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  1. Look again Juan, they already gave him the signing bonus. Hes "cheap" for a nfl OL. Isaiah Wilson signed a 4 year, $11,568,389 contract with the Tennessee Titans, including a $5,973,376 signing bonus, $11,357,982 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $2,892,097. In 2021, Wilson will earn a base salary of $1,135,836, while carrying a cap hit of $2,629,180 and a dead cap value of $5,384,606. CONTRACT TERMS:4 yr(s) / $11,568,389 SIGNING BONUS$5,973,376 AVERAGE SALARY$2,892,097 GTD AT SIGN:$11,357,982 TOTAL GT
  2. They already paid the signing bonus, so it would be around 2 million per year with no guarantees. Id take a shot for a late rounder, panthers need OL more than 31 other teams. BTW, were you the OG about the working at the bar and panthers personal kept coming in talking about trading for watson? If so, bump that thread, need to doll out some pie. I looked for 20 minutes, huddle search system is poo.
  3. I approve, youve been killing it for months Willy. Keep smoking whatever strain youre on..
  4. Him vs Surtain was a good one. Its very hard to see 250 LBs, but some players are heavier than they look. The blocks where bad ones to judge for me, I want him vs DEs/LBs.
  5. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 1h The #Titans have shopped first-round tackle Isaiah Wilson, sources say, open to dealing the former Georgia standout. After a rough rookie season that included a suspension and stint on the non-football injury list, a fresh start may benefit all parties.
  6. 250, are we talking about the same player? I thought I seen somewhere he played at 225, but like many listed higher. I miss the combine, especially for a player like Pitts. I'll watch parts of the bama game. Hes like Wilson, Im warmed up lots after having big issues. I know no matter what, if a team is placing their best CB on you, they respect the hell out of you. I think it was the bama game that Nick put Surtain on him and he held him in "check". I dont believe in aliens, but Vernon Davis wasnt human.
  7. True, when I waited it was about 50/50. If I go to a place, I leave cash and try to tell others to do the same. Dont miss it except for taking home cash each day. If I was King of USA, Id make everyone wait tables for at least 2-3 weeks. Or some sort of public servicing job, cashier etc.
  8. You never claim the real amount......thats what my friends did....
  9. You think Im joking about the painters, but rumor was they got tired of moving Davis up the ranks. SO they asked Davis to go ahead and break the top mark at the start, rather than slowly climb. So he did.... He was truly gifted about lifting.
  10. Im sure most GM do the same, at least ones that are on friendly terms.
  11. Hes in the dark horse group for me, just like Kwity Paye. Not for nothing, but the thought of having CMC, Pitts, Samuel, Moore, and Anderson on the field together.....o my god. SOmeone would open 100% of the time. Id like to see, do you have any vids of him blocking LBs this past year? Do you believe he can block NFL DEs, given his current frame? My cousin played at Maryland and held the dead-lifting record.....until Mr. Davis came to campus. All the records where painted in the weight room, in top ten format. The painters were wore out by the time Davis left, as he owned near
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