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  1. Senators leading Penguins 1-0 after two. Watching this game reminds me of a lot of the Canes games. Pens 32 SOG to Senators 13, Pens allowing a poo pot number of odd man rushes and breakaways. Fortunate to be down only 1 thanks to Jarry in net.
  2. Correction. NHL app page for Devils have no idea why it gave that data. Current #players with 40 points or more: Devils - 6
  3. 2022-2023 Season Current # players with 40 points or more: Bruins - 9 Rangers - 5 Canes - 3 (Svech would have made 4) Current # players with 70 points or more: Devils - 25 Pick the playoff underdogs here.
  4. I plan to just savor that amazing come back win today lol. Canes never give up so that’s always a big plus. Hope Canes get in a good practice with whatever lineups they plan to use for the Rangers during this two day gap. I was looking over the team goals and points for each player - we’re really down without Svech (and potentially Paci), so we need breakout scoring from some of the guys who’ve been quiet lately. I really think Rangers are our biggest test of where Canes stand and if we get one of two from them I’ll be happy. Need some positive momentum for the Devils game… Raanta please come back we need you!
  5. Yes it was vs Tony. What a move!
  6. With his OT winning hat trick Aho now has 30 goals on the season.
  7. Haha for sure I post something and 3 Canes fans have already posted it
  8. Panthers just tied Devils with a PP goal in the third!
  9. Message received and actioned. What a win!
  10. Best Canes comeback all year lol. Awesome finish! https://twitter.com/Canes/status/1637240053205291011?s=20
  11. Refs ignore any violation by the Fryers
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