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  1. Miles Bridges Speaks on Future with Hornets “It’s still the same,” Bridges responded when asked about his upcoming free agency. “I would love to be here. It’s my plan to be here. I love the city of Charlotte. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I grew up here. I’ve been here since I was 20. I’ve been through a lot here and the Hornets stayed down on me when they didn’t have to. It’s like a family to me here. My mom loves it here, my family loves it here. It’s home to me. “You don’t see too many people finishing their careers (where they started). Steph (Curry) he’s kind of been that model player for this generation. A lot of people be moving teams and moving around. I don’t want to do that. I want to be like Step, Kobe, and Dirk in that type of way - staying with a team and winning with a team.”
  2. They also asked him to evaluate the QB’s and he loved Penix Jr. Loves his experience, arm strength, touch. If somehow MPJ drops out of the 1st round we have a serious decision to make IMO.
  3. Steve Smith is coming up Live on SportsCenter to talk WR’s in this draft, if anyone is tuning in.
  4. I think David should call all the plays in the 2nd quarter and Nicole the 3rd quarter. That way we can compare the HC and the owners’ play-calling to come to a valid, sensible, conclusion.
  5. @TheSpecialJuanif they keep crapping on you about this (after many months of zero progress), please start a new thread about it and I’ll help troubleshoot it. I’m in IT and I know good and well it’s not you, it’s a one-off technical glitch. Haters gonna hate and then pile on.
  6. It’d be like you’re 6’11, 265 and a 26 year old multi-millionaire…and your mom is screaming at you to box out. I genuinely think it could work.
  7. This board is not very good at troubleshooting this issue. Are the people having this issue on iPhone, Android, Windows, Mobile or PC, MacBook? Chrome, Edge, Firefox? And the people that it “just works” for after “a few seconds”, what are you using? Clearly this is also Twitter vs X links related, but need more info on what y’all are using when it does/doesn’t work.
  8. We won today, wow. B-Mill lighting it up.
  9. Oh but we did fire Clifford…in 2018. Then re-hired him in 2021. I’ve said it before but you can’t get fired from Burger King and re-hired…but Charlotte pro franchises it’s no big deal (see also: Marty Hurney). It’s wild this place.
  10. Virginia Tech is 14-5 against UNC football since joining the ACC. That’s called domination. And bro gonna call us a disappointment, sure. Wait til this year, we’re gonna light it up.
  11. Talk smack about my school, I’ll sling it back. Virginia Tech has done WAY more than UNC in football since joining the ACC, it’s not even close. VT has done more in 20 years than UNC has done in 70 years. Not bringing the smoke, just defending it.
  12. UNC football has won the ACC five times in 70+ years, the most recent being 1980. 1980. Virginia Tech has won the ACC football conference championship FOUR times: 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010 and y’all had a 60 year head-start. And VT is a strong favorite to win the ACC again this year. Sure, we’re the weak link in the ACC.
  13. I know you’re upset about today’s UNC loss, but if you insult my team I’m coming back at you… VT Football has won the ACC football title FOUR times, including in their 1st year. VT Basketball won the ACC title in 2022 and we beat UNC and Duke in the process. Miami has some huge creds too, so I don’t understand why you’d suggest those programs are dragging down the ACC either. They aren’t. The ACC needs to get out of it’s own way.
  14. VT football didn’t work out, lol, tell me what UNC has done in ACC football since then. Please.
  15. VT won the ACC MBB tourney two years ago, and we beat both UNC and Duke in the process. I know it’s easy to forget for some, but a lot of original ACC schools can’t say that. #Respect.
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