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  1. They’re a chain now. They are kinda all over.
  2. Aaron Rodgers didn’t start a single NFL game until he was 25. Darnold just turned 24 and has 38 NFL starts. People are way too early to judge, but I see serious talent and football IQ in Sam. Tons of potential. (Dan Orlavsky and Terry Bradshaw seem to agree as well).
  3. Nobody actually responded to this. Who would you rather start tomorrow and the rest of this year?
  4. You’re the GM and everything is equal: Ryan Tannehill or Sam Darnold?
  5. Sam Howell’s ceiling: Baker Mayfield I’ll take the Sam we have over that all day long.
  6. He’s leading the league in rushing touchdowns. Not QB’s, ALL players (Zeke, Henry, CMC, all players. At quarterback.)
  7. 3,800 yards is 237 yards per game. Darnold already has 301, 304, 305, 297. And 10 touchdowns through four games. And those are just stats, I’m talking about film.
  8. Floor: Ryan Tannehill Ceiling: Aaron Rodgers Watching the tape, dude is extremely talented.
  9. AJ Bouye to FS, Jeremy Chinn to SS. Gilmore, Horn, DJax at CB. Dude.
  10. If this is truly the case, they need to trade PJ Washington now and get something of value for him. Can’t see him getting re-signed if he can’t push for a starting position.
  11. Are we THAT loaded at the 3 (Hayward, Miles, Oubre) and that lacking at the 4 (just PJ)? Seems like a move needs to be made.
  12. Taking my shot at it: 1.) LaMelo, Ish 2.) Terry, Bouknight 3.) Miles, Oubre 4.) Hayward, PJ, Vernon 5.) Plumlee, Kai, Richards
  13. 18th all time in yards AND HE’S STILL PLAYING AND ELITE. You can have Henry Ellard, Chris Carter, James Lofton, Tim Brown, Isaac Bruce, etc. All great careers. I’ll take Julio Jones. And again, those guys played a long time...Julio will too.
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