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  1. Just say tepper was know robber in a small neighborhood/town. Then say the local pawn shop was robbed. I feel its safe to say the huddle "detectives" are going to point the finger in teppers direction. It comes along when your rep is ultra negative. Hell I stuck up for him, but understand why Wilson may have been the 161st person tepper has fired in his brief history as owner.
  2. He was the type that always kept a great lawn religiously, along with the flower bed/landscaping. He ALWAYS(I think I beat him twice in over ten years)beat me mowing and I seen his grass was the tallest Id ever seen it. I just went over and cut it slowly. Talked to him a few days later and he told me the horrific news. Bunch of his 1st cousins, young nieces and nephews many of whom he'd never seen......The van not only got in a wreck but also caught fire along with other cars headed to the gathering. So it was heavy on his mind and this was a wwII vet whom was in the fight. He thanked me for mowing his lawn and I made sure to not mess up while taking extra time. I always removed limbs for his lawn and knew it was his baby. Did it once more and somehow he got back into swing of normal duties. He moved about year later, he still had 80% of his hair and was a solid 215 LBs.
  3. There is a clear recent history of firings and someone was fired. All I said it was odd timing and pointed out the pattern.
  4. I'll add some gas, it was my understanding that tepper wanted to mimic the 49ers about DEI hires for draft draft picks. One of the deals is they have to stay at least two full years before you get 3rd comp when they leave. Wilson made it 18 months and its odd timing as well. LG has been repeating the failed hires, it is a LONG list. This is teppers 3rd Gm, 6th HC among a few presidents fired as well. We are not even talking about the huge mess of firings on soccers side either. Plus he has fired numerous presidents/ceos of his entertainment side. Many do not last the full year. There is a pattern. I believe both Dan and Dave got 6 year deals cause of the quick firing finger tepper has. At least he's not gone full jerrah and made himself GM.....
  5. 6 years has even wore me out and Im normally not the type. I've done more huddle bitachin this past season than all others combine since 2007. At least he is spending loads of money, I would be more Richardson than tepper when it came to my reaching for my purse..... Plus the best I can tell, he's still the same high involvement even if new reports say other. I cannot blame him in that regard. You spent 2.25 billion on a business and want to be in all aspects, his choice. He just needs to luck into someone that knows how to build a modern NFL roster.....Im willing to give Dan and Dave time, but I feel within three years tepper will be looking again.
  6. panthers 7th string DB, teh huddle seasons over!!!!
  7. Now the price seems to be 2.85 for a early(?)future 2 and you got pay the draft pick as well.....a tad high but the hornets seems to finally get off-season this time around. fyi they still owe Knicks for kai Jones first pick, if not lotto this year, Knicks get two 2s instead. This could be a reason for the the off-season collection as well.
  8. My former neighbor was a 95 year widow and in great health. His family had one of those huge family gathering and many loaded up in a 10 passenger van for the trip. All died in a wreck on the way there, just awful.
  9. The best trait a WR can have is the ability to catch the ball. No speed, quickness, stopping power will matter if the WR can not catch. He simply will never make the team. You must have great hands, then its a ultra bonus with speed/quickness. Imagine last season without thielen........ That could have been historically bad. I think he was near tops in 3rd convos and this offense could not move the ball past the 50 most games with him. Just shows how bad this team was given Adam carried it......Honestly I see why the Viking moved one and you are right above.
  10. Ya'll have fluffed me enough to reach 3....wins. For 7 wins- need the best health league-wide, young needs to 4k, 25TD, 8INT, evero wins ACOTY and tons of luck. This team played in the worse division and was the worst team. It took miracles to win those two games, pouring rain, 4th down convS, and Eddy to spilt with NO time on the clock. Hella bad team and the overall talent dropped(minus BB, luvu, bell, etc), no true 1st and a rookie HC with only one year as OC.....the OC is younger than JJJ and thielen..... I just hate to poo'd on fellow fans that want to buy the hopium....
  11. BB hurt the Panthers trade value with his soft-ass season. Besides age, BB doesn't bring much else and given you need to be close to 30 mill per.....that is nearly 3.5 million per sack. It's been beatin' to death, but before fittererererer turned down that rams offer, he *MUST* have talked with the agents/BB about what was needed to sign. You simply could not turn down that offer and NOT sign him long term, but here we are......just another terrible mark in this 6 year drain.
  12. the main player that bought the commies has more coins than tepper. I believe it was a Walton family member, they are like the OG Microsoft tree....lots of limbs with billions and millions.
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