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  1. pantherj added a post in a topic THE UNDERRATED PANTHERS   

     Do you read Panther related sports articles? True/False:
    What is the narrative when we are losing? Multiple choice question:
    A.) Cam is a bad QB and he is the sole reason they are losing.
    B.) The Panthers have not given Cam the weapons he needs to succeed.
    I can't make it any easier for you to understand how you're wrong. If you disagree at this point then I'm done.
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  2. pantherj added a post in a topic I'm trying to understand this cap situation, so Charles Johnson   

    Norman will want a fortune. He has already turned his nose up at our previous offer. We can tag him but it will run us about $13 million. I'd rather not.
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  3. pantherj added a post in a topic I'm trying to understand this cap situation, so Charles Johnson   

    CJ himself was shocked by the contract Hurney offered. CJ had one foot out the door so to speak and wanted to sign with Atlanta. The Falcons didn't think we'd make the kind of offer we made, and it did hurt their pass rushing situation, but now we have to pay.
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  4. pantherj added a post in a topic I'm trying to understand this cap situation, so Charles Johnson   

    From here on out I would rather we stick with young cheap RBs with fresh legs. Even if CAP does a great job during his rookie contract, if he wants a big contract I'd rather let him walk. Just keep reloading with young RBs who can be obtained later in the draft. 
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  5. pantherj added a post in a topic I'm trying to understand this cap situation, so Charles Johnson   

    It's interesting to see how different players respond to getting older. Peppers is doing just fine, but CJ's body is falling apart and he just doesn't have it anymore. I can't imagine CJ coming back for next season unless he plays great after his return.
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  6. pantherj added a post in a topic GIFs from the Bucs game   

    Ryan Delaire demonstrates what Everette Brown never could, how to do a proper spin move and sack the QB.
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  7. pantherj added a post in a topic 2013 49ers game all over again?   

    Yes I know he's talking about the regular season game, but it brought up the playoff game in my mind.
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  8. pantherj added a post in a topic 2013 49ers game all over again?   

    That 49ers game was as angry as I've ever been watching a Panthers game. I was livid and screaming at the tv more than RR was screaming at the refs, and that's saying something. I went berserk, and I've never been that angry over a football game before or since. I had go walk around the house to cool off during commercials. I wanted to reach into the tv set and strangle the refs. I definitely don't ever want to see another game like that. The AZ playoff loss was the saddest game, and the 49er playoff loss was angriest game. No more of those types of games ever again.
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  9. pantherj added a post in a topic THE UNDERRATED PANTHERS   

    I know of sports writers who actually hate the Panthers. They use the word hate in their videos when referring to the Panthers. But yes in general hate is not the right word. Any sports writer has the choice of saying or writing positive, negative, or neutral things about the Panthers. We've been receiving an unusual amount of negative press, and I can't figure it out. It's their choice to go negative, positive, or whatever. The Panthers are way into the negative column in general when in comes to the media, and that is not the case with other teams that are not dominant, and have never been. I want more positive articles and videos about the Panthers. I've had my fill of sports writers choosing to go negative with our team year after year.
    There are very few teams in the modern NFL that have been dominant over the long run. It's mostly a mixed bag with up and down results from season to season for most teams. You can go negative about any team pretty easily, yet the Panthers are a major target for negativity. Or we're just outright ignored to the point where people outside of NC think we're the equivalence of the Jaguars.
    So you're answer is that we need to become a dominant team and stretch that out over the next decade? And then the media will become more positive toward our team? Or just more wins in general over the long run and the media will change? We'll we all know that if we go 16-0 this season we're going to get trashed in the media worse than ever before. It'll be a nightmare media wise. That's a damn given. 100% certain of that.
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  10. pantherj added a post in a topic THE UNDERRATED PANTHERS   

    The Panther hatred in the media is something that I have been trying to figure out. Like the media doesn't hate the Jaguars. They don't hate other small market southern teams. When the Jags were good they were picked in the media many times to beat the Colts with Payton Manning in his prime. The media gushed over the Jags. Even now when we played the Jags, who have not had a good team since since George W Bush was in office, were picked by many experts to beat the Panthers. It's not a small market southern team issue.
    A member of's staff outright called our entire franchise "lousy" right before the start of this season, and said we would have a "lousy season". What did he say about the Jags in the same episode? He said they had a really good WR, and that they were getting better.
    I want to point out how the media deals with the Panthers when we're winning. They pump up Cam Newton, and take as big of a dump as they possibly can on our franchise and team. Love Cam, but can't stand the Panthers. Cam should be MVP, but the Panthers team is garbage. fug the 4-0 Panthers, oh but we love Cam. The Panthers are the worst 4-0 team in the NFL, but Cam is wonderful. That's when we're winning. fug me. Now when we're losing the gloves come off. Now we're expected to lose every game no matter the opponent, and our losses are Panther related, not Cam related. We lose, the Panthers are the losers, we win, Cam is the winner, but the Panthers are still hot garbage. And that's if they even talk about our team at all. Now some people are pointing out that a few sports writers are bucking the trend and saying nice things about our team. Great. Why? One way to draw attention to your sports articles is simply by saying something different from the rest of the crowd. So out of self interest these few sports writers are going the unique route with their Panther articles. The trend is to trash our team, and disrespect all of our players and coaches except Cam Newton. Why? I've been thinking about it and I can't figure it out. What did the Panthers do that was so wrong?
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  11. pantherj added a post in a topic Best and Worst players at every position week 4   

    Shaq had a lot of trouble with big RBs in college from what I saw. He's going to have trouble with certain RBs due to his size. You can just look at our schedule and see which RBs are going to give him trouble. Marshawn Lynch, Eddie Lacy, I'm not going to list them all, but this is going to be a bit of a problem. Also it looks to me like Shaq is making some rookie mistakes that are hurting our defense. That's to be expected though, and his speed is huge bonus. 
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  12. pantherj added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Gettleman really knows his way around a D-line, so if he can find another DE to upgrade our pass rush then I'd be all for it. We need more pressure on the QB in a bad way, and especially so now that Atlanta has their passing game cranked up. 
    Philly is physically unimpressive to put it nicely, and he's not really a speed guy. What he has is agility, but that's just not enough for the long run. He'll be gone at the end of his contract. WRs are hard to come by, but sure I'm in favor of any kind of upgrade.
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  13. pantherj added a post in a topic The best team Atlanta plays this year is Carolina   

    Atlanta, to use Gettleman language, is pretty stinking healthy right now. I think they've only lost an OG, and the rest of the damn team is healthy. Does anyone here think that will be the same throughout the season? The odds are overwhelming that the team we play toward the end of the season will be rather different from the current team. Just wait.
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  14. pantherj added a post in a topic Completely impressed with Delaire   

    And he's very fast in pursuit and doesn't quit on plays. He has an engine that stays in high gear even when all hell is breaking lose and plays are coming fast and furious. I don't know that he'll ever be more than a situational pass rusher, but even if that's all what a fuging bargain. 
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  15. pantherj added a post in a topic Completely unimpressed with Allen   

    Yeah this will be his only season here even if he plays better through the rest of the season.
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