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  1. The fug is this?!?! This guy was cut, so the think tank had him as one of the 50-53 worse players on the team. Signed to PS....injuries and BS happens....he is re-signed to the roster. NOW this fluff piece ?????? fugOFFF
  2. My yankees friends that are giants fans are DONE with gettlegut. I had to stop talking to one cause it was non-stop gut hate and he was blaming the panthers for some of it! neither team will win this game it feels right now. I still think panthers win tho, but after 3 Ls Im ......
  3. mac has played better than i thought he could. i was not a fan. he did land at one of the best teams form QBs to land, hoyer and his agent have a great story on this. where you land makes a huge deal for QBs... landing with andy reid is another great spot. I also thought Cam would be starting, so Im 0 for 2 here...
  4. Gettlegut took over the worst roster in the nfl......since then hes barely improved it with primo draft capital and lots of cap space.
  5. Team needs to add a few more years to his contract, its perfect timing!!!!
  6. I think TB released their starting returner....Mc....I can not spell to save my life... Rhule needs to get with the dirty dealings for in-conference intel...
  7. I echo the Gonz love, he has been decent on one of the worst performing group in the league aka doing a good Sam Darnold impression. Need to see the salary to make a move, I doubt Gonz is anything about vet min. He stays then...
  8. I bet the farm during training camp Derrick brown was destroying the OL so bad the coaching staff asked him to let up some, thus he didnt evolve ..... Convid killed 2020 Johnny Miller, tho this past week he had his best 2021 game. Daley let me down bad, I had him as my darkhorse for LT. By week 4 I was completely off the daley train. about the worse OG play Ive seen in panther history. Bell and chandler are 2x better as OGs... DL has alll the pressure and they are doing well. After an nothing game one, Fox and Jones have came to life in most games. Fox >> Efe btw..... Nixon has played GREAT as a rookie backup, always around the ball with max effort. Does feel like haynes is not getting the needed plays the panthers want. I think Burns is playing hurt, the team could be in trouble for hiding this.... Right now it went form Shaq being the best D player and now its Reddick.... CHinn had his best game of the year as well.
  9. My honest take aka my normal take is this. he took a big step back last year. Pats/Bill were right about not giving him more years/$$$$/whatever, cause he is not the player he was. All that said, you still do the trade for a 2023 6th, cause thats a 6th. You know panthers/nfl history with 6th rounders....*dont even ...... Even the recent draft of ShiSmith, DBrown, and a fuging long safety. Two of those I thought were legit steals.......one finally got a gameday jersey in week 6, the other two are on IR due to "reasons". Gillmore could sign a deal and panthers could get a 3-6 comp pick in 2023 back. Pats are even paying for most of his salary. Plus hes a local and wanted to play here, thats very rare. He won the DPOTY as a CB, his football IQ is still fresh even with the step back. He is also more Djack insurance in case he gos Richard Marshall..... I think the panthers will have to tag Djack in order to keep him.....it maybe another Josh Norman deal, but unlike that, this group is DEEEEEEEP deepest in panthers history so long horn comes back healthy*
  10. I think even in one year we have seen Finesser is a trade maniac. I still think C is the top need, followed close by LT......the QB group is otter barf....... If houstons Mills was in this group, he would be 1st QB taken, maybe even the 1st overall. Plus Finesser could trade future picks, players, plus you get comp picks etc. Honestly they need to win the OL lottery during free agency. Drafting OL will not solve this problem...
  11. Im there too, in fact early every pick on OL. *One mid-rounder on MLB and one on TE. Ive quit hoping for OL help, going back to 2017 Ive wanted two OTs each year til 2020 when I lost all hope....(I did have high hopes for Little, but very aware of bust factor) Not going into NCAA rules cause Ive done that since 2017 as well..... just its harder to find decent OLmen via the draft. Sick of that excuse, figure it out or hire someone/S who can. Tepper got the all the cash apps....
  12. Dang this must be rough for you then, i do member you being the OG hater...I get you and theefuzz mixedup too much. Its rough cope this week for me as well, I can not stand his "the other team did something we didnt practice for" comments... My god.... so Rhuiler thinks you can not switch out players when a team brings a jumbo-set or 5 WRs sets??? nfl adjusts, rhule needs to wake the fug up ......
  13. Sign Cam and move Darnold the destroyer to RB and watch as he breaks all the RB records.....
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