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  1. Just when you think the Levis thread isn't pathetic enough ... along comes another one.
  2. Popping in here for the first time. So ... WTF are you gents even doing? Half making fun of Levis for NO reason, and half defending him for NO reason. Lock this and get on with your lives.
  3. Nuggets sweep. Why not. Glad Joker gets a ring.
  4. That's a low offer, Antonio. Try $1m and he might bite.
  5. Almost every other stoop on my street has the residents outside grilling. Good stuff.
  6. I was talking my experience in the bass culture I grew up in. When I went to Myers Park in CLT for 12th grade kids blared metal and techno if that makes you less uncomfortable.
  7. Those same 5-10 guys who thought it was cool in high school are the the 5-10 guys who do it in their 30-40s. I miss crazy bass though. 10th and 11th grade was like 1992 or something for me. Bass competitions were HUGE. All the rage. I lived in Jackson, Mississippi and went to an all black high school. Dudes were so damn proud of their systems and who had the best one. One dude, Frank, wore air traffic controller noise cancelling headphones while driving because his bass was so loud lol. Fun fun times. I don't know what the all white school equalent would've been. Hmm ... whoever had the best Italian loafers? Fishing rod? Whose daddy was richest?
  8. I don't think we would pay him enough to come here. Other than that, he'd have no reason to come here. He could even not take the super payday from us, make just a bit less, and be on a better team. It's a no brainer really. I think he'll be an Eagle.
  9. I live less than a mile from where he grew up ... and three blocks from where Jay-Z did. Kinda cool.
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