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Wide Receiver Projections - Week 1

Carolina Panthers

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#16 lola



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Posted 30 July 2014 - 07:51 AM

We've got nowhere to go but up, as far as I'm concerned. 29th last year won't be hard to improve upon, even with a number one by committee type of thing.

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#17 Jakob


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 07:55 AM

Why is height much needed when we have Benjamin and Olsen? I think a speed guy is a lot more needed for us than height.

I highly value height at the wide receiver position. Hopefully Underwood can be our speed guy.

#18 Jmac



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Posted 30 July 2014 - 08:04 AM

The sky was never falling...This group will be much better then last year's...and that includes Smith.Now the only caveat will be Shula's ability to get out of the way and let them play.

#19 panfanman



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Posted 30 July 2014 - 08:23 AM

I attended camp Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  I paid special attention to the receiver corp.  Granted I did not have Tuesday's camp experience to go on and this is still early and I'm sure things will change but here are my thoughts.


My picks heading the class:


1) Benjamin - Showing out, catching everything possible and more.  So excited to see what he is doing.  I reluctantly picked him as Panthers 1st pick in the draft.  (Didn't want him then but had a feeling he would be there and based on who I thought would be left had a feeling it would be him.  Picked and thought the same about Star the year before.  That makes me 4 for 4 since Cam.)


2) Avant - RELIABLE HANDS that move the chains.  So glad we got this guy.


3) Crotchery - Routes, leadership and knows his role.


Guys I see making a statement in camp:


4) Pilares - Looks like he is catching everything thrown his way and making some good moves after the catch.  Having a great camp in my opinion.


5) Bersin - WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!  So impressed with his route running and making some tough catches in heavy traffic.  Good concentration catching the ball before trying to run with it.  Could become an outstanding possession reciever (Ricky Proehl anyone?).


6) Lucas - Just doing the right things.  Had to grab my roster several times saying "WHO IS THAT!?!?!"  Then I watched for his number in the rotation.  Doing a good job making blocks and getting off jams at the line of scrimmage.  He may be the dark horse in this race.


The rest of the bunch


7) Underwood - Making catches.  Seems the best of the rest but just not exciting me. (How in the world does his hair still stand straight up like that after taking his helmet off?)


8) King - Made one outstanding grab that stood out otherwise just average imo.


9) McNutt - Not doing enough to seperate himself from the mediocrity


10) Clemons - Who?


11) Brown - OK, this one I don't understand.  I'm hearing a lot of praise on this guy but it seems I've seen this one drop a lot of passes.  I MEAN A LOT!  Another thing I noticed was so many passes his way being so far off the make it makes me wonder about his timing and route running.


Something I need to do a better job of watching for is receivers doing their other very important role of blocking.  This is such an important skill that many of us forget.  This would be my biggest question for the rest of you huddlers that went to camp. Who stood out in this role?  I only noted Lucas for this because he had made some outstanding catches then noted who he was and his story and started watching him come to the line in the rotation.



#20 ViaVeritasVita


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:20 AM

Do you think we look for more talent on the waiver wire once teams start making cuts?


i think we will look yes, for every position in case there is someone out there that we think will give us an advantage over/in addition to whats already on the roster. however, i think the chances are slim that we sign another receiver. running back, tackle, guard, and defensive back are the positions from which we may most likely pick up a TC cut from another team

#21 Kurb


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:26 AM

Gotta have someone to stretch the field.


That will be big.


#22 *FreeFua*



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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:33 AM

Can't say I'm surprised King or McNutt hasn't stood out.

I'm excited about Bersin, I liked what I was hearing last year from him and thought he may have made it. He's someone who needed to get used of playing against elite level defenders and work on the little things.

Avant and JCo you know what you're getting. They've been around long enough, if both stay healthy they'll produce like they have throughout their careers.

Zod and whoever else would have a better idea but I haven't heard anything about Underwood that's jumped out at me. I could see Pilares taking his spot. DG loves size so I wouldn't be surprised if Lucas got the last spot if Barner can hold down the return game. If not than look for Corey Brown.

My biggest fear is we put to much pressure on KB this season and hurt his development. I'm still pissed DG didn't properly address this position. I can't even imagine what KB might look like in a year or two with an NFL workout program and hanging out with Ricky. The sky's seriously the limit. Loved the pick at the time it was made and can't get enough KB updates each day.

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#23 ickmule


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:39 AM

And everyone said we were toast with letting all the WRs go. Lol! As many have said, it won't be hard to replace 10 catches a game and I bet we are far better than 29th in the league this season.

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#24 mbarbour21



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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:40 AM

I highly value height at the wide receiver position. Hopefully Underwood can be our speed guy.

How often is WR 6 gonna be on the field? That's the big question. If one can return kicks or even play on kickoff then he will be more valuable. I would prefer Marcus so im not being biased. But if he isnt going to see the field more or as much as your kick returner, then why have him? The only reason i can think of is not wanting him ****** from PS.

#25 Growl



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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:40 AM

is anybody really surprised by Underwood? seriously?

#26 mbarbour21



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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:41 AM

You cant say snatched???

#27 mbarbour21



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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:41 AM

Oh i see....misspelled......oops

#28 Car123


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:45 AM

Hate to say it but our offense will be worse than last year. Some people keep bringing up our 29th ranking but they forget the style of offense we ran.

#29 TheRumGone


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:50 AM

Hate to say it but our offense will be worse than last year. Some people keep bringing up our 29th ranking but they forget the style of offense we ran.


#30 Kuech the Sneak

Kuech the Sneak

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 09:57 AM

Hard to tell who they're gonna keep after KB Cotchery and avant

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