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  1. Who in history has stood up to Jay-z, my old ass has forgotten about his beefs(was one of them NAS?). I member when Rkelly quit Jays tour and that was funny. What about Dame Dash?? It was a messy breakup, but I can not say the real reasons..... Plus having a beef with young Jay was a totally different deal once he became JAY-Z.
  2. Unreal but me too....I even thought to myself - "Bloody hell, Broken-down Cam could have done this the last 3 games, maybe even some improvements". sam *maybe a better fit for whatever Ben system needs.....He has had more time and I know it was against air, but he did look legit in OTAs&mini-camp. If Baker doesnt improve, Id say week 6 there needs to be a coaching only meeting with the focus of whos starts that week. Lastly this guy has gone on long enough without any hate - Time for a new QB coach if the results keep pointing downwards...
  3. So no update form the NBA, coaches, owner, or players?? Do they need China's permission to comment??
  4. Dang bros, they signed Dennis Smith over a week ago and no one mentioned it? I thought I was a normie.....
  5. I did see/hear Finesserererer on camera say he " Really like Sams evaluation coming out of college"...... Of course after the fact. I also member when the panthers were searching for QBs and stafford was in bunch, Rhule said his BFF snow compared Darnold to Stafford....I believe this is word for word quote - "He reminds of us of a young Stafford when looking at this tape..". It feels like the Sam Darnold was a rush/panic price to get him into thee "great panther system" early......And it seems they learned form this about dealing with Baker.......*BUT* it looks like Baker did need OTAs and mini-camp too.....
  6. head honcho Rhule- "Finesserererrer I need you to trade for Sam "the savior" darnold Fitt- "I called the jetts GM and hes wants too much for his rights, either 3rd this year or future 2nd plus MORE" Rhule- "I'l be big pimpin, spending cheese, so getts it done!!" Fitt-
  7. They are getting better each week. The campy effect has had the biggest change on ELF. Christ looking great despite his limited LG reps. Baker needs to trust them more. Depth still looks great and has not been needed. I mean the worst OLman thus far is Moton and he played much better against the iants.. This is one of my predictions thats looking correct thus far...
  8. When the NFLPA did nothing about Vontaze Burfict and fat albert stomping on the heads of players, I no longer carried about their opinions/statements. Heres some hard to shallow facts- the NFL is a young mans league. Like 98%(making up but go check yourself) are like 30 and/or younger. Just about all of them have played on fake grass since HS....guess what they prefer?? the fake crap. Im a old fossil compared and still believe a hyrid of super grass ______ and synthetic is the way. But the young ones grew up with fake stuff and are normalized to it. Old NFL boomers are the ones pleading for grass... The fake stuff has vastly improved over the last ten years, but it was a ACL/achilles hell at the start.....
  9. Starting to hear more and more of this fellow-
  10. Big Brain- Have a 15 play DJ Moore RB package, about the only way for him to get touches......
  11. This is a tad different, cause the last three Wednesday hes seen on the field in shorts and T. This time hes not on the field and on the injury report..... Plus he just had 24 carries(plus a few recs) and the injury is a quad(the same type the ended his 21 tour).
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