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  1. Cam pouting at the podium

     What exactly does Cam "dish out"? Cam does all his actions on the field during games in his sanctuary, he has never liked dealing with the media. Fans are programmed to believe he is some kind of T.O., Chad Johnson knock off when he just loves playing football. Cam doesnt mock the other team or mock opposing players or make ego eccentric statements like those guys. Its crazy how there are constant attempts to rip his stances away from him. You should know Cams psyche or make up as a football player being tore down is not a good thing for him or this team/fanbase. He is already grown up, its who he is, you are just being influenced to think he is not.
  2. Of course Rumors are floating around that this wasnt asked but the sad part is WE all shouldnt even be surprised if it was. Somebody asked why he had sandles with socks on couple of days ago, a stupid ass question is still a stupid ass question and its obvious when someone is trying to bring out the worst in you.
  3. I never said it was the reason he stormed off. The question was asked earlier in the presser.
  4. Racist peice of poo

    This guy is pure SCUM and absolutely does not care, at least he lives his douche bag truth. People that hide it are worse crazy as it sounds.
  5. Who would really want to be up there answering disgusting questions like this? And some of you want to attack him for not bending over for the media. As the leader he has to do it i know but there is still a line that can be crossed. As a real fan i wish there something i could do to take the heat off of him, Cam never likes being up there in the first place so his attitude is justified to me. Media/press conferences/ reporters can kick rocks. They have to much of a platform to begin with
  6. My mistake...the OC for Auburn, so what did he do after Cam left?? Wrong name but point was still made
  7. Its amazing how Cam has even won so much with below average offensive coaches calling the shots.  Chizik, now this guy. You really have to dig deep for the things thats not in front of you to see how truely talented Cam is even if you dont care too.
  8. WOOP!!! There goes another run up the middle for no yards. 2 and 10 coming up.....
  9. I am seeing a gang of posters/user names i have not seen ALL SEASON. You guys really think you are gonna get attention now?
  10. Cam pouting at the podium

    They were gonna take something regardless, Cam is ALWAYS gonna be a punching bag if he loses. Doesnt matter how...long as he is not the Winner. This should have been understood a long time ago.
  11. This was the Atlanta game all over again. LITERALLY. that's what kept flashing in my eyes
  12. False starting because they are scared. This is sad to watch
  13. Offensive line picked the worst day to play there worst game this is a complete choke job by them
  14. Gano has not been great today, terrible kick he should have booted out the end zone 
  15. Shula stop the madness