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  1. Seems like a nice way of saying we are just doing what we can with what we have. We need to put Sam in the best opportunity and that is by having this line formed by preseason and able to gel together soon. Optimism is good and we can sugarcoat some of this but opponents will study film and know our roster weaknesses.
  2. You think there is some resentment in the locker room? These are grown men but it stands to reason not everyone who may just be trying to get that next contract and maintain their career will be thrilled with Rodgers who has already accumulated a fortune over the years.
  3. Or this could just be the beginning of a new chapter in the nfl in the age of pandemics and vaccines. More and more players are getting ideas of their own. Much like with how Watson tried to hold the Texans over a barrel Aaron Rodgers has followed in those footsteps. Deshaun was just arrogant to think none of his activities would ever come to light or could be used against him. Rodgers for whatever people may think about his personality doesn't have that baggage. Now he reaps the rewards. I don't think we have seen the last of elite quarterbacks pulling these stunts.
  4. I agree there is a double standard and Watson should be on the exempt list by now. But you have to remember that went down around the same time as the Ray Rice elevator footage was all over the internet. That was all in one summer. The league needed to make an example and timing doomed Hardy's career.
  5. Hardy had a second chance though. But he ended up creating a public rift in the locker room and getting arrested for cocaine possession
  6. He did later with the benefit of hindsight and wisdom being a little older. But from my understanding reading up on different quotes from Kobe's agent and others it was an impossibility. Even one of the personnel guys from the Kings said his agent told them point blank do not take Kobe he will not play for you. Mitch Kupchak last year said Charlotte had second thoughts and wanted to keep him when Vlade Divac threatened to retire. In the end his destiny was playing for the team he grew up with.
  7. Well you'll get no argument out of me about that. But unless Watson is formally charged and sentenced he will get more leeway as a young franchise quarterback than Hardy did as a late round defensive end.
  8. Kobe always only wanted to play for the Lakers though didn't he? We never really had a chance to begin with he talked of sitting out the season if we kept him. Small markets have been getting the shaft for decades.
  9. I would obviously choose a premier tackle over Samuel but he is no Philly Brown that is extreme. I watched Brown drop like 20 passes in a preseason game one time.
  10. Can there ever be a thread where someone isn't trying to garner sympathy for Sam bc he played on a bad team? None of our opponents are going to go easy on us because the Jets were trash.
  11. To start there is much to unpack in all this. In possibly giving up three firsts as an intro to negotiations I would need to have some assurances there will be no more lawsuits or unnecessary distractions waiting around the corner. Also the elephant in the room is will he end up disgruntled here too? He has said he wanted to be involved in decisions in Houston is he going to get that kind of pull here after us giving up a haul just to acquire him? The new management here in Carolina don't have a great track record so far with handling delicate situations with their starting quarterbacks. They will need to go out of their way to appease Watson. You can't go anonymously mouthing off to the media on this one if you hit a bump in the road.
  12. Lonzo has come a long way since his time with the Lakers. He could be an asset here.
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