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  1. Low energy low effort no spark. If Miles Bridges is this important they need to pay that man.
  2. It makes sense when you consider he has only coached two teams the other being the Browns and for the majority of his coaching career he has had Tom Brady to fall back on. But times are very different from twenty years ago when TB got his first start. Good quarterbacks are much more sought after and in lower supply so all these factors could spark a change in his philosophy. But if they use Cam like they did last year as a runner sooner or later the hits are going to accumulate it's a long season.
  3. If you say Bill is the goat coach you should know he didn't draft M Jones to rot on the bench. You will live a much better life when you accept what is clear and move on.
  4. Are you going to spend mother's day following me from thread to thread?
  5. The Saints have the hardware to mock us into oblivion if they so choose. The once lowly Bucs whose tacky uniforms from yesteryear made them the joke of the league now run the division with two trophies. If not for the first pick in the 2011 draft the last ten years for the Carolina Panthers would have been a comedy of mediocrity like Billy Volek and any other washed up journeyman quarterback around that time. Yet I visit here and see people griping about the new fans the team has brought in. The delusion is wild.
  6. Unless Bill Belichick will be rebuilding his starting quarterback with a bionic throwing arm I have a hard time believing that lasts for 17 games. Father time is undefeated.
  7. I imagine he can answer without a parrot on his shoulder jawing on his behalf but I appreciate you taking the time to grace us with your much needed input Iago.
  8. Are newer generations of fans supposed to be a bad thing? I'm not following your logic. Should families stop bringing their kids to games too?
  9. There's this thing called wikipedia. Any goober with a smartphone can familiarize themselves within minutes.
  10. Anything is possible but there are lofty expectations floating around. You don't think he will put up yards and points in this offense? The question is will he also pile up turnovers especially if the line does not come together as quickly as the front office hopes. It is a gamble that we are once again closing our eyes and hoping for the best at left tackle. Despite all the optimistic takes we are going on seven years now since our last legitimate starter protected the blindside of our qb. All the fluff pieces in the world can't change that overnight.
  11. Mike Tolbert was resoundingly beloved in his first three or four seasons here. It was within the last two that it became obvious he was washed. How is it Zod's fault? Mike was truthfully treated better than some other players who declined so why choose that hill to die on? You worry about stuff like this too much get some air today buddy.
  12. There is certainly justification in fans not being sold on our efforts this year to shore up the offensive line after years of mismanagement. We basically punted at left tackle again by pitting a 3rd round rookie against an oft injured castoff tackle released from a team uninterested in retaining his services. Apparently some folks think no front office executives in the league have been wrong before. If an echo chamber and condescension to anyone who thinks differently is what you seek maybe catscratchreader is more in your wheelhouse.
  13. There will be plenty of opportunities to microanalyze every throw and catch when camp rolls around. This is one of the first throws he has made and they are wearing street clothes. Be glad we are getting any nuggets at all in May with all the limitations.
  14. If Sam spends the year making big plays like this and learning his role within the offense and taking what defenses are giving him I'll gladly take that. There will be mistakes along the way but for now I just want to be competitive again and not the doormat of the division.
  15. Since you are taking up the issue why don't you explain what you feel in any of those posts I made constitutes trolling. Most people here are discussing Sam Darnold adnauseum. If you consider the thought of not holding onto hard feelings years after a player has left a team trolling then I can't help you. It is no different then people still bad mouthing coach Rivera or Gettleman. There is nothing wrong with revisiting the past but if all it brings out of you is negativity what good is it doing for you?
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