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  1. The media seems to get it

    Honestly I dont want him to apologize for a thing.  I love Cam as our QB exactly as he is...viscerally hating to lose and all.  We all fall in love with him wearing his emotions on his sleeve when we are winning but want something different after a loss?  I don't buy it.  Cam should be Cam - period.  I support him 100%. 
  2. The Fall of Cam Newton

    Cam was not even in our top 3 problems tonight.  Yes he could have played better.  So too could anyone else on the team. But if you're making a list of poo to fix leave him off it. 
  3. Cam's pregame cleats tomorrow

    Do like.  Those are hot as hell
  4. Coach of the year

    so happy for him.  selfishly happy for our team too for having him here. Ive never been so thrilled to be wrong about a guy being cut out for a job.  here's to a few more of these for him.
  5. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    I sincerely hope they follow his advice
  6. Eric Berry was awsome.

    He was really good, really enjoyed listening to him accept his award.   Very happy for him on all fronts 
  7. Now the NFL knows how Republicans feel

    What the fug?  Some of you people need to lighten the fug up. Conan was hilarious 
  8. Conan...that poo not funny

    I thought it was hilarious man.  Honestly funnier than I expected - I thought the NFL would make him be boring.  As for insults not being comedy...I got nothing but many lulz. 
  9. Hold on loosely

    The avalanche of articles about this team that don't focus on the same old, tired nonsense we've been reading for years is what's getting me through the downtime before the game. Another good read
  10. Mzee Peyton Manning

    I'm not sure what I even just read...but there was an explosion so I'm good.  
  11. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    More than likely on the "how it works" portion.  They get to tax him based on his entire yearly salary not just the amount he "earns" this week.  So instead of taxing him on his SB bonus they'll tax a percentage of his 2016 calendar year income calculated from how many days he "works" in CA.  That comes out to way more than his SB bonus so he'll wind up losing money or basically breaking even.
  12. It's sort of cool that he's got called out for his nonsense by someone who's not affiliated with our team.
  13. Damnit, you're right, that's terrifying.
  14. It's filtered as a sports site on our filters, has been for a long time.  Gets caught in the category regardless of site performance if its a blocked category.
  15. Well - I guess if you need a ready-made headline after Manning loses his last game... "Panthers worst SB champion ever, Manning robbed of storybook ending"