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  1. I want to believe there's no way Scott Fitterer's job could be safe in the midst of all this but I don't know.
  2. Yeah at this point as inept stubborn and outdated as Reich and his offense was a new coaching hire is only going to be able to do so much. We are going to have to sink big $$ into this interior OL to not only make Bryce's life easier in general but to help him see the field. It's sobering knowing we traded what we did to draft the most apparently physically limited QB of the class but what's done is done. Hopefully this whole thing has some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Time will tell.
  3. Can you imagine these two trying to coexist? Sounds like a terrible match.
  4. Even a blind squirrel eventually finds a nut once in awhile. The problem with Tepper is even if he finally makes the right hire he just can't help himself from meddling. Unless he's willing to do that the end result will likely be the same.
  5. The more we talk about it the more I just struggle to believe both Reich and McCown wanted Young and had him head and shoulders above Stroud.
  6. Of course he's in the top 10 issues he's our QB and a number one pick we traded a top 10 WR for. Let's not be ridiculous. That does not mean he is the only issue though. No I do not think he's Jimmy Clausen. Though simple reality says this offense is on par with the 2010 offense. Some of that has been scheme OL and poor WR play. But unequivocally Bryce has had his role in this. He has got to start proving his arm is franchise QB worthy. Defenses are not at all concerned about that right now regardless of our circumstances. And I do not think starting Dalton is an option. Bryce has to learn and take his lumps now and next season. There can be no waving of a white flag by sitting him. He either sinks or swims that's the way it's always been. I want us to defeat the Bucs and I really hope Bryce outshines Baker. The alternative is extremely depressing.
  7. Whew buddy there is a lot to unpack with this post. You are mistaking your opinion with fact. CJ Stroud displayed indisputable arm talent at OSU. Though his supporting cast was talented he clearly did indeed elevate his receivers in college and he is doing so in Houston. The talk of needing to adjust to the speed of the game was nonsense. He looks pretty damn good with the speed of the game. In fact the one who looks the worst in that area from the draft class is Bryce Young. You do not know what CJ Stroud would look like here. I don't know either. But he is having one of the best rookie seasons ever and we passed on that. You can't revise history either pal.
  8. All I know is if Baker Mayfield looks like the best QB on the field...oh wee mayne.
  9. When you account for all this it is simply baffling trying to understand why this staff would have wanted to limit themselves to this with Young versus Stroud or even AR/Levis. Especially knowing you just hit reset at running back and more importantly wide receiver. This is basically the Cleveland Browns of yesteryear before they finally ended their postseason drought. And that was with bum ass Baker Mayfield.
  10. The defense has certainly taken a step back as the season went on. But are you seriously going to sit there and act like the offense has not demoralized the entire team? Multiple fumbles pick sixes endless wasted drives. That doesn't all add up? You'll throw anyone under the bus to protect Bryce. AceBoogie I got news for folks like you and Carl Spackler. That's not your baby. He's got a mommy and daddy. He doesn't need you hijacking every thread to throw yourself in front of him as a human shield. 21f33bc2-e8ea-405f-a7d7-0e31aa7d4d3c.mp4
  11. Yeah my biggest concern in all this talk of fitting the offense to Bryce's strengths is how poorly this has worked for Mac Jones in NE. And Jones was more successful between the two at Alabama. Whether he ran it at Alabama or not you have to get Bryce running PA successfully. If he can't it does not matter who we hire from here.
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