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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LwygNqv0gI8 Bryce Young has an NFL arm. This narrative that he doesn’t is bogus and will go away eventually.
  2. I’m 100% on record saying one of those four teams will end their losing streaks this weekend.
  3. “What’s that bear doin’?” Bro, what’s your name now, Chosen? Chosen, you’re on the Panthers and that’s a Panther.
  4. ESPN Trade Machine is always a fun time. Could you imagine?
  5. Where are y’all even seeing this? I just saw on ESPN that Bryce might go this week. Source?
  6. “Super Bowl winning backup quarterback” Damn that sounds like a gig. He got a ring in L.A. as a third stringer, can’t knock that.
  7. It’s 2023, you win in the NFL with elite safeties and punters. None of those other positions you mentioned matter anymore.
  8. Since 1996, the Panthers have won all 8 of their shutout victories which is also tied for the NFL record (100%) and the least amount of points EVER scored in 8 shutout wins (0 points).
  9. Like don’t you get at least 1 point for participating? A zero?
  10. Could you imagine being FIRED TWICE by the same organization and then interviewing a THIRD time? I don’t even think Burger King would allow that, but the Carolina Panthers would.
  11. Panthers are 212-0 (Undefeated) when leading at the end of regulation. Tied for best in NFL history with 31 teams.
  12. Donte Jackson: 55th overall. Jaycee Horn: 8th overall. Where’s that thread?
  13. Would anyone here rather have Derek Carr ($150 million)? Desmond Ridder? Baker Mayfield? That’s our division, chill bros.
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