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Natural supplements for men

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I'm finding that I lack a bit of my old libido - I dont do badly for my age, but I have noticed a definite decline in my appetites over the last 6 months. Im having a bit of difficulty maintaining interest in my girl friend sexually. I really dont want to go the viagara method, because getting an uhhhh erec---- isnt the problem. Its getting enough interest to get one.

Just wondering if there is anything that might stimulate the appetite that I can get over the counter.

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Chamomile tea. It's supposed to make ya sleepy. Umm..quite the opposite.

Thank me later

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Dog style and Old Style.

I thought Old Style was the cause of mass impetency in Chicagoland?

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most times when people say its NOT a boner problem, it is a boner problem. just like "its not about the money", its about thee(hehe) money.

i need more infromation before ive gave honest feedback. if you truly are 81 years old, well......................

funny cause i hold a interest in the up&up on supplements. have one GREAT otc one and one ok recommendation, but you dont have that problem.....

based on your current infro, you have a stamina problem. best and cheapest advice for that, buy a vibrator. I cannt tell you the number of couples problems that 20+/- dollar rainbow stick has solved, countless. without knowing your health history, it would be wrong to recommend core exercises.

plus its seems you have eating issues, which may stem for a not getting enough protein. protein is a building block for life and most vegetarians have similar problems. go to your local discount store and buy some whey.

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Everything 2shy said was pretty good. Everything in life is connected..

Look into the paleo diet, and doggcrapp workout. Also try some type of detox program. Also, it may be common sense to some but don't drink tap water (britta and pur don't filter crap), reverse osmosis works well though.

As to a specific supplement... the below works. You may not last as long each time you do her, but you can go again and again, which is really all a chick cares about. Thank me later.



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