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  1. I, for one, never ended up meeting anyone in South Charlotte.
  2. Trolling is a definite possibility but the fact that he, completely out of the blue and without anyone on this board bringing it up, cited Teddy's left-handed pass vs GB in 2015 makes me think that this person is serious. Either way though...
  3. It's peculiar that you cited it out of the blue as evidence of learning/development when it hasn't been brought up on this board and more specifically not in this thread. Dredging something up from 5 years ago is some serious fanboy activity, again assuming that you aren't actually Teddy or someone in this very close orbit. And I did see the left-handed pass, as did most NFL fans at the time - he put up a line of 10 for 19, 99 yards in that game vs the Packers... As I said, I defended him about it less than a week ago on a general NFL board. I'd cite it for you and give yet another docu
  4. I see a Nick Goings reference (or Hankton for that matter), I pie.
  5. Your continued stooping to accusing me and others of a personal vendetta is feeble and pathetic. Between your comments on the Stafford trade and my posts, if citing sourced information that includes literally Carolina's staff and FO is 'editorializing' then you have an issue with reality. I opine on him as a player, nothing else, and you sure know nothing about me either. I will consider and own any proof you can quote here of where I've attacked Teddy personally but don't need to because you have none. It doesn't exist because it hasn't happened. I don't recall that left-handed being me
  6. After making what you are intimating was such a large investment and seeing Teddy's QBing firsthand, the seemingly cap-proof Saints let him walk even with old man Brees teetering on retirement and a surefire starting spot opening up, opting to keep an older wanna-QB and sign Jameis instead. Interestingly, Hill was on pace this year to throw for as many TDs as Teddy did for the entire season... but that's surely coincidence. Teddy was perhaps then too scared of Mitch Trubisky to sign in Chicago. Mitch did win 2 more games as a starter and passed for more TDs while starting 6 fewer games th
  7. Where does this nonsense even come from? Like, literally no one has said a thing about running in this thread. Your ability to create strawmen and craft BS from thin air, regardless of whether you truly believe it or are just trolling, is borderline impressive.
  8. That's in addition to the 3 that already came to the same conclusion that he was not starter material. Hell, dude got traded to leave rookie Sam Darnold and Josh McCown on the roster before his first preseason with the team even ended. Guess it was just more hate and blindly following narratives.
  9. Ah yes, claiming the views of people that disagree with you are actually based on their personal dislike of someone/something else and not the objective and verifiable facts and observations they've offered. The last bastion of the deluded, willfully ignorant, and/or shameless internet troll.
  10. Whatever man. Just keep on rolling with those strawmen and complete lack of any factual basis while also inadvertently supporting the notion that Teddy needs perfection around him for his teams to win and can't elevate on his own. You do you.
  11. Brady took plenty of heat for that call and many others (you might see that if you ventured outside of the Teddy threads), and there were heaps of criticism thrown his way when all of the HC talk was happening. He was a first-year coordinator this year though so growing pain was/is expected - a very different story than someone who has been in the league for 6 years (7 now) and started multiple season's worth of games but still plays like a rookie. If Brady shows a lack of development beyond his rookie year, as Teddy has, then proper criticism will come his way along with proper expectations.
  12. 2 yard pass on 4th and 9 with the game on the line... that's just one. Repeated self-contained shortcomings at the most critical times that have nothing to do with any other Panthers unit. But please continue with the excuses and strawmen.
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