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joe flacco vs trent dilfer

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who is better to you?? lol

i keep hearing alot of fans saying that the ravens will walk into the biggest trap in football history with franchising joe for big money..

alot of people claim he is avg and will be an avg guy with ups and downs, while the ravens will never win another superbowl under him..

people are saying the defense and ray lewis "last ride" emotion drove them to win not flacco.

in flacco's defense he has took the ravens to 5 playoffs appearances in his years as starter and should have won the afc championship last time against brady.(evans drop)

this sounds similar to what people said about trent and i think he was let go shortly after he had won the superbowl...

so whats your take...do you think flacco is just another trent or is he in the elite class of brady. would you put the franchise tag on him or let him walk?? is he really that MUCH better than trent??

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he's much better than trent dilfer but won't ever be in tom brady's class.


why?? what do you think it takes for joe to be on brady's level??? win three superbowls??

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Try throwing for 4k yards in a season first. Or more than 25 TDs.... You have Marino in your sig. I'm sure you can relate to why.

playing devil's advocate

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Joey Flacco all day. Dilfer is my guy, I love him, but c'mon man. He was trash in Tampa. I give him props for coming off the bench in Baltimore, stepping in midseason and winning a Super Bowl. Him and Sharpe had a nice run that year, but Joey Flacco's body of work is more impressive. Flacco has matured and it'll be interesting to see if he can carry this Super Bowl win into his individual play the next 4-5 years of his career.

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This one is not even close....but rather than writing a diatribe, let's look at the numbers from their 2 Super Bowl wins.

Dilfer's 2000 postseason stats by game:

9-14 130 yards 1 TD

5-16 117 0 TDs

9-18 190 yards 1 TD 1 INT

12/25 153 1 TD

Joe Flacco's 2012 postseason stats by game:

12-23 282 yards 2 TDs

18-34 331 3 TDs

21-36 240 yards 3 TDs

22-33 287 yards 3 TDs

Game, set, match, Flacco

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