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So I called him. And y'all know his number. one of his workers actually called him, she knew I was straight pissed.

So they transfer me. He answers, says he is in Ann attic. Scad he would call me back.

So lastra call me back and lets end this. Never ever post pictures of smothers man wife. Don't talk poo to her or about her. Stay way off buddy.

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Sorry guys I'm usually a cool sit back guy.

He talked about my grammar was bad because I had a tumor.

- low blow. I got mad... But who really cares, right?

Then my mother gets in an accident, he says it's my fault cause of my karma.

- got mad, but forget it.

Posted my number and sent me text, trying to black mail me I guess. Saying he has me cheating on my wife with another guy. Wtf ever. Laugh it off.

- i made a funny thread on saying he will face legal charges... Went over board, yes. But just uncalled for.

Now he post pictures of my wife and says poo...... Yeah I'm pissed. And honestly I'll leave out at that. I'm not one to say what I'll do.

But lastra, sir, you crossed a do not enter line.

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Also anyone wants proof. I'll send it to you.

I Get invited to the falcons huddle charity event. (invited). My wife took pictures with Ryan.

You can go search the falcons boards. And i can post links.

The first picture is her job photo from a long time ago.

Now the falcons deleted what he said about my tumor. But I have documents of what he said about my mother. And where he posted my number. What messages he sent me in text. And now this.

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I'm waiting on fat pat to call me back, to explain why he can post pictures of my wife and talk poo about her.

And then I'll decide what I will be doing after that.

All fun and games talking smack.

Make fun of me for a tumor... Whatever

Say it's my fault my mother broke her neck in two places..... Ok. Little mad, about that one.

Post my number and start sending me text. And one black mail.

And then you put pictures up of my wife and talk crap??????

Yeah, I called him. And something tells me he is pissing in his pants. Like I said fat pat, I dare you too go look up my track record. And you decide to mess with me.... Why?

(((((((Wtf I ever do to you? Just say brees sucks? Ask a women why she was wearing a saints shirt at the falcons training camp. (bo bo, I was basically saying how she has balls).

Yeah there was a saint fan who tried to run me over. So i pulled my track hoe out in the middle of the road and said it broke down, and Made him wait a full 20 minutes.

My wife post on her YouTube that the saint thing looks like a penis in a banana peel.


So that justifies your actions or something? You might have a hard hard time explaining that to me or a judge.

Go look up black mail. Go look up stalking. Harassment.

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Would help if I had your number to call back, you deleted your tweet. Pm it to me and I'll hit you back

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Agreed it's over guys. We talked man to man.

No fights, no one traveling, no kissing the curb. Sorry to Ruin the fun everyone.

Anyhow, he isn't a bad guy, everyone. He'll delete this post. And it's just cause i don't want my wife to see it and freak.

Sorry pat for what I've done and I know you are.

Still I say.... Go falcons. And thanks for being a man


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