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  1. El .Oh. El. And the amount of heat that we took, not necessarily in just this thread but overall, for even daring to suggest that this plan and staff may not be a world-beating one (among other things)... ooh boy. I will say though that this thread was pre-draft and had the team taken Stroud I don't think the future would be looking as dim. Alas, that's not how it played out.
  2. Teddy might be top of my non-Carruth, players-only list, but outside of that Tepper and Rhule are way up there.
  3. Third time if you want to count that historically bad performance in the season opener, which I think is fair.
  4. Dude was so far offsides that it's not even funny. Not a petty call at all - Toney's a dumbass. There is no easier thing to do than line up onsides as a receiver.
  5. It was worse because he is/was a known commodity and that deal was an absolute windfall. At least with Bryce there was some small iota of hope and potential.
  6. On the contrary, it will be so easy to make a positive impression and look competent.
  7. I enjoyed them running roughshod over the Broncos that year.
  8. Keary Colbert had a very nice rookie year and then... nothing.
  9. Take a shot every time Bryce misses ball down field.
  10. Derrick Brown is who Brian Burns thinks he should be paid like.
  11. Hurr durr, they ruled Lucas didn't touch the ball, which made the contact roughing. Shouldn't have been roughing since he clearly touched it. Better know what you're talking about if you're running your mouth. https://www.deseret.com/2005/12/25/19929717/panther-penalty-gives-dallas-new-life CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Ken Lucas and Julius Peppers pushed through the line, grasping at air in an effort to block Billy Cundiff's field goal. Lucas was positive his left middle finger touched the ball right before he and Peppers crashed into the kicker. The deflection changed the trajectory, caused Cundiff's attempt to miss and locked up a postseason berth for the Carolina Panthers. The officials said otherwise. Peppers was called for roughing the kicker, giving the Dallas Cowboys a second chance to keep their fading playoff hopes alive.
  12. Left side wide open... let's go straight into the pile, Sanders-style.
  13. No you don't, because that's not the rule. It's been this way forever.
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