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Tipping the Pizza guy......

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#31 Jbro



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Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:24 PM

I asked a pizza guy this exact question when he was at my front door a few weeks ago. He said he get's half the delivery fee and Papa Johns gets the other half. Probably the same for everybody.

#32 Bronn



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Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:35 PM

Dominos uses the delivery fee to cover insurance expenses... something about if you're in an accident with your own vehicle while making business deliveries for them... I'd expect it is similar at other chains... Also, their drivers are often paid less than minimum wage hourly, and they work for tips like servers... This was all told to me a while back by a friend that works for them part-time...

That said, this is often a topic of debate for wifey and I... I'm more of the thought that you should at least stick to 10-15% if not more due to gas prices, while her argument is that you should tip less because all they do is drive it to your home from the shop, and that they had no hand in making it (generally)...

Personally, if I had to go work somewhere part-time for some extra income, I think you could do pretty well for yourself as a delivery driver... Think about it... Even if you only get, say, $6 hourly wages, you could bang out 3-4 deliveries an hour on an average rate... get at least a couple bucks tip for each, and you're looking at another $6-8 an hour on average... 20 hours a week @ $13 an hour pre-tax isn't too bad for just driving around part-time... Of course, this isn't considering gas and wear-and-tear on your vehicle, but you can probably write both those off on taxes...

#33 PantherBase


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:50 PM

I never get it delivered...there are 4 pizza places within a mile of my house.

Damn where you live on a college campus

#34 PhillyB


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:51 PM

you'd better hope everyone you deliver to tips better than 10%

#35 CarolinaAllDay


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:54 PM

you'd better hope everyone you deliver to tips better than 10%

Not true. I average around 60 a night in tips and i deliver in a college town and get stiffed by 1/2 the college kids i deliver to.

#36 Jase


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:56 PM

Damn where you live on a college campus

Just near about 5 shopping centers.

#37 DC Amp

DC Amp


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 07:09 PM

I order online and send the wife to pick it up. She don't mind.

#38 Kevin Greene

Kevin Greene

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Posted 08 February 2012 - 07:11 PM

Yeah, I go 3 bucks.

I drove for Papa John's in '97 or so, got 7.50 an hour, mileage and tips. It actually paid pretty well and I loved the job. I don't tip as much now with the delivery charge added on there.

#39 Phinisher


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 07:37 PM

I never get delivery anymore, I never have cash, only a card.

#40 pantherclaw


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 07:52 PM

Having the experience of driving for both a local pizzaria, and a national chain...they do not pass the delivery charge onto the driver.

It also amazed me how many cheap assholes there are.

#41 Bronn



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Posted 08 February 2012 - 09:56 PM

we ordered tonight (and for breakfast/ lunch tomorrow)... bill was 26.43... signed the CC receipt for $30 even...

#42 Woodie


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 11:04 PM

In terms of frozen pizza.....

Palermo's >>>> Digiorno's


Geno's East Chicago deep dish >>>>>> any other frozen pizza.

#43 Mrs Pantherfan

Mrs Pantherfan

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Posted 09 February 2012 - 08:55 AM

I cannot stand thick crust...I'm a thin crust pizza kinda gal

#44 catfang


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Posted 09 February 2012 - 09:03 AM

Palermo's is one of the best frozen pizzas. I got in a bad rut where I'd get one on Friday nights and eat the whole thing. Margerita was/is my favorite.

#45 sharkkiller



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Posted 09 February 2012 - 11:28 AM

I worked for many years delivering pizza. Have not done it in probably 10 years, but it was decent money. I usually never counted on more than a $2.00 tip. Anything else was a bonus. We used to get $0.75 per trip for gas and car wear and tear. I would put that aside and put it right in the gas tank at the end of every shift.

I remember one night delivering in the snow, and I made over $100 in tips in less than 2 hours before they closed.

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