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  1. What's weird about that? Not arguing the Meyer is likely to flame out but I bet a lot of coaches hate those conferences and Meyer, being a brand new head coach, has no precedent for participating in them.
  2. Taylor is even more cautious/conservative than Teddy. His career arc reflects that.
  3. That TD throw alone highlights the difference in dynamics between Sam and Teddy. It's a splash play and no guarantee of any kind of future success but Teddy does not have the physical ability to make that happen. It's exactly the type of quarterbacking capability that the best teams have in their toolbox. Also highlights the nonsense about 20 yards being a deep throw. That was a momentum-changing play and is the type that breaks games open. 20 yards is not an accurate metric for this capability.
  4. Johnson and Chase Daniel have been in the league for 13 and 12 years, respectively, and have 529 passing attempts between them. That's impressive.
  5. It's fair to say that the new OL signees were underwhelming to poor at their prior stops, an it's fair to say they have followed that form thus far here in Carolina. I also agree with you that we should see some live action before calling it a failure but the evidence thus far is not promising.
  6. That was definitely a joke.
  7. I always envision him going full Cajun and spewing sounds like Farmer Fran from The Waterboy whenever I see that clip.
  8. They drafted Mahomes because they'd already determined that Smith wasn't going to get them where they wanted to be and fully intended to move on at that time. Like Teddy, Smith did not throw for many TDs, once going 21 straight games without throwing a TD to a WR in that Reid KC offense, and only hit his career high 26 when Mahomes was drafted and the writing was on the wall. Prior to that he had 23, 18, 20, and 15 TDs thrown and never broke 20 in San Fran. Mahomes, on the other hand, has thrown for 50, 26, and 38. Smith is absolutely a slightly better version of Teddy from the same mold. They may be 'starters' but that doesn't mean much if they can't beat the best competition.
  9. Yup. Watched Smith for years here in KC and Teddy is a second tier Alex Smith. Same style and same mental limitations with being conservative. Smith had a better arm and better leadership, but ultimately that same nature capped his ceiling. With respect to the question, not really. Smith didn't have what it took to get the team over the hump without an elite defense, and the team needs to shoot better than that or be at constant risk of Garoppolo-led San Fran-type performances. For example, Denver's elite defense was beatable in the 2015 Super Bowl with better coaching; that game wasn't as lopsided as fans like to make it sound, even with the ugly plays Carolina had.
  10. Call me skeptical of his 'leadership' when it actually matters.
  11. Many couldn't stomach much, if any at all, of the first one.
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