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  1. Evero just needs to make a call to the league office. They can't block him for long. We need to throw whatever it takes at him and make that hire.
  2. You are right but it sounds like the Broncos front office in general is dirty and classless if they already blocked another interview before Payton even got there. Way to start things off for a new staff creating a hostile situation before you've even assembled a staff. I hope that whole thing is a dumpster fire. I wish the Broncos nothing but the worst.
  3. What could they possibly get for him that would be worth enduring yet another lost season and not even trying to develop our younger talent in the process?
  4. Well he obviously isn't going to do that and he will have at least a few other teams looking at him. Beyond that the QB position is one where contracts are only going to continue to balloon. The only affordable ones are either on rookie deals or they are backup tier. This is the league now people need to accept it. We have to draft and build around one.
  5. Mark Williams with a whopping 60 seconds of playing time last night in a loss against the Pistons. Put Clifford out to pasture already.
  6. All I know is I had him as my QB2 in fantasy and he was boooooooty. Was it all him? Probably not. But I see the same reasons why he would work here that were used to justify acquiring both Darnold and Mayfield. The one thing those two had going for them was their age. Carr on the other hand will be 32 next month. Learn from our mistakes already people come on.
  7. There was a time a year or two ago when I would be on board. But with what we've been through trying to rehab other teams unwanted QB's it's too big a risk for us to get burned again because we will have to ink him to a big deal. If this goes south Fitterer would surely be sent packing.
  8. Ah yes surely this time we will finally strike gold in our pursuit of QB's other teams can't wait to push out the door.
  9. Who is the neckbeard that clearly knows virtually nothing about the Panthers season?
  10. Says the guy who still thinks Sam Darnold could be a franchise QB.
  11. I'm not too worried about the cap for the moment. But we definitely can't be handing out anymore contracts to woefully underperforming players like Ian Thomas. I know folks want to blame everything on Rhule but Scott signed off on that too. Time to cut that poo out.
  12. What is this hand wringing over the use of foul language? It's football.
  13. Well you can't coach size. And as far as the running comparisons time seems to have made memories fade some. Cam Newton debuted throwing for almost a thousand yards in his first two games. He also helped Greg Olsen break some receiving records for TE's. He could sling it with the best of them in his prime. We want a QB with some mobility but we aren't going to find another Cam and we don't need that anyways because it is a passing league. Move forward with that mindset accordingly.
  14. On the "yes man" label I mean for lack of a better or nicer way of putting it. He was. He took the job knowing Rhule had final say. Me or you might have done the same thing if we felt it would open more doors for our career as a way to get a foot in. But that's what Scott chose to do. Those criticisms come with the territory. Now he's the Boss Hogg. No more college coaches to blame if things don't work out and if he strikes gold he reaps the praise.
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