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Even though it should not make a difference

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How do you think the Huddle would respond if this person were a Panther, or even Cam Newton himself?

Would not matter to me, but I would bet his shirts would suddenly dive in sales. Would the shoe companies still endorse? Or, would he just get different endorsement deals. The latter I suspect.

Will be interesting to watch the various reactions, no matter the team.


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because the ensuing debacle would be legendary and i would eat popcorn IRL not just post a gif of it

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So, how do you think the rest of the NFL fans will react? Will they "change" sponsorships? Will shoe companies, given they are a star, drop them?

Course, like SZ said, they might be scrubs. If scrubs, then will the coach cut them unfairly or keep them longer when they should be cut?

Will be interesting.

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Thanks stirs, this reminds me of when people told me if gay marriage were legalized, we'd be able to marry goats and all hetero marriages would be lessened because of it.

Good to know those people, although now hiding out under the guise of Amendments and civil unions, are still out there and just as stupid.

Because that will be the actual effect of a player saying he's gay. Suddenly all the players will say, "Meh, so what, I've played with gay players all my pre professional life and it was no big deal" and that's about it. Maybe the player will endorse Miatas, or to make stirs happy, giant gay dildos that are clearly different from hetero dildos.

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