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  1. About the worse OG depth evar?? Even the Bell and chandler OLs felt better. WTF happened??
  2. Besides that three week span filled with TO(I think he was coming off concussion?), purdy is killin it. Hes 10x the QB young is. Plus I thought he would be a weak spot, NOPE. Hes a strength on the best roster in the NFL.
  3. So Cam has succumbed to quacked out takes for clicks??
  4. I still remember them bragging about the process and how much work they put into to hiring the right HC. About how they cast a "huge and wide net" to find the best one.... Feels like whoever tepper picks this time will not work out as well. fug this feeling....
  5. Since smitty got on the payroll, Ive basically stopped listening. Dam shame cause I enjoyed most of his takes. I even remember he was on an island about some white WR named kupp being the best WR in the draft....
  6. How come tepper and fitt didnt see this?!?!? Its a fact that NFL coaching is one of demanding grids there is. You got to give 20 hours a day to the job. Thats why it felt like frank fuged tepper. He was already done with coaching, but can smile and had enough contracts to speak highly of him. Losing adds up and frank didnt care form the start, his weekly non-changes sorta back this up. bloodly hell....
  7. Bump any of those threads around these times and I said 100% in on Steichen and 100% on stroud.
  8. Youre right scot, its similar to what adam put out. I wonder how his energy levels were during the hiring process?? How did tepper and fitt not see it?? I know not many 70 some old coach cannot have pete carroll PED/meth energy........just matt rhule fooled them and now frank fooled them as well....
  9. It does feel like frank didnt have input in many of the coaching and other football aspects. He just checked out mentally out after it was clear about losing. I know leaky claimed frank wanted david carr. Then theres lots the other reports about franks offense must have a big tall stand in the pocket QB......then all the scouts, GM, other coaches want small guy young. It is unique and I do believe frank had his limit and didnt want to go though what it takes to get the team right. Frank is the first coach*in season* ever to be fired in back2back years. Plus I believe theres never been a team where a play caller is switched and switched back to the original play caller in the same year. Pure dumpster fire BS. My pooor poor team....
  10. The biggest issue is once the panthers are down by a TD, I feel with there is 0.00 chance the panthers will win that week. The comeback factor is the biggest let down cause the panthers are always playing form behind....Plus I dont know what the record is in one score teams but its must be in the 1-50 win-loss ratio for the last 5 years.
  11. Tepper- "I want a coach to stay here 20 or 30 years"(said a few times...) Tepper hires 61 year old low energy burnt out Frank Reich.... Time and time again the problem is tepper....
  12. The offense has given them awful field position. Mix in all the missed 4th downs, INTs, and fumbles its dam near a miracle whats evero done. Hes also had the whole season without horn and many games missed form chinn, woods, bell, shaq, YGM, houston, haynes, henderson. Even Djack, luvu, and burns have missed games. The depth is a joke and somehow its been good enough to win all games but like 2.
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