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  1. That really sucks I am an older adult and still love playing good responsibly loud heavy music as I commute back and forth to work and also enjoy listening while I am grilling but I am always very responsible about keeping it to myself and not imposing my music on others. I sympathize as I have ad others around me blaring their music and not considering the possibility I may not be interested in hearing their music
  2. I live in an area with no wired internet available except dsl or satellite internet. We had DSL and it was terrible. We had us cellular for phone service and I switched to their 4glte internet. Was better than the dsl but nothing special. Saw an add saying tmobile had 5g ultra capacity at my address. Signed up. Has worked great for us. I was so pleased I switched all my phones to them too. That service is much better too. We are across the open river from the cell towers which is why I think we get such a good signal. I am very happy with it.
  3. Why would they have the 49ers as number 1? History tells us that the superbowl losers in most years have performed quite poorly for the most part the following year My prediction; Houston faces Green Bay in next superbowl
  4. This is cool to hear Rooting for him bigtime
  5. Very nice job.....We will see how the second half pans out
  6. Spencer Rattler.......Gotta sign a guy with a name that cool
  7. I know what you mean as I live in the sticks too. I got an antenna by Clearstream that is exterior and not gawdy and it works really well. I went to one of those antenna location sites and it showed me exactly which direction to point for each station. Just a very small turn can make a huge difference in signal.
  8. Call me a dinosaur but we are still watching a sony 42" 720p tv we got many years ago and the antenna channels are still just fine and great to me Maybe I am missing something but it is just fine Am i going to miss something about taylors swifts lips by not having the latest technology? If so my life will continue on just fine
  9. LOL.......Being a Panther fan is such a fun thing these days
  10. More like the Chiefs are earning it without the NFL
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