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  1. Media is also to blame, they force feed him 100x more than they need too. I didnt hate Farve or Johnny Manziel, but the media changed my thinking with the insisting talking 24/7 for weeks about each. Teblowmania had the same effect on me. Example turned on sports talk on the way for a short pickup.....topic Teblows........flashbacks....
  2. I think he single handily cause Marvin Wilson to go UD as well. If you watch the 1vs1, the embarrassed Wilson. Another positive about Moore was he had the season off like others, but he didnt look like others whom seemed to stop training. During the senior bowl, Moore looked ready for week 1.
  3. You dont think both investing millions in joint business ventures would cause issues?? Surely yee jest..... Plus she was replaced with the quickness and new one came with marriage talk....My god, maybe Ive dated different females than you/others.... I can not speak for him, when millions are involved, Im in the " hey lets go fishing " line of thinking....
  4. They only carried 3 DTs for about half the season last year. I dont know what type of front Snow wants to run. 4 is plenty, 5 is too much. Plus dont forget Fox played some DT too. Most vets want to sign before the draft, KK is seeing that now. No room with Brown, Nixon, Jones, FOx, and Roy. If two get IR'd then call KK.
  5. Adams, Hamilton, and Hector been cut. I also think you missed a guy "frank Herron" whom just got cut today to sign two of the try-out players. I mean its Brown, Jones, Roy, and Nixon will the clear lead. Hoskins and Panisiuk for PS. But Nixon could screw up and they bring a KK/FA to fill the void. Its nice to see the FULL rebuild only take 2 years, great work panthers.
  6. This guy is the wish version of Jon Gruden.
  7. "her underwear has dick holes"
  8. Neither..... given what the public knows. I mean if Im forced to pick, Rodgers. But if age isnt a big issue..... I know hes been on a tear with his women problems too......just not at the same rate as Waston per say. Rodgers and one of former ex-esese boy body Danica Patrick both bought a 20 million home with both putting coin in. Among others stuff, dont know if everything is resolved. Hes already replaced her with a another clone as well and I think they are getting married soon...
  9. With convid screwin up the process there should a more UDFAs that become studs than normal. I know there wasnt one HBCU player drafted cause of the pro-day/convid stuff. Panthers got one in Moore, there were a few more than should have had their name called (CBs, DL, OL, etc). So it did confuse me some to see panthers see so few, cause there where too many over looked this year.
  10. Came here to post this. ESPN should not have aired that, but theyve been slowly dying and need something to "debate" on their 17 debate shows.
  11. Seems we saw different clips/videos. A couple days after he signed, I searched around twatter and found clip after clip of him getting rag-dolled. First time in a while I felt sorry for a player, it was like 2019 Vita Vea vs paradis over and over. He did give me some hope by saying he had a thumb injury that prevented him form lifting weights. By god he looked weak. He did look fairly good in space and pulling, moved well. Im in wait and see mode for Elf and not giving the panthers or him any built in injury excuses either. For me hes the insurance policy for this season and the C in wai
  12. Pass and Im a KK fan. Drafted 2 promising DTs, unless injuries hit the group hard.....Let him keep DMing Instagram models in retirement, hes a pros pro about that.
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