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If you had to pick: Jenkins or B. Jones in the 2nd?

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I've posted this video before but you can see the 2 go head to head,hell Jenkins pretty much lines up against the entire Bama o-line over the course of the game.

just to help out (right to left)Fluker is 76,Steen is 61, is Jones 75, is Warmack is 65 and Kounadijo. and as the video makes obvious Jenkins is # 6.

Fast foward to 1:14 to see him shove jones back into the qb, then to 140ish to see him beat warmack for a sack. At about 3:55 you'll see Jenkins lined up against Jones 1 on 1 again and shove him right into the qb. at 4:25 you'll see him beat a double from Steen and Fluker to stuff the run in the backfield. He makes other plays but I am tired of seeking out the exact time and posting it. Just watch the whole video if you have time.

Nice work man.

Who you think is better. Williams or Jenkins as a NT?

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