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  1. Malik Monk is a future NBA superstar. Not just saying that after a great game, been saying that since the minute we drafted him. Once again, he just turned 23 (that’s a redshirt college senior). When we drafted him he was the best shooter, best scorer, and best athlete in the draft. In a ridiculously loaded draft (Tatum, Fox, Mitchell, Bam, etc). For a franchise that has continuously drafted in the lottery and missed enormously (Kidd Gilchrest, Vonleh, Kaminsky, shall we go on?)... ...you don’t let Malik Monk walk.
  2. The Charlotte Hornets are currently the #4 seed in the Eastern Conference. Lol, wrap your brain around that.
  3. Adam Schefter has been on ESPN all day pretty adamant that Russ wants to move on from Seattle and that his “four preferred teams” of Dallas, Chicago, Vegas, New Orleans” is somewhat irrelevant at this point. The Seahawks hold the cards...if he wants out, he will have to be flexible. And 3 of the 4 have already moved on. Schefter has referred to the Panthers specifically (and solely) on multiple occasions in the last hour as a serious possibility. Not sure how I feel about this, but it seems like it’s becoming more of an option considering what’s going on with Deshaun right now. Sc
  4. Paying a #3WR three years/$34.5 million is nuts. We can easily draft a 4th or 5th rounder to replace that position for the next 4 years on the cheap. Samuel is wayyy overrated right now, but good for him.
  5. Marginal upgrade over PJ but for a max contract and two assets? Hard no. I don’t think we can keep Devonte so I’d like to get something for him. But with contracts and age considered I’m not even sure Collins for PJ straight-up is fair. Nevermind that 1st round pick and Devonte. Hard no. Roll with the young guys and fight for a ‘chip in 3-4 years, playoffs this year aren’t the end goal.
  6. 25 year old standout franchise QB - assume you have them for 10+ more years. 24 year old standout defensive player still on rookie contract - assume you have them 2-3 more years and then let them walk to the highest bidder and draft their more athletic replacement.
  7. I was listening to the ESPN guys watching the Hornets (Eric and Dell) live...Terry Rozier nails a shot and Eric yells “WITH GRAVEL IN HIS GUTS AND SPIT IN HIS EYE!!!!” ESPN dude basically says “so gravel..somewhere...or something. Great shot” Had to look it up. Johnny Cash explains both quotes. Cool song BTW, never heard it before.
  8. Confirmed How doo you doooo!
  9. Eric Martin last night: “Gravel in his gut and spit in his eye” Assuming this is also the origin of “How Dooo You Doooo” Johnny Cash: A Boy Named Sue https://www.google.com/amp/s/genius.com/amp/Johnny-cash-a-boy-named-sue-lyrics
  10. The 2021 Hornets are the most exciting professional sports team in Charlotte since 2015. I love watching these guys fight like dogs.
  11. Nobody is saying what you’re arguing against. If you’re the lowly Brooklyn Nets and you have a chance at Kevin Durant...YOU GO GET HIM! Is he the final answer? Of course not. But now all of a sudden you are an attractive destination, you get James Harden, Blake Griffin, Kyrie Irving, Deandre Jordan...and you’re instantly the favorite to win an NBA Championship. Team sports are superstar-centric. Nobody wins anymore with a ton of above average dudes. If you have a chance at a Top-5 player in their prime, you go all out. Patrick Mahomes is making HALF A BILLION DOLLARS by the way
  12. I love Brian Burns as much as anyone on this board. But we over-hype our good players like most fans do. Is he our greatest asset right now? Absolutely. But the difference between him, Chinn, Brown, DJ, Moton, and the rest is ASTRONOMICAL. Here are the other D-Ends drafted in the 1st round of Burns’ same exact class class: Nick Bosa (Rookie of the Year) Montez Sweat Josh Allen ( Pro Bowler as a rookie) Quinnen Williams (also being discussed in a deal for Deshaun) Christian Wilkins, Clemson Clelin Ferrel, Clemson Ed Oliver And there are many othe
  13. We can’t even get Zach Wilson (at #2) for two 1st’s (#8 and next year’s first). Nevermind the second most valuable player in the league. Some of y’all’s fantasy trade offers are probably hilarious.
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