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  1. On the whole, I share the exact same sentiments. Tepper has pushed me to 'academic interest' status but it's hard to turn off 30 years of overall interest. Have to say though that the continued fractionation of the product and the ubiquity of gambling around the NFL in general is sure a growing turn-off.
  2. That coming out of Tepper's mouth was way up there on the list of stupid things he's said/done since taking over.
  3. Andy Dalton was a franchise QB... just sayin'. That's not impressing anyone. And I explained what my expectations were as framework for the meaningless "doubters" comment that is almost as bad as "haters" being tossed around. This type of response adds nothing to a conversation where you yourself issued a challenge and I simply asked what the criteria were. It's not hard to see that a guy like Bryce has a bigger hill to climb than the average player and may not have been the smartest investment with that pick, but it's exactly that investment that drives up the expectations and sets the bar high. Dude was individually terrible last year, as was the offense as a whole - gonna take more than middle-of-the-pack QB stats and for multiple years to "prove the doubters wrong".
  4. As an honest question here, what level of performance "proves the doubters wrong"? Guy was the #1 overall pick and came at a tall price. I fully expect him to achieve Bridgewater-like numbers and eventually be at that level of player, but that sure doesn't justify the #1 overall and doesn't prove anyone wrong. Are we talking something like consistent years of top 10 QB play as the threshold for "proving the doubters wrong"?
  5. And again with something completely out of touch with the reality of what your posts are doing, which is creating potential parallels between Smith, Mills, and Bryce. And yet you argue that you aren't... Your posting attitude has sucked for a good while but has hit insufferable lately. Blech. Happy Thursday.
  6. Exactly. How would a chip in the ball know when a player was down? That element will absolutely still be a referee determination.
  7. This is you, bringing Smith and Mills into the conversation about Bryce. This is you again relating those two to Bryce You are absolutely relating these players, possibly the only one doing so, and then somehow calling other posters stupid about it. But don't let that pesky fact stop you - by all means, please continue to demean us/others in your responses.
  8. Texas listed him as playing at 207. https://texassports.com/sports/football/roster/jonathon-brooks/12405 216 may have been a combine weight, and those are of course always reflective of real-world
  9. Stewart played at 235, Brooks is 207 ... What is this ridiculous thread?
  10. Nowhere did I say an owner shouldn't be/isn't involved at all, so an unnecessary strawman there on your part. Your last paragraph is also idiocy because, as I said in my initial post, it's about priorities. If an owner's priority is to win then they may need to set the ego aside sometimes. Just because 'that's how it's done' doesn't mean it's for the best and some owners are sure better at things than others. Isn't that really the crux of it and what Carolina fans have been living since Tepper took over?
  11. And that's a problem. What is the owner paying their football people for if not to be the most knowledgeable about football-related decisions/items in their organization? Guess it just depends on what their priority is.
  12. I've heard meth is pretty cheap these days, especially in Vegas, but adderall might be hard to find. Oh wait... you mean upper deck seats. Never mind.
  13. The arm is in a different position that supports more flexion in the picture on the right, but he does look a little biger overall. The rick will be #1 if it actually helps with his throw power since that is primarily lower body, and #2 if he is actually bigger, can he keep it on when the season actually starts? I'm a Bryce skeptic in general but if he turns it around and makes notable strides this year, positives in all aspects of that scenario.
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