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  1. True in a vast majority of situations.
  2. That's the point though - who is ultimately responsible for the performance and adjusting accordingly? Ron and Shula did nothing to adapt to the pass rush and Denver themselves said the plan was predictable. There were missed opportunities, sure, but Ron and the staff set things up for failure by planning not to lose from the outset. They were flat out outcoached.
  3. Ron's in charge of the coaching decisions and there was minimal game-planning and zero in-game adjustment so yeah, we kinda did. Refs or not that game was still very winnable and yet here everyone is having this conversation.
  4. It was so winnable, even once it started. Not a cakewalk by any stretch, but very winnable. And yet...
  5. Ah, that makes sense with respect to him. I know he was a great international player as well but didn't spend a lot of years in the NBA.
  6. Nah, I'm not saying at all that Sproles or Mitchell (or Hester for the matter) should definitely make it in. I'm just saying that I agree with an actual HoF voter, King in this case, that it's reasonable for guys like that to be in the conversation even if just by brief mention. If they happen to make it in then good for them. In all likelihood they won't, and they shouldn't over guys like Luke, Smitty, etc. With respect to the NBA I was very surprised to learn just a couple of weeks ago that Arvydas Sabonis was in. Maybe I just don't follow basketball closely enough but dude played like
  7. If that response truly comes across as not calm or 'Karen-ish' to you, then you live an easy life my friend.
  8. Being good enough to return for 14 years says a lot, and he still had a role on his team's offenses during all that time as well. No question about a guy like Luke who competed, even setting the performance bar, at a key defensive position. I'm just pointing out that Sproles had a very good career in his own right and accomplished quite a bit, putting him IMO rightfully in the conversation even if he's always an also-ran.
  9. As a disclaimer here I grew up playing against Sproles, my team getting toasted by Olathe North year after year. I've followed his career if only due to that interest. Sproles played for 3 teams in his 15-year career, so not a journeyman. He missed most or all of 4 seasons die to injury, so in effectively 12 seasons of play he amassed 19,500 all-purpose yards, holds the record for most all-purpose yards in a season, and is 6th all-time behind Frank Gore and ahead of Marshall Faulk. He's a 2x first-team All-Pro and was selected for the All-decade team. Journeyman? Not even close. Hall
  10. They quoted the guy whose average depth of target last year was less than 7 yards, Teddy's kind of receiver.
  11. Impossible to say without full context but highly doubtful. One can connect dots from the comment to Teddy's release but Luke's not a drama guy.
  12. It seemed an obvious implication that any Darnold suckage would only relate to the time he was actually on the field but yes, agreed that he did not make any of those units suck.
  13. Somewhere between a little bit of the suckage and most of the suckage. Glad he's in Carolina but dude has a whole lot of work to do.
  14. I'm not really concerned at all how he performs on the field at this specific point in time. I'm more interested in him establishing rapport and stepping into the secondary responsibilities of the QB role. If he's actually salvageable like the staff thinks he is then some bad habits are going to take time to break/improved skills time to develop.
  15. To be fair, things were quite different this time last year. Tough to compare.
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