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Shula vs Quinn - A matchup of first year coordinators

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I was thinking that Olsen needs to be leaned on heavily. Can anyone remember if they were able to cover the TE's much last season?

Hoping that Shula can be a little creative, but not go full Chud like the first part of last year.

Hoping to see some boot's, waggles, designed runs from cam...

Olsen was forgotten last matchup....Cam was too focused on Smith who wasnt even trying to run routes often instead wanted to wrestle

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Was not aware of that.



Things are looking like a Panthers upset. We are currently 3 point dogs.


Yup they are hurt, great for us.


Also- a 3 point spread is pretty respectable for us. I feel good about this game. Week 1 at home, insane defense, great WR options (more than we have had since moose) and a ST that looks capable.


Sunday will be fun!

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I think we win IF...

Shula can come up with an attack that doesn't involve stubbornly running Williams to nowhere and forcing it to Smith.

If his gameplay put an emphasis on Olsen, LaFell and getting some others creatively involved? Yes. Oh, and telling Cam to run we he has the chance. Get those easy chuck yards instead of sitting too long in the pocket.

Big if though....could easily see us 3rd and long routinely as Williams gets blown up trying to run behind this OL and Cam forcing it to Smitty covered by Sherman


Spot on.  Smith, LaFell/Ginn, Olsen, and anyone in the backfield who can run, block, AND catch a short pass.  Our D will take care of itself, it's Shula's play-calling and Cam's quick decision-making that worries me, aside from the Oline.

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