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  1. Yup, looking that way. It could certainly work, but appears to be a less conventional approach for today's NFL.
  2. You and a couple of others mentioning Hardy... I honestly forgot all about him. Dude was definitely ont he Rucker/Johnson type path but turned out to be a bad individual that ruined his own career. I'd put Addison a tier below those guys but agree that he did turn into a pretty effective all-around player. Burns would benefit from making a couple more timely impact plays and his run defense needs some signficant work, but it would also help if Carolina got a solid run defender on the other side of him.
  3. No he's not, at least not totally. He's the second most athletic and maybe someday that translates to a complete package on the field, but not at this point. CJ and Rucker are both above him based on consistency, ability in both the run and pass game, and longevity.
  4. Yes, I've stated I don't think his on-field impact is worth what he will get and yes, that opinion implicitly accounts for the forces driving said potential price. You don't seem to have a point here.
  5. Had him right his rookie year. Can this staff get him back to that in this scheme is the question, and only time will tell.
  6. The notion that 'professionals' are always and/or automatically right is laughable. And no one is saying Burns is a bum - that is clearly not the case. Dude's a quality player. His game is just arguably not worth top dollar.
  7. No, it's not - every situation is different and I'm talking only about Burns/the Panthers, a team that would benefit greatly from salary cap room and extra picks by not overpaying for one-dimensional, occasionally impactful, at-their-ceiling players as they reload for this year and beyond. Here's a hot take for you - Charles Johnson as not the athlete that Burns is, but he was absolutely a more complete player and I had no issue with his contract though many did. Dude earned his money by contributing in every situation. Turn off the Madden. This real life, bro.
  8. Being the 'most talented' doesn't always mean much, and 3 high-round drafts picks with an extra $20-30MM a year in cap space sure helps sure helps the building process.
  9. Fans should be excited - it's a lot of change, Rhule is gone (hallelujah), and change can (and ideally should) be exciting. It's the 'anything less than the playoffs this year is a failure' stuff that is just irrational and unrealistic nonsense. Are people really going to be calling for Reich and the staff's heads if we go 8-9 this year and miss the playoffs? That's just dumb, and folks with that attitude are the ones begging for disappointment. I've already addressed the other things in my earlier posts.
  10. Yup, nothing says 'JAG' like a 17-yr NFL career.
  11. Absolutely. Cheese wrecks the taste and texture of a burger and many other foods.
  12. I say yes, but a very specific one worthy of its own consideration. Kind of like how a square is by definition a rectangle but no one thinks of it that way.
  13. How would a sauce ever not be wet?
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