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  1. Game 4, 5-1 in the 2nd, Oilers finally opened Bob up like a can of sardines. It’s what they had to do. Bob pulled.
  2. Oilers vs Panthers in the Stanley Cup Final.
  3. What worked well for the Canes was alternating the goalies. I honestly believe had we kept that philosophy that worked for the playoffs we would have fared better.
  4. Marty Necas tearing or up on the aworld side hockey finals skating for Czechia with a 4 point game and the winning goal. https://x.com/kacyhintz/status/1794403966366969984?s=46
  5. No way a lame duck GM is gonna be allowed to participate in selecting players. He’ll be long gone. I wish Don well he is a good GM.
  6. Congrats to @organicrusty1201 for being the Playoff Call the Shot winner!
  7. Rods not going anywhere who would you replace him with. Freddie’s done.
  8. That’s game and season. What a terrible third. Dissapointed.
  9. That one was a tip in, not on Freddie. We were fugged by the BS makeup penalty call on Stahl.
  10. Canes work hard to score and Rags piss one in Freddie should have froze. Get it back boys.
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