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Amazon is not what it used to be...

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On 4/17/2018 at 7:29 PM, ARSEN said:

Their prices are terrible and they use lying teachnique to dupe customers into thinking they are getting a good deal when they clearly do not.  Their lightning deal and deal of the day are some of the biggest scams.  Many of their product ratings are fakes.  Walmart, Target, Costco and etc have much better prices and deals.  I have a feeling Amazon growth will take big fat step back very soon.

hhhmmmm....it's a jungle out there.


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I met a dude at my job that is a top reviewer on Amazon so his reviews carry a lot of weight.    He gets contacted all the time and what they do is paypal him money to buy their product and then he writes a 5 star "amazing" review for them.    He keeps the product and then sells on ebay if he doesn't want it.      It's against Amazon's policy but there isn't much they can do.    I assume this is how those new products from overseas get reviews in the first place.    I looked at his profile and what you can notice is that EVERY review is like a 5 star review, also, there are reviews for the "same type" of product that a normal person wouldn't need that many of.    He had like 15 headphone reviews in a 6 month time frame for instance (all 5 star of course).

I thought it was weird since dude makes at least 6 figures but I guess free stuff is free.

Anyway Amazon delivered a package yesterday I didn't even expect till today, so no issue here with that lol.    Also had to return an item last week and that was easy.

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