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  1. I had figured this game would be the test to see where we are truly at but instead that was the Cardinals game and we failed miserably. If Kyler the hobbit and Kingsbury worked us over Shanahan and the 49ers will be going in dry so go ahead and make alternate plans if that doesn't interest you folks.
  2. We could have drafted another TE and got similar or better results over what we've seen from Ian Thomas. Most fans here knew how this was going to end but somehow management just couldn't see it.
  3. Remember when we won free agency? Good times.
  4. Tepper can and will get many fans back in the fold but he has to step back and hire other qualified people to make decisions about the operational future of this team and stop meddling so much.
  5. If the team moves it definitely isn't going to be to STL.
  6. I hear you but the lower we sink the harder it's going to be to convince higher end candidates with fewer flaws to want to right this ship.
  7. Hey David Tepper thanks for keeping Rhule another year you dick
  8. Bring in Flores for an interview and go from there but only candidates with multiple years of NFL coaching experience. No more college coaches.
  9. Rhule has already had one OC fall on their sword under his watch. If the playcalling isn't up to par both these bums need to hit the road.
  10. It's all Rhule the man is an egomaniac these fans who still think his OC's are just doing whatever the hell they want with no supervision or input from Rhule are beyond help
  11. McAdoo is poo he's always been poo it's on Matt Rhule for hiring him and it's on Rhule for letting games spiral instead of making adjustments. Matt Rhule doesn't even know how to properly use timeouts. Our issues are much deeper than offensive coordinator.
  12. I wanted us to make a run at Tomlin instead of retaining Rhule. Maybe we still can but I highly doubt he bites on a chance to right this ship that has become the butt of jokes across the league now. Tepper should have moved on from Rhule when he had the chance before more damage was done. I don't see Harbaugh ever coming here. If he didn't get on with the Vikings I put the chance of him here at zero.
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