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  1. D'Ernest Johnson was a nice fantasy pickup this week.
  2. No reason to get that worked up about a former qb who clearly isn't coming back on a Thursday afternoon. With that said. We obviously have not had any luck with the post #1 era options and we still have no real deep passing game to speak of which is kind of ironic but it has to change soon.
  3. I'm not looking at any game from here on as an easy win. If Sam can't outduel Daniel Jones though I'll pretty much be at the point where I've seen enough.
  4. Nobody will agree about the allegations but what it boils down to is his poor judgement and can that judgement be trusted moving forward as the face of a franchise. That's a tough sell.
  5. Very disappointing but not surprising. Talk of our previous medical staff had loomed for years and we will probably hear more about it. That being said things worked out nicely for Gano and he's making bank now. Time to move on.
  6. This is why I keep trying to tell Panthers fans to stop being so damn defensive of the Kyle Allen's Teddy Bridgewater's and Sam Darnold's of the nfl. When you lose an MVP talent behind center and only had one long term franchise quarterback in the 15 years before that you're likely to change quarterbacks several times before getting even close to that level of talent again.
  7. If we're that desperate to take the ball out of Darnold's hands it's already over.
  8. Uh yeah that's anything but a settled fact. Still very much up and down is the best compliment you can give at this point.
  9. Great to see them shake it off and win like that at home and redemption against the Pacers makes it even better. Melo is legit if we can get consistent shooting around him this could be a very fun season.
  10. Love the Hornets but man we can't shoot for poo.
  11. I can't say enough how awful that Eagles loss was. One win team at home and give up a game winning drive to a qb with a bottom ranked qbr. It doesn't get much lower than that. Not quite 2010 bad but not that far off either. Truth is truth
  12. In the last 2 starts Sam Darnold has thrown an interception on the final offensive play and then an interception on the very first offensive play. We can talk about the oline all we want but if the processing doesn't improve we're toast.
  13. Here we go again with this comparing him to the best in the league. Are any of those quarterbacks in the habit of throwing passes that hit defenders in the numbers? Sam has gotten the benefit of the doubt for things here beyond his control but the ugly turnovers having been going on four years now through different offenses. It's always been his decision making that was the question about taking the next step.
  14. Dropping straight facts up in here on these boys!
  15. That tweet was from a year ago. We are in the midst of a 3 game losing streak and on qb #2 for this coaching staff. We are also the worst offense in the nfl in the third quarter. Situation is a little different now wouldn't you agree? Shifting blame to fans is really weak anyways.
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