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  1. The majority of Carolina fans have given the last few holdovers who still think #14 could be a starter plenty of time to accept. It's about to be June. From here on out this is how that's gonna go in Panthers fans circles.
  2. All injury rabble aside good on him for supporting the Canes. I don't watch much hockey but I'll take what I can get so I hope they make a run.
  3. Here's some fair unbiased evaluation for ya bud
  4. Let's be honest. Darnold should be all by himself at the very bottom.
  5. You already know how the Panthers social does with camp. But they did post this with Corral and Icky and other rooks out together. Don't see the current presumed "starting" QB anywhere though.
  6. TBD. We improved the offensive line but the group will need time to gel and we need to see how our depth holds up too. Whichever QB starts will have weapons no doubt. The other side of the ball is where things get iffy for me. Horn is promising but he is basically a rookie all over again after missing most of last season. Henderson is still an unknown at best and Donte Jackson had a rough go of it last season and needs a bounce back year. At LB beyond Shaq we need someone to step forward in a big way. We also need another pass rusher if I'm being honest. Burns still has plenty to prove as a young DE and he definitely needs someone on the other end taking care of business. Chinn is good we hope he takes another step. It's hard to shake the sight of our defense being ran over and pushed around last year I'm going to need to see some games in preseason to feel better about where this roster is at. We've talked ourselves up before camp in the past only to be brought back down to Earth. August will tell us what we need to know.
  7. When your lead back hasn't played a full season in 3 years the position will never be solidified. It would not hurt to have a fallback option down the line. Everyone wants McCaffrey to play a full season but we all know we will be waiting for the inevitable possibility.
  8. Of course the Hornets can't get back into the top ten since they didn't rig it in our favor this time.
  9. The Matt Rhule diehards need their own message board where criticism is forbidden. If you're looking for a name for this new community "Matt Rhule is the greatest coach in the history of athletics don't you dare say anything bad about him" is a mouthful so maybe just MRGCHADSABAH for short.
  10. Even knuckle dragger Jets fans know Sam isn't a starting quarterback. It's just trolling to still entertain this notion.
  11. Seriously to the Panthers of all teams? Sports media really is going to poo they'll just put anything out there now
  12. Nobody in this regime should get any undue credit until we see real results.
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