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  1. With traveling so much, I went though a faze about finding local bakery spots. I blame the food network channel after I made a effort to stay put more often. trading vices...
  2. Dang I mixed-up a local spot with KK, forgive me I was a sales-rep that heavily travel at one point.
  3. Is there still a local bakery spot thats close to fields, god-like donuts? I may have my places mixed up. Its was across form the main road entrance to the fields/stadium.
  4. Lucky you!.... I bumped into Darin Grant and a female NFL network reporter whom no longer works for them today. They always look so different in person. She wore a hat, button up shirt over a tank-top, and long athletic shorts. Poor woman had a bad cough and kept clearing her throat. You nailed Person, I have no clue how he gets on any radio/TV with that voice. After a few one-liners back and forth, Darin walked off with this line " Never meet your heroes .."
  5. All my infro is dated. Only one place to stay- marriott everyone thats covering/helping/etc the panthers will be staying there. You can catch some "semi-famous" nfl people in the bar/restaurant if youre lucky A small "downtown" strip within walking distance. Had shops, couple bars, and a 3 star Chinese place. One night a BMW employee happened be at that bar, long talk and long night, bless her soul. Beacon is only if you enjoy greasy southern food. Everyone told me to go as welll, I finally did..... The booth I sat at had not been cleaned since the 1969 moon landing. Layers of dark grease in the corners. My plate had a HUUUUGE pile of onion rings and I didnt order them. Sweet tea put me in a diabetic coma......but overall helped cure my hang over. Bonus marriot toilets were able to handle the after effects without making the "call".. Get rest things happen early. Enjoy. Forgot there was a great local doughnut shop close by( I think, can not member the name) and sunscreen like the others have already said.
  6. Tell you what- in the small time Rhule has been here, the focus, leadership, and results sure feel different form RR. Too early to tell, with convid plus void roster of talent/vets, Rhule sure put out a team that was in alll but around 10 quarters. The no BS OTAs when players showed up told me plenty about Rhule's respect factor.
  7. He maybe that rastan99/66 alt, still you are giving chuck faaaaaar too much credit cause all his alts read different than sizzle. Now both could have a few alts, I dont have that energy for that level of autistic behavior...... nor to keep up with them either.
  8. I think we are the wrong team for him, at least this year. Besides he is going to want a extra million for the trade to happen....Panthers got a talented young group thats cheap, lets see how it works out this year..
  9. Again stars didnt align and panthers already had a look at Reed..... they MUCH preferred Elf. I like Reed over Elf with even salaries......but need to see how this wide zone system operates. About the only thing I liked about Elf was he is able to pull very well, also did well out in "space" while in motion.
  10. Sizzle admitted to being chuck or being banned multiple times? Sanjay was a 2 TE memelord that got banned and that maybe sizzle, but I seriously doubt chuck is up to sizzle's posting habits along with his 10 other poo cans alts....
  11. I was the biggest Samuel supporter here and the answer is Moton. Its even more since the draft results yielded no OTs(???) and got a steal in Marshall in the late 2nd.
  12. Welp that means I will be posting less, need to given the current poor state of my grammar/spelling.
  13. I liked Reed in the 2 million range, he could play Center as well. Team wanted Elf and to my shock....a couple other NFL teams did too. Bidding war happened and Panthers wanted him more. I believe hes a better C and will replace paradis come 2022.
  14. @*FreeFua* could MHS sport an anime hair'd person pic.......
  15. I fisted this... errra first came up with this idea. Sax is the huddles "unique" member, great for odd but needed threads/posts!!
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