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Is anyone really worth#9?

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If you buy into PFW or rankings, here are their overall grades to date:

1. QB Andrew Luck Stanford 8.00 *****

2. CB-KR Morris Claiborne LSU 7.00 *****

3. OT Matt Kalil USC 6.75 *****

4. QB Robert Griffin III Baylor 6.70 *****

5. WR Justin Blackmon Oklahoma State 6.65 *****

6. RB Trent Richardson Alabama 6.60 *****

7. DT-DE Fletcher Cox Mississippi State 6.50 6 ****

8. DT-DE Michael Brockers LSU 6.40 *****

9. SS Mark Barron Alabama 6.40 *****

10. OG David DeCastro Stanford 6.30 *****

11. OLB Courtney Upshaw Alabama 6.25 *****

12. DT Dontari Poe Memphis 6.25 6 ****

13. DE-DT-OLB Melvin Ingram South Carolina 6.20 *****

14. ILB Luke Kuechly Boston College 6.20 *****

15. WR Kendall Wright Baylor 6.20 ****

16. OT Riley Reiff Iowa 6.15 *****

17. ILB Dont'a Hightower Alabama 6.10 *****

18. C Peter Konz Wisconsin 6.10 ****

19. DE-DT Quinton Coples North Carolina 6.00 *****

20. WR Rueben Randle LSU 6.00 ****

21. DT Devon Still Penn State 6.00 *****

Janoris Jenkins North Alabama 5.95 *****

Dre Kirkpatrick Alabama 5.85 *****

Jonathan Martin Stanford 5.35 *****

Michael Floyd Notre Dame 5.99 *****

There are some differences, but not to many. I couldn't find the scale to post just yet, but bottom line is, if you buy into these rankings, almost all these guys are contributors-starters, but not superstars at the next level.

So do we trade down and maximize our chances of getting starters?

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I don't, but let's assume I do. Trent Richardson is a guy who can run north and south, outside, catch the ball, and put a move on you - and he's a .1 better than Fletcher Cox who's ahead of Brockers? Arbitrary system at if you ask me.

I do think we should trade down. As a team with many holes on defense, we need to load up on picks.

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Your logic that we should trade down because there is no one worth the #9 pick is slightly flawed.....why would someone want to trade up if no one is worth the pick.

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nope. no superstars at the next level. call off the whole draft.

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nope. No superstars at the next level. Call off the whole draft.


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So having 2 chances instead of one increases our odds

yes it does.

if we can get two first rounders for our one first rounder, i'd be pretty happy with that....well...maybe. those two pat picks are pretty late in the draft. 27th and 31st over 8th overall? i don't know. it depends on who is on the board.

i just don't think that there's a void of talent at the 8/9 spot. there's quite a bit of talent there.

from that list, most of those guys i feel really good about being solid starters for whatever team drafts them. they may not be perennial all pros or elite, but most certainly well above average and bordering on dominant talent. the only three guys who i don't feel sure about is barron, coples, and still. for barron it's just a matter of not really knowing that much about him. coples and still i think both have the talent, but their motor are things that i am concerned about. the rest of those guys, though are legit starters. maybe not year one, but most certainly throughout their careers.

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