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  1. If you "break" your "contract" because you want to go "pro" and maybe make more money ... does that void your college contract? Or like in some odd pro sports cases, will a kid still get paid the term of his deal?
  2. And with these BS high schools like IMG Academy and various preps, high schools will be the new college with kids going to high school all over the country just to play sports and not even learn an ounce of knowledge.
  3. If they do get cut/fired ... you can bet you'll get people everywhere saying, "That poor kid!". This whole thing is inane.
  4. "You scored the lowest score possible on the SAT? But you play QB? Welcome to Harvard!" "You're a sophomore in high school? But you're the best RB prospect in 50 years? Welcome to Michigan! You start tomorrow!"
  5. What did Bryce do at all last season to make some of you think he should be ranked better on the list???
  6. Sounds like it's only for "did he cross the endzone?", "did he get the first down?", etc.
  7. Hey, dudes. As most of you know, I've been a Panthers fan since day one and have been on this board forever. Lived in Raleigh 6 years, Greensboro 1, Durham 2, and spent 18 years in Charlotte. Never really cared much for the Hornets though. Never really followed the Canes. That said, I've been in NYC for 13 years now. I started paying attention to the NHL about six years ago. I root for the Rangers casually, as Islanders fans are a bunch of rejects from Long Island and I'd rather die than cheer for anything on Long Island. So ... I ask you this, would you guys like a little extra spice for the rest of the series??? I'll gladly be the "Rags Fan" you can smack talk during games lol. If not, I'll watch the games in peace. But it seems these threads only have Homers versus Chicken Littles. So how about a no good dirty "New Yorker"?
  8. PantherChris, the ultimate homer. Looking forward to his schtick on Panthers game day.
  9. Still hating on the best ever in 2024? Some things never change.
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