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  1. https://www.carolinahuddle.com/topic/227686-i-hope-you-know-what-this-means…/
  2. It's a start. Now if he can actually throw any semblance of a consistent deep ball.
  3. It's easy to find scapegoats. We thought Matt Rhule was the worst we could be as of recently. Turns out that was wrong. We're certainly going to get to see how much of last seasons debacle was on the staff. I can say I will absolutely be looking to see what areas remain an issue.
  4. One minute he's washed the next he's an invaluable presence
  5. All the side talk about BY aside I like the attention to small details. Though I find it hard to believe no one on staff and especially Josh McCown the QB coach tried to hone in on these things this time last year.
  6. This place was a cesspool at times even through the Cam years. Even when we won the goal posts moved over and over. And Cam had one of the best rookie seasons ever at the time. I respect you for holding it down as a fan. But just remember we're all at the end of the day on equal footing with this franchise. We've all suffered through the consistent inconsistency that has now given way to one of the worst teams in all of professional sports the last few years. That is the biggest reason you are seeing what you're seeing. If the combo of Canales and BY can bring wins and respectability back for the Carolinas you'll see the feedback you seek. For the moment I think the mods here are doing the best they can given the state of the franchise. Best of luck to ya this season
  7. Hey Seltzer. We've got 17 games worth of opposing fans ridiculing us and talking cold hard poo about Bryce Young coming up. You might want to develop some thicker skin if you're going to be rooting for this team because things said here by our own fans are fairly tame compared to what the rest of the league has in store for us after what we gave up in that trade last year. Maybe try and pace yourself bud.
  8. I mean you're seemingly egging on someone that's about to get the first OTA thread of the year sent to the tinderbox because he's so personally upset someone said something about Bryce Young he doesn't like. At the end of the day it's on Bryce to quiet the doubts. He's got 38 million reasons to do so. I'm glad we are in general agreement about the outlook for the upcoming season. As far as my position on Bryce. I was pretty plain about my preference being CJ Stroud predraft. There were several posters here at that time who made it their mission to attack and spam poo emojis on anything perceived to be critical of Bryce Young. I was on board and in support once he was the pick. I said all along I was going to give him the season to show performance worthy of where he was selected. To say the absolute least that did not happen unfortunately. I think you are misrepresenting and assigning your own interpretation to the "optimism" about Bryce Young that you claim I take exception to. Optimism is one thing. Fantasy is another. And fantasy is what some of the talk has amounted to. In this very thread the first day of OTA he's been compared to Christian McCaffrey for whatever reason. That's not optimism that's homerism and again we've been doing this for different QB's the last several years. What's the definition of insanity? At some point you just need to see real quantifiable results first. We're all waiting. Hopefully it happens.
  9. I think you and some others have a pretty clear inferiority complex over Bryce Young. People did the same thing with Kyle Allen and Teddy Bridgewater. If that's your path that's cool. Won't make him a better QB any more than the criticism that you rail against will. None of us are better than the other. We're just spectators. But your objections don't change the reality at hand regarding how bad he played last season. Most people want to see improvement and to see him emerge worthy of the first overall selection.
  10. It all sounds nice. Cost wise this would go over better if the team weren't dogshit the last several years. How much are the owners that brag about concert dollars putting up for all this?
  11. The last few pages of this thread are why we can't even have convos about the QB. The first day of basic OTA's in May and some people are already trying to dunk on others over anything. How about we save that for if and when our offense (Bryce included) actually looks formidable in the preseason.
  12. Looks like he's been at least attempting lifting weights. Good to see.
  13. Don't fall into the camp hero trap folks. For right now enjoy camp and wait to see it translate to preseason games. Then we can talk about expectations. Until I see it in preseason I'm in yawn mode.
  14. I'm not going to pile on Dak because we've been horrendous and have watched some truly abysmal QB play. But we don't need to chase any FA quarterbacks. Keep drafting one early and maybe even one in the late rounds until you hit it's that simple.
  15. While it was certainly an eye opening comparison. It wasn't nearly as cringy as the "Steph Curry of the NFL" talk. There's nothing wrong with going all in as a fan when you've had such a hard time finding hope over these last several years. But what made it unhinged was how some people paired that with talk of how CJ Stroud was basically going to tumble down the draft board and go on to struggle to find his footing as a starter in the NFL. People didn't just buy in on Bryce Young they went to lengths to convince themselves he was something that would in his own way transcend the position. You just can't allow yourself to get that invested in a draft pick. This has to be a learning experience for a lot of people going forward.
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