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  1. The Los Angeles Lakers offer Dan Hurley $70 million, he declines, and now it’s viewed as a “lowball offer”. What!? And now the Lakers are rumored to have James Borrego as their top pick. Can’t make this stuff up.
  2. Cousins got Cousin’ed. I remember when the Skins drafted RG3 #2 overall and then went and drafted Kirk Cousins in the 3rd round. It was a “what the F###” moment but it also kinda worked out in the long run. Kinda.
  3. I realize Peyton Manning’s first year is the classic example but… Trevor Lawrence, Kyler Murray, Jared Goff, and Jalen Hurts are “good” not great QB’s right now. And they’ve been around and are getting PAID. It takes time, you have to develop an NFL QB.
  4. At this point, Chris Simms is more unwatchable and credible than even Pat McAfee… and that’s saying something.
  5. Chris Simms definitely knows a BUST when he sees one. He was a 3rd round pick, played 7 years, and had fewer completions in his 7 YEAR CAREER than Bryce had his rookie season.
  6. Their sideline and contested catches were insane. Bryce didn’t have that.
  7. I like that they included drops/misses that were still great throws. And a couple that could’ve been TD’s. Bryce as a rook was better than he gets credit for on this site. He did show some flashes.
  8. Picking 6th in a year where there isn’t even a consensus Top 1-2-3 or 4.
  9. Worst top of the draft in a while…so we’ll surely get #1 overall. Hornets always get #2/3 when there’s a generational player at #1. Anthony Davis vs MKG. Shaq, AD, Wemby, Dwight, ANT. Hoping for some blind luck this year.
  10. LaMelo is 22 years old. He’s younger than Zion, Malik Monk, SGA, etc. Hold on to him. Unrelated, the Hornets drafted SGA and Kobe Bryant. WTF.
  11. I 100% called the T-Wolves before this playoff series and that’s the path we have to hope for. T-Wolves and OKC could easily be the path for Charlotte. Both small markets and both could win it all this year. Brandon Miller, LaMelo Ball, Miles Bridges, Mark Williams…and a free-agent superstar could make a legit run in a couple years. Don't give up on the young guys now, this is why you initiated the rebuild.
  12. The QB that Bryce replaced (basically), then the QB and WR that we gave up for him. It all comes full circle.
  13. Yeah but name four 1st rounders we’ve HIT on in the past 10 years. Not including Ball. NBA 1st Round draft is so different than NFL…when you hit you’re super fortunate / lucky and you gotta roll with it…. We gotta roll with LaMelo / Miller / Miles and I’m 100% cool with that.
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