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  1. On one hand the Panthers track record of success the last several years says keep churning. On the other hand one man has been mainly behind those decisions. This is the year we need to begin to turn things around. No more blaming anyone that has walked out the door. It all begins and ends with the current folks in charge. Also if anyone of them are reading this. End the training camp shenanigans and engage your fans more this go around. Read the room.
  2. He's been a great teammate and overall a great locker room presence. As far as his career it just has not panned out the way we had hoped in comparison to other notable Panthers linebackers. Some people don't like him but most in proper perspective like Shaq Thompson. As far as the money that was all unnecessary. But it was Thompson himself who took to Twitter to go on the attack toward anyone including Panthers fans who were suggesting he take a paycut. That just wasn't a good look on his part not in a time where so many financial burdens have been facing average Americans not making millions of dollars annually. But he realized that was not the path forward and corrected course. It's over and done with and most people are happy he's staying.
  3. Many of our elected legislators sit on Twitter all hours of the day and evening wasting keystrokes on nonsense and blocking their constituents. The current american political process overall is joke status. It's ridiculous to put the onus on average citizens to make sure billionaires are not treating American government dollars like their own personal piggy bank. If you want to carry water for billionaires it is within your rights but just own it if that's what you're going to do.
  4. Where are these Will Levis fanboys coming from?
  5. Brian Burns will soon be one of the league's highest paid defenders. And we've paid our new DC who was highly sought after handsomely to oversee the group. That doesn't really sound like an afterthought. I do think the pendulum is swinging more balanced as this team has heavily leaned into a defensive identity over many years. But let's be blunt. What do we have to show for it? Change is not a bad thing. We'll have to see how this approach looks big picture in a year or two.
  6. Flip side is if we accept the Rams offer does Evero want to coach here while we rebuild our pass rush from scratch when he can take an offer from another team that isn't lacking at least one really good pass rusher? I hear you completely but there's no such thing as a truly fair price in this current version of the NFL for either of the two most sought after positions (QB and DE). We just have to hope we get lucky enough to time it right to have both without sinking our cap.
  7. Reddick is now regarded as the best solution to our problems but at the time when he was still here many people complained about his run defense. There is merit to some of the criticisms of Burns but this whole discussion has reached a point where some folks just clearly want him gone and want to see what our pass rush looks like. And if they got their wish they would bitch about it endlessly when we're getting carved up with little to no pressure. Our new DC Evero also might have opted to take his chances elsewhere had we decided to blow up our pass rush. You guys can't have it both ways.
  8. Spending a Saturday steady HATIN'. That's dedication.
  9. He wants a Super Bowl contender I can't blame him.
  10. Mingo is going to be tough to bring down look at those tree trunks cot damn.
  11. I wouldn't say that. Immediately after he shares the clip and his thoughts he summarizes it with the disclaimer that it's practice and Young needs some more time creating chemistry with the group and that we know he can and had made those throws. It's a bummer but clearly some folks here who wanted another QB are quietly rooting against him. I don't see the point of even following the team under that mentality but they're gonna do what they're gonna do.
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