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    • Fingers crossed winning pointless games don’t cost us another Justin Herbert 
    • When we hired Rhule we expected 5-11 season but what we didn't expect was the following year to be 5-12.  We definitely didn't want to see 5-12 for a third year in a row.  Winning brings an attitude.  We finish strong it gives the players something to believe in over the course of the offseason.   Secondly, these games aren't meaningless to the players.  They still have a shot at going to the playoffs. Winning or losing record.  Making the playoffs are a goal for every team, regardless of the record.  Once you are in the playoffs everyone is equal.  A team that sucks in the beginning of the year could be totally different come playoff time.  Players love the underdog role and who knows what will happen.  These games don't become meaningless until we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  The only meaningless interpretation comes from fans who have given up on the season.  This usually happens in here about week 5 lately.   None of us, whether we are Pro or Con on Corral know what will play out.  We all assume that we'll draft a QB this offseason.  Mostly because we want the shiny new toy since Corral was an afterthought pick in the 3rd round.  Our new coach or Wilks may like what we have in Corral.  They may think we could address another position that will make us stronger and choose a QB later on, if we choose one at all.  I know I am talking to a wall, but the tanker fans really need to understand who's playing the game.  It's not some fatboy sitting on the couch with a controller in his hands.   These are real young men that have spent their entire lives working to get to the NFL.  Players and coaches don't give a damn about our draft position.  As a fan we should embrace that our team wants to win and deal with the draft in April. 
    • Please give us some sort of discount 
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