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  1. Black helmets are the most overdone look in american football and lol at tacking the word "matte" on the plastic tint that high school football teams have been using for 50 years. That look has traditionally just been referred to as "cheap."
  2. ahh so now the real reason for trying to will Smith onto the roster despite his invisible training camp comes out I've been curious why a player who has done so little as compared to other contenders is getting so much support, and now the truth slides out
  3. frankly I don't think there's any real shot Byrd goes anywhere, after all, every credible reporter from camp has made mention of the strong preseason he's had
  4. lol at them running "a few plays" while away at a commercial break garbage
  5. Seymour is embarrassing himself
  6. Huh, guess he isn't retiring after all Huddle MDs and all their favorite twitter accounts were wrong again Stunnned
  7. Growl

    Amini has a torn meniscus

    glad he'll be back, praying him we get him and Williams back pretty quickly Now go get Jahri Evans
  8. Literally nobody else doing write ups on camp thinks Byrd is having a "lackluster" camp.
  9. Growl

    That damn field

    bigger stretch than the hair thread
  10. get used to this. Right as the panthers had finally started to figure it out too. Shame.
  11. Oh sorry, let me be clear, I wasn't referring to contrived obscure statistics that were sought out to prop up a narrative, I was referring to the continued meteoric drop of viewership and the inevitable collision it will have with players and personnel who have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, the bubble that will pop when the lifeblood TV contracts adjust to reflect interest Sorry if you thought I was referring to huffpo or some other blog site
  12. Yeah I'm done with this garbage. I'm excited to watch the league's continued collapse.
  13. so basically never being as good as the patriots the "steelers way" is a dated form of building a team..
  14. Jerry just took like half a billion dollars less to appease his buddies while they all turned their backs on him. What a yes man.
  15. Wow, such commitment to our brand, so admirable
  16. I've been here, and not a single, relevant poster expected the team to be moved. The panthers are a great market and it wouldn't make good business sense, which is what the decision is ultimately about for a guy who plans to invest in the PantherCo. property and maintain it from a 1000 miles away.
  17. Nobody ever thought he planned to move the team.
  18. "The only one who can be approved." lol congrats on bending over one last time Richardson
  19. Jerry bending over for the league one last time. Maybe he'll get a pair of tattoos on his face, the Shield on one side and the Rooney signature on the other. Your legacy is that of a Yes Man Jerry.
  20. Richardson could ride out another season or two in the owners box if this goes to court and frankly, I'd be in his corner because of this.
  21. Again, I will never watch another NFL game if the league intervenes to get their buddy on deck. Hopefully that Richardson stubbornness will pay off once more for us.
  22. I can't remember a single time Silatolu came in and didn't have a penalty.