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  1. CCS added a post in a topic What's the HAPPIEST you have been as a Panthers fan?   

    I was a child so I didn't full grasp the super bowl stuff then. As of late:
    Buccaneers on Christmas Eve. 
    Patriots on MNF
    Stomping the Saints/Falcons.
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  2. CCS added a post in a topic I'm legitimately getting sad Obama's term is nearing the end   

    I honestly think that I'm too young to know what a good president is. I'm pretty sure Obama wouldn't fall in to that category either. There's A LOT of stuff that people hold against him though that is dumb though. I've often noticed that a lot of people despise Obama and if you ask them why they can't come up with a legitimate reason. Here's my short list of bad things Obama has done:
    1) Race relations have deteriorated dramatically under him. This could be because of the social media boom and all of us being much more connected now, but Obama has done nothing to smooth things over. At this point it's a ticking timebomb. 
    2) Obamacare just didn't work. I understand what he was going for but the law really boned small business owners. Corporations just said fug you and cut people's hours so they wouldn't have to pay anything. 
    3) He has really screwed over states like mine. West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania live off coal production. I agree with him that we need to find alternative energy sources but he has handicapped the mining industry and left people with no other alternatives for jobs. 
    Now, my list of things that people hate Obama for that is very stupid and completely pointless. 
    1) The Iran deal. This deal benefits everyone involved. Iran is a very modern and stable country compared to the rest of the middle east. The deal doesn't allow them to have nuclear weapons which was the entire point of the deal while it also opens up their oil fields for us . People only hate this deal because of evil arab stereotypes. 
    2) ISIS. I honestly don't think there is a 100% right way to handle that situation. But Isis comes across as a child screaming for attention so at this moment I think that Obama has done the right thing by publicly ignoring them. Sure, we could completely wipe them off the map fairly easily but then another extremist group will pop up and it'll be a never ending cycle. I'm really split on this topic though but at the moment I still think we should just focus on preventing stateside terror attacks. 
    3) Israel. TONS of people dislike Obama just because he doesn't kiss Israel's ass. Thinking that we should support a country just because a fairy tale book says so is absolutely dumb. Israel has done just as much evil poo as Palestine has and I firmly believe in supporting either side and letting nature take it's course. 
    4) He's Muslim. There are tons of people who actually believe that Obama is a Muslim who is in hiding and pushing the Muslim agenda. I have seen mainstream television preachers come out and say that Obama is working for the middle east. That's just dumb. You need slapped. 
    5) Gay marriage. People should really worry about themselves instead of who someone else decides to have sex with. Anyone with a fuging brain knows that equal rights is not a bad thing. 
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  3. CCS added a post in a topic The Strain - FX   

    It's a love/hate thing with the book. You have to slug through a bunch of pointless stuff just to get a few pages of badass creepy vampire stuff. It was a pretty tough read for me until the vampires started actually waking up and causing havoc. From what I saw the show was pretty much the same.
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  4. CCS added a post in a topic The Strain - FX   

    I read the book a few  years ago and watched like three episodes of the first season. The show is really slow but has some cool moments. 
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  5. CCS added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    The Armanti Edwards trade needs to be mentioned. 
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  6. CCS added a post in a topic Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread   

    I just really wanted the Hulk to say Sambo because so far in my life the only person I've heard say it is my Grandfather.
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  7. CCS added a post in a topic Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread
    Karma. Sweet Karma.
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  8. CCS added a post in a topic Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread   

    Times like this is when I really feel like a dumbass for liking wrestling. I'm literally too smart for this poo. 
    So, Brock Lesnar is the #1 good guy in the company and the most over guy period. Smarks and marks love him and he sells a ton of merchandise because he's a legitimate badass. You build up this huge match vs. your #1 heel Seth Rollins for the World Title at Battleground. All of your promotion is based on LESNAR VS. ROLLINS in huge bold letters. Almost like this is a huge UFC fight. Both sides of the fandom get excited for the match. Smarks because both Rollins and Lesnar are amazing wrestlers and marks because Rollins is finally going to get him comeuppance. The event finally gets here and the match only lasts 4 minutes before being thrown out due to interference. 
    The man who is interfering is a 70 year old man who is supposed to be a literal zombie who can shoot lightening out of his hands. He is angry because Brock Lesnar basically raped him in the ring 1.5 years ago. Brock Lesnar was absolutely killing Seth Rollins so Undertaker could have waited for Lesnar to pin Rollins, so he would then be getting a WWE title match, but instead he just attacks the man 4 minutes in. A 70 year old man who can barely walk literally destroys the man who you push as THE BEAST INCARNATE. THE BADDEST MAN ON THE PLANET. AN UNSTOPPABLE CYBORG OF DEATH. 
    Now, it gets even dumber when you think about it because Undertaker is obviously going to be the good guy here. No one is going to boo the Undertaker ever again. He's just reached that point where he's a face no matter what he does because of his legendary status. But lets take a look at some reasons why Undertaker being the good guy is completely retarded in this scenario
    1) From a kayfabe standpoint Brock Lesnar literally did nothing wrong. The Undertaker is the one who literally BEGGED Lesnar to fight him. Brock did not cheat to pin the Undertaker, Brock straight up demolished Undertaker and pinned him clean. 
    2) From a business standpoint Brock Lesnar is your franchise guy right now. He's the guy you build around and the fans get excited to see. It makes no sense for him to turn heel against a 70 year old man who has nothing left to give to the business. 
    To make matters worse, a Lesnar vs. Undertaker rematch is something that literally no one wants to see. Their last match was awful and even when Undertaker was in his prime his matches against Lesnar were just decent at best. The company stands to gain absolutely nothing from this match. If Brock Lesnar wins, oh well, he just beat up an old man. If the Undertaker wins it completely undoes every bit of Brock being a monster. If Taker wins they're basically saying that none of the new wrestlers are good enough to beat Brock Lesnar, but an over the hill guy who can barely walk is good enough to beat him. What does that say about your current roster? 
    To go back to another point, why does the WWE just get a free pass on not delivering a product they promoted? Can you imagine if Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes ended in a DQ? Hell, what if the Super Bowl ended in a DQ? The shitstorm would be enormous. But wrestling fans just deal with the bullshit because wrestling is fake. Well movies are fake too and could you imagine the shitstorm if next year Batman vs. Superman ends with Rambo showing up and making both of them his bitch? For the people watching on the network it's not even that big of a loss. Just a huge letdown but financially it's alright. But for the people who actually paid to go to the event it has to suck majorly. 
    fug this company. 
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  9. CCS added a post in a topic Ant-Man and the ever growing issue with Marvel films   

    Lol attack a dude for having an opinion. 
    Every point Promethean made is 100% right.  He didn't even mention some of the things that annoyed me like how Hape Van Dyne had years worth of character development and emotional growth in the span of like 5 minutes. Or how Scott Lang and Hope are romantically involved for no other reason than Ant-Man and Wasp are supposed to be married. He did however mention the biggest issue which was Yellowjacket being a complete mustache twirling villain who had no motivation at all. He is also right when he says that this is an overarching theme in the Marvel films. Out of all of the villains they have used Loki is truly the only one who has caught on. They've taken really great villains like Red Skull, Mandarin, and Ultron, and turned them into nothing but mustache twirlers or even worse completely screwed up the character in Mandarin's case. Marvel doesn't get nearly enough poo for this but you see fanboys going rabid over the current Joker and Apocalypse. 
    I've been against this movie from day one but I ended up actually enjoying it though. The sad fact is that the current marvel fanboy problem takes away from my enjoyment of the movies which sucks since I have been a fan since I was a kid. Literally my entire life. Marvel fans act like the company can absolutely do no wrong and that every other comic movie producing company is absolutely poo. It gets extremely annoying since most of these people are bandwagoners who only jumped on the train after The Avengers blew up. Most actual comic book fans I know pretty much support everything no matter which studio it comes from. Fox has made just as many great X-Men movies as Marvel has great movies in their entire cinematic universe. DC's Dark Knight Trilogy is better than anything any comic movie has ever done period. On DC's side I'd even go as far as to say that Man of Steel would have been much better received if it simply had a fuging Marvel logo slapped on the hood. The fanboys want to pick apart FOX/DC and refuse to use those same nitpicks against the Marvel movies that they love so much. 
    But yeah, Ant-Man was pretty fun.
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  10. CCS added a post in a topic Ant-Man and the ever growing issue with Marvel films   

    I actually liked it. It was so scaled back and non grandiose that it felt like a breath of fresh air. At this point every single time I watch a comic movie I pretty much except an entire city to be destroyed. It gets old because at some point you're just seeing the same poo over and over again. I thought the movie was funny, had really cool action scenes, and I liked it's smaller scale. Every single point you made is true though. The villain is a villain for absolutely no reason. Marvel is definitely over saturated at this point, and the story wasn't really anything enthralling. I still had fun though. 
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  11. CCS added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Has there been any news regarding Shaq?
    It's weird that our first round pick in the draft basically doesn't exist. I haven't seen any discussion of him nor have I even see the teams social media post about him. It's like Devin Funchess was our #1 and Shaq doesn't even exist. 
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  12. CCS added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    Did this season ever get any better? I quit after episode 2.
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  13. CCS added a post in a topic Superhero Movies Ranked   

    I  know that I'm one of the few people who actually likes Daredevil. I definitely enjoy both of the Kick-Ass movies more than Man of Steel too. I'm just not big on any of the Superman movies. 
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  14. CCS added a post in a topic Superhero Movies Ranked   

    fuging Amazing Tier
    1. Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy
    2.  X2: X-Men United
    3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    4. Iron Man
    5. Watchmen 
    6. X-Men: First Class
    Pretty Good Tier
    7. Spider-Man 2
    8. The Wolverine
    9.  Kick-Ass
    10.  X-Men
    11.  Avengers
    12. Guardians of the Galaxy
    13.  X-Men: Days of Future Past
    14. Kick-Ass 2
    15. Spider-Man
    16. The Amazing Spiderman
    17. Hellboy
    18. Daredevil
    19. Batman
    Meh Tier
    20. Man of Steel
    21.  Captain America: The First Avenger
    22. Superman
    23.  Thor
    23. Superman II
    23. The Incredible Hulk
    24. Avengers: Age of Ultron
    25. Batman Returns
    26. The Punisher
    27. Fantastic Four
    28. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
    29. Green Hornet
    30. Green Lantern
    31. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
    poo tier
    32.  Ghost Rider
    33. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
    34. X-Men: The Last Stand
    35.  Superman III
    36. Thor: The Dark World
    37. Batman Forever
    38. Iron Man 2
    39. Punisher: War Zone
    40. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    41. Elektra
    42. Superman IV
    43. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    44. Iron Man 3
    45. Spider-Man 3
    46.  Catwoman
    47. Hulk
    48. Batman & Robin
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  15. CCS added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    The casting was mixed but I think they got things right more often than not. I don't like Chandler Riggs but really it's kind of hard to just look at a kid and figure out if he's going to grow into being a badass. They probably should have recast the role at some point. Andrew Lincoln has always been fine too. It was just the writing of his character that I didn't like for a while. Besides Carl there's three more people that I think they goofed the casting on. Andrea for one. She was never going to be anything like the comic Andrea with that actress. Governor was a complete misstep in casting. I can't really hold that against then though because I ended up liking the TV version of the Governor more anyways. Lastly, I really can't stand Michonne's actress. That character is supposed to be iconic and she brings absolutely nothing to the role. 
    Andrea, Governor, Michonne, 
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