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  1. Final Score Super Bowl Prediction Thread

    31-20 Panthers
  2. How Many of You Will Attend the Super Bowl 50?

    I'm going with a couple friends.
  3. super bowl ticket section 134 row 34

    yea we're in the same boat, not all sitting together. adding people as we go. we aren't all sitting together either.
  4. super bowl ticket section 134 row 34

    I'm going and have my ticket, yes bought at an inflated price but i can afford it right now and i want to go. Someone else in my group may not be able to go now and this is what the ticket cost. I can show receipt to buyer if needed. And yes Phil is correct about the face value but very few of those are sold to the public and I didn't win the PSL lottery....... so I bought a ticket at an inflated price and I'm going to see my team play in super bowl 50...... Panther55 are you interested in buying?
  5. I may have one for sale in 134 row 34 for the price I paid. $6,237.... if you are interested please PM me. ticket will have to be picked up saturday before the game near the stadium. I'll go with you to pick it up. any questions please ask.  thanks
  6. thanks, not my tickets just posting for someone else. Their price.
  7. trying to help out a friend. He's in Mooresville with hard tickets. He's asking $350 for the pair or $200 each. Message me if you're interested and I'll give you his contact info.
  8. bump since buyer backed out.
  9. will do but wanted to offer here 1st.  thanks
  10. I have 1 very front row upper, section 532 the wheel chair row on the upper rail. These are my PSLs and i have someone who usually goes with me that can't make it this Sunday. $225 cash for the hard ticket. I can meet you in Statesville/Mooresville area anytime or before the game on Sunday if you don't mind paying a deposit on Paypal to hold it.  Thanks John   SOLD Thanks
  11. Seriously, how does it happen? (Visiting fans)

    i didn't read all the post on this topic but the answer is simple. Packer fans wanted to see the Packers at the beginning of the season and have been buying tickets to do so. A lot of Panther fans decided they were fans when the team started doing well and a lot of tickets were sold already. Hopefully wining thins year will change it in years to come...
  12. I hope to be down tailgating by 6:30. Asking for $250 for all 4. Please text me if you are interested.  Thanks, John 704-437-0791
  13. Do you have any tickets for the Panthers vs. Eagles game on Sept. 13? If so, which section and how much per ticket? How do you handle the payment? Thanks for any information. Are any of your tickets on ebay?