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  1. That's been me for weeks. CB feels like the best case for 33rd, THEN use 39 on C or WR...but BPA BPA BPA. *Only way Id see passing a dropping CB is if somehow Barton dropped as well, 1% chance. Deal is someone has to drop, but recent years teams are overdrafting CBs....same as WRs. #2 CB is the biggest hole, that could change if Colbert doesn't figure out C. Just Horn has proven he can not play even a half season, so Donte and PS guy are your starting CBs?!?!?! No way can you allow that. Plus I don't see a 34 year old Gilmore getting 8 million as a solution either. I just can not see how the Panthers draft two defenders with those picks, it would be pick forks and torches..... But to me if both are clear BPA, why not?? It's not like a WR would make a 5 win addition to this sad roster. Plus Ive seen plenty of WRs there at 65 that many would draft at 33&39. Even 101 has walker and few others that should be there.
  2. I was surprised to see the 33rd pick was only traded for 2 or 3 times since 2000. I thought it would be much higher. No RB will be drafted in the 1st. It's almost a lock. No TE or RB is worth the 33 or 39, just a off year for both groups. (given Bowers is a top 10 pick, but he's sorta small and slow......) Plus I think the last 10 TEs drafted in the first round only one has made a pro bowl and that was 30 year old David Njoku this past year. Better to wait until 3-5 rounds"same for RBs" It's not the year for RBs, brother. You best bet is if brooks last til 65, then you can start the RB bus.....
  3. It's a big need that's over looked by us fans (like CB), shaq is coming off a bad leg injury and in what maybe his last year as a panther. Nothing but wavier claims and UDFAs are waiting on the bench, so now is the time to find one...maybe 2 given the new KOs. Bill said you need more size and shed blocks, that's LB/OLB. He also said there were 1,500+ KOs last year, its a bigger chance than we know. Just sooo hard to fill all the Panthers needs this draft with only picks 33, 39, and 65. MLB is one of spots were starters can be found in the 5-UDFA range. Dan needs to have a great UDFA haul for the long term build.
  4. Yep.... My main deal for the up coming season is to find if the QB can play or not. Don't care about wins, just if young is a NFL QB or not. in 2025.......so much is needed still. Honestly the same draft form this this year is needed for next- 2 WRs 1-C 1- MLB 1- edge 1- DB/CB 1- TE Its also a big year for icky too........maybe bigger than young cause I can not watch that vomit play 2023 again. Same deal, time to figure it buddy.... Plus its going suck hard if evero gets a HC elsewhere given most of the defensive players are here cause of him.
  5. My personal take- RB market is in the most unstable era. For one its very very low in cost and the talent available each year is 8-14 players most years. Not to mention all the cuts. Right now Id have drop all RBs a couple rounds. Just would not draft one cause a proven bunch is going for 5mill+/- each FA period. I am a huge TE fan, my goal would be to control the middle of the field. History shows rounds 3-5 is where to get one. I think the last 10 TE drafted in the first round only one has made a pro bowl and that was 30 year old David Njoku this past year. They are soooo undervalued, no other player has to block some 6'5 280 monster and on the next play run a deep post against some 4.2 speed water bug guy. I'd have two of the highest paid TEs and no one would know if its a pass or run. I don't like this years class, but always up to draft one......starting in the 3rd....
  6. I'd do not understand that both verge and zod had a three year run of getting the 1st round pick right, then the first time they missed.......non-stop tard comments about the miss and they totally forgot the past three years. I know its near impossible to guess a 25th pick, but I remember shaq being his guess. Just insane the whole deal.
  7. Im about 98% sure penix gos 15th-32nd in the first, jmo...I'd even bet on that too. Hes my weakness of boom/bust, if he figures it out......It would be scary for any team playing him. I mean young has to get another year given all the BS and I totally get the the issue if he was there 33rd. Id draft him, but you'd HAVE to trade young before unless you'd want to de-value him by a few rounds. Top eight pick with the guaranteed penix would be at 33rd......ooo my the amount of should/if/etc....
  8. That's some 1st round talk with jenkins, I mean if the Panthers had a hole at DT, he be one of my top picks at 33 or 39. early in the draft process trice was getting 1st round buzz too, then for no reason I can can find, he's dropping. He had a decent combine/pro day and interviewed well too....must be some agent BS or medical stuff. Still wouldn't shock me if both are gone before 50.
  9. Let me guess, Bryce was playing point guard...
  10. Kaft- "He won me 8 Superbowls, don't trust him!!!" lols
  11. You win, even tho 0% chance jenkins or trice last that long.
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