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Last team to go 0-3 and make the playoffs....

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The Huddler    10,981

lol... We have been "rebuilding" since 2010.

I hate to break it to everyone but we aren't rebuilding....we are mismanaged and suck.

if our GM would have been on board, our HC been allowed to actually go hire an OC and we merely signed a handful of average players to upgrade some horrific holes....we would be legit.


I disagree. I feel gettlemen was serverly handicapped by our cap situation and has done the best he could with it. He was forced to roll with Rivera, and i bet you Rivera was the one who wanted to have Shula at OC. Rivera doesnt have time for his players to learn a new offense. He wanted consistency.

I believe we are headed in the right direction. Gotta get rid of the mismanagement of Marty Hurney. Get Rivera Out, build around Cam

Gettle train baby. Choochoo

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Sam Mills Fan    4,502

Big difference between us and the '98 Bills: The '98 Bills' last two seasons included a playoff appearance in 1996 and a 10-6 record followed by a 6-10 season where the Bills started TODD COLLINS in 1997.

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Coug Girl    161

I'm taking the team approach an not thinking about playoffs or Superbowl and just focusing on each upcoming game for the week. Don't want to bring my hopes up for this team just because of Rivera's history here thus far.

Speaking of, I think FOX goofed because they are playing promos for this Giants game as the Bills still. So according to FOX we play the Bills again. At least that's how it is over in Charlotte on the FOX channel.

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