1. And NONE of that makes a great QB. Neat ... he's a big fast machine. Maybe he should play TE. You don't gamble on physique hoping he can become a more accurate passer one day when you draft your franchise QB. You draft a guy who can pass, read the D, pass, step up in the pocket, pass, keep calm, and pass. After that, you can bulk him up and work on his speed.
  2. Can "writers" stop saying we'll draft AR? If it weren't for Cam, no one would have us taking the kid. NO ONE. It's insane.
  3. I can't stand Rogan actually. Terrible comedian who somehow has the biggest podcast in the nation. Everyone sucks up to him because of this, and it only makes his ego worse. He's like a high school jock.
  4. Do you? I predict you'll be the next one to get banned here honestly. First it was GJBC and Philly, next it might be Rum? Harbingers? Then ... you? I get this is the TB and all ... but some of you guys take these threads way too seriously.
  5. He just acts like a child on here. That's the only version of him I know.
  6. So what you're saying is the reviewer at the LA Times knows more and is more qualified to give their opinion than others are? Ok. And no dig, I don't like Phil. He's not a nice person.
  7. It would be classic Panthers to lose out on Young, Stroud, Levis, AND Richardson ... and the other top BPA.
  8. I predict there are no trades at the top. Chicago will just draft whomever they like best, Houston will take Young, Arizona will take the one Chicago doesn't take, the Colts will take Stroud or Levis, and the Raiders will grab the other. Lions, Seahawks, and Falcons go BPA. That leaves us with BPA or Richardson.
  9. I'll always love how riled up Tom Brady makes some of you guys.
  10. Not sure what the NFL is doing with this week-long Pro Bowl event ... but it's bad. Real bad.
  11. This site is so much better without GJBC and Philly. Two hotheads who just because they felt they had right on their side they could be absolutely horrible to other people. THAT said, if you want a good laugh, go read the critics reviews of this movie on RT.
  12. If any GM gives Geno that much money they should be fired on the spot.
  13. Because they want a lesser version of Cam. It makes no sense. They should want the best QB ... not some ex girlfriend.
  14. Thank you for making my point I made yesterday: People want Cam so bad they want to draft a worse version of him.
  15. Says the guy who can't let Cam Newton go lol. Wilks, Rhule, CMC, are all fair game for a wee bit longer.
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