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  1. sml1950 added a post in a topic Buh bye Stephen Hill   

    NFL policy is extremely lenient on illegal drugs.  Each player (who is not in the substance abuse program) is only tested once a year between April 20- Aug 9.  After they pass that test they can do as much pot, coke, etc. as they want without any worry until the next April.  This assumes they do not actually get caught by law enforcement.  I doubt this stop would put Hill in the substance abuse program unless JR insisted  in order to stay on the roster.
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  2. sml1950 added a post in a topic Planning on coming to my first Training Camp   

    Wed. 19th is the Dolphin scrimmage.  Should be a good day to go.
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  3. sml1950 added a post in a topic 26 Teams attend Isaiah Battle workout   

    Gman's last draft revealed a "new" direction regarding his perception of the next phase of team building.  It's now "get the right player for the future" and no longer "fill holes" with the BPA that falls to you.  If he believes that Battle can be the next LT in two years, he will spend whatever he thinks he needs to.
    The piece of the puzzle that plays into the decision is of all people, Greg Hardy.  If his suspension is reduced to 4-6 games, his salary should be enough that we should be in line for the possibilty of a 3rd round comp.  With a high comp pick, what would we be losing on spending a high pick on Battle.  Goodell needs to announce his decision prior to the supplemental draft to be fair to the Panthers.  This Hardy thing just won't go away, but if we could essentially trade a future LT for him, the pain in the ass last year could be worth it.
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