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  1. All of them are close, but I give a B-I-G edge to panthers... Mainly cause of the coaching staff hired this off-season.
  2. What a GREAT first two picks......i can only image at the furture given both the defensive and offensive are sooo young..
  3. 7 but with a good TC 10 maybe the number.
  4. Basbear


    Sup zob, is this still a team you care about
  5. Super hyped about this team, I think playoffs could happen with some luck
  6. i still dont do it, but id say moving is the key. the how what why is up to you.
  7. It hit me at 38....... here is a pro tip to all mid-aged men. PLease for the love of god goto your doctors and have tests ran- all of them. i just keep pushing until i break, they improved my acid, skin, and sleep. it help my pain get lower. get help.
  8. Scot, i guess the panthers will go without strength staff?!?! Is it cause they dont need one......??
  9. soooo a strong 800 LBs pushing form the left side each game???.......this team could get lucky and win 10.
  10. Mine was five days later, been a great year thus far
  11. memo to alllllll the of aged woman at there in single land............im currently looking for a good honest larged handed woman to calm me down!!
  12. For the baseball bros- what would ervs WAR rating be?!?!?
  13. bless MR scot, this is super important and it feels like ..... the whole frank group doesnt feel the same. NOT a fan of Scotts........
  14. my thoughts as well, let him touch the ball some as a RB. hes a gimmick that has TD when he gets the ball. need to seee his size in OTAs etc before
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