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Good Game Pack Fans

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Len Elmore hates UNC with an undying passion. Every UNC game he whines and cries all game.

NCSU fans would be a much happier bunch if they'd just wake up and realize that they'll always be the 3rd wheel in NC behind UNC and Duke. Hell, that's an improvement from the majority of the last 20 years when WFU has usually been better making them the 4th wheel in the state. 1983 was a looooooong time ago, guys.

Until baseball or football season rolls around......

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I don't think its a conspiracy theory to say that once again for the 3rd time this season against Duke or UNC our best player has fouled out and it drastically changed the game.

ACC refs are the worst in the country...I've been saying for years that they need to be taught to let the players play for the ENTIRE GAME and not just the last 60 seconds. The overwhelming amount of "charge" calls is what frustrates me. Coach K started that BS with Battier and the rest of them to try to even out the athletic disadvantage he often has and now its spread throughout the league that if you flop then you'll get a charge. So, instead of refs seeing a charge as it is actually supposed to be (a player driving through the lane out of control into a player with established defensive position) the guys call any flop throughout the game a charge.

There is no consistency when all you aren't gauging the right parameters for the call. I didn't think that Marshall's play at the end of the game was a blatant charge. But if you are going to call the charge on Lorenzo Brown at the top of the key 2 minutes earlier, if you are going to call the charge on CJ Leslie 8 minutes earlier then as a ref in order to be consistent then you HAVE to call that Kendall Marshall drive a charge because it was the exact same thing. Its just the way it goes.

So, its not a "conspiracy theory" its just the fact that State can't play a finesse game where the refs are going to blow the whistle on every sign of contact. For some reason that is the way the 2nd half was called and it screwed our chances. The refs just need to swallow their damn whistles. It screwed us in the Duke game and it screwed us in this game.

The other aspect of it is that UNC and Duke are percieved as having "better" players than the rest of the conference. So what type of mindset are you going to have if you are reffing a game between Kobe Bryant and a "lesser" player like...Trevor Ariza (random I know). Your mindset is going to be...Ariza can't guard this guy so every time Ariza makes a play on the ball you are ANTICIPATING THE CALL and the whistle blows. It happens every game that a guy like Zeller or Barnes plays in. "Lorenzo Brown can't be as good as Barnes...he's not as big or as athletic, so if he stops him its most likely a foul." Its an anticipatory call and it happens all the time.

Dude why bring Duke and coach K into this? Battier was not a flopper he was a very good defensive player which is why he was defensive player of the year 3 times while at Duke. There is a difference in being good at getting in position and taking a charge vs. flopping. Floppers include Tyler Hansbrough, Tyler Zeller, and Greg Paulus not a guy like Battier. Anyway NCSU got hosed by the refs it's sad to see but until the league decides to start punishing the refs it will continue. Good luck in the NCAA's Pack.

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Battier was a big reason for all this crap . Watched a NBA game the other day and hell he flopped in it several times. Can't call Hansbrough a flopper and not include Battier. Sorry but truths the truth.

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