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I blame the Waterboy!

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Yes, you heard me, the waterboy...

You see, last night, he accidentally dump some water on the field and it just frozed up in the icy, cold weather in East Rutherford. In return, it caused the Panthers to freeze up in the 4th and overall lost the game...

For that, I say this Mr. Water Boy.... DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU TO HELL AND BACK!!! I hope you freeze in hell!!! .... Oh wait.... I hope you boil in HELL!!

(This post, brought to you by the makers of, the ultimate cheese and whiners breeding ground...) :lurk5:

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    • lol so they made Jinder the universal champion? big deal, the b show champion has never been even as prestigious as the intercontinental championship was in the early 90s. the real world champion is being held by a part timer, just like it kind of was in the early 90s whenever hogan was carrying it.
    • What are you waiting for? The final.solution?
    • This reminded me of his speech in Charleston (Boeing?). He talked of punishments for companies that tried to move jobs to other countries. Why hamstring countries so that they can't operate with efficiency and effectiveness. Seems awfully collectivist and anti-capitalist for someone who is touted as a pro-business capitalist. So here, with Carrier, he was applauded for some sort of effort to keep some amount of jobs in America. Yay. Oh wait, that wasn't actually sustainable? Federal Gov't meddling into corporate staffing decisions didn't work out as planned? Color me shocked. I don't think this guy has a clue what he is doing. He has no real ideology and doesn't understand , or care,  how things work or what the consequences to any action or comment will be.  I guess he is just throwing poo against the wall to see what sticks and what will appease his mouth-breathing, isolationist, supporters.