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DC Candidates Thread.

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One of the brightest, young defensive minds in the league, Sean McDermott enters his 10th season in Philadelphia. McDermott was named secondary coach on January 28, 2008, after a successful one-year stint as linebackers coach last season.

"I don't think there are a lot of secondary coaches that are as good as Sean McDermott," Eagles head coach Andy Reid said. "He was a phenomenal linebackers coach and, really, his versatility I just think is second to none."


Up and comer looks exactly like what the Panthers need as a Defensive Coordinator. Great blood lines under Andy Reid and Jim Johnson.

Let's got get 'em.




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And now, the downsides...

My fear with McDermott is that he'd have Johnson's aggressiveness without Johnson's experience. That could be an issue. Add in that he might have an entirely new young staff below him, though hopefully the team would pick up someone with some experience to help the transition.

Edwards? The obvious issue is that he's never held a DC spot, but he's been a step below and a step above. Add in that he's considered a good motivator. The friendship with Fox? Double edged sword, as anyone who has worked with a friend can tell you.

The guy with the fewest question marks to me is McGinnis. As a DC, he ran defenses that were aggressive, but also balanced. Still, outside of their old NFC East acquaintance, there's no definite indication that he'd be on Fox's radar.

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The only downside to McDermott is that if he was to come here and change Carolina's D into a solid defense, it would only increase his chances of becoming a head coach for another team next year

Thought of that. An even bigger risk given the league's penchant for hiring youngsters these days.

Edwards isn't as likely to get another shot as a head coach since he did so poorly in his previous opportunities.

McGinnis, likewise, has been there and hasn't been on anyone's head coaching radar for a while.

McDermott would be the hot guy, but if you're looking for someone more likely to be long term, Edwards and McGinnis are the best fits.

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I heard he was in town tomorrow.:angelsad2:

My sources say that they saw Marty Hurney picking him up personally at the airport, just a short time ago.

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