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  1. After weeks and weeks Canes finally get a well earned bounce haha
  2. Paid off. We have a game boys. Thanks Svech!
  3. Canes are battling I give them that.
  4. Canes are 6-0-6 in OT and 1-0-4 in SO. Since OT losses stats include the SO that means 4 of the 6 OT loses are due to SO losses. So in the regular OT period Canes are very good at 5 wins and 2 losses. But if it goes to the SO we suck. Assuming I’ve interpreted statmuse stats correctly.
  5. Martin deserved that win especially after shutting down the first 3 in the SO. We can’t even put it in the net 1 on 1 smh.
  6. Martin poke checks saved that OT. I hate shootouts.
  7. Martin has been solid once again. Can’t say enough about how well our goalies have been playing keeping us with a chance in close games. Onus is on the scorers now.
  8. Aho. Walt Ruff says against the Sabres he has has 28 points in 18 games, including four in two games this year. By picking Aho I give Necas, who I’ve been picking, a chance to score first so those of you who have Necas you’re welcome lol
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