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In Topic: Michael Vick on running quarterbacks: I started it all

21 June 2014 - 05:23 AM

How does a fuging scrub like Bobby Douglas even get mentioned with Cunningham,McNabb and McNair. Douglas literally could not pass or read a defense. During his time in the league he was on of the worst starting QBs in the league. He was a pure runner and nothing else. McNabb, McNair and Cunningham were actual dual threat QBs that could beat you with the pass or run or both.

In Topic: Cam Newton now in danger of becoming Donovan Mcnabb.

15 March 2014 - 04:54 PM

Yep. Philly drafted Desean after Kolb. Desean was drafted to grow with Kolb, the heir apparent franchise QB. The core of the Eagles present offensive talent was not drafted for the pleasure of McNabb or Vick, but Kolb. 


Philly did not bring in Vick to unseat Kolb as the No. 2 or the No. 1 QB. They brought him in to flip him for a draft pick down the road. In fact, many in Philly was stunned that Vick was even on the roster for a second season and McNabb traded. They believed that Vick would hinder Kolb, the starter. And trust me when I say that A TON of Eagles fans would have rather LOST with Kolb than WIN with Vick in that unexpected year Vick took over. Not a few Philly fans...A TON.


As for Shannon, he and Fisher share a lot in common. They absolutely hated their franchise QB in RGIII and VY. But RGIII and VY still had success despite being undermined by their Head Coaches. Both VY and RGIII SAVED their Head Coaches jobs (VY did it twice!!) but Shannon and Fisher could care less about either QB.


Look, I am about fairly sure there is not a league wide NFL conspiracy to restrict black QBs from acquiring talented offensive pieces. But there are certainly individual people: GMs, Head Coaches, Owners, OCs, and ESPECIALLY fans who really don't view black QBs as needing great offensive talent because it would, in their opinion, inhibit their franchises.


Don't for a second believe their aren't Panther "fans" who would rather tank the season than be "saddled" with Newton long term. Giving Newton weapons only makes matters worst because it would make enhance the chance of Newton's success.


Yup and totally agree.

In Topic: Cam Newton now in danger of becoming Donovan Mcnabb.

15 March 2014 - 04:49 PM

cam has a stronger personality and is more of a leader than mcnabb ever was


Not sure about that. But how does that matter when the panthers will run him into the ground and waste his youth the same way the Eagles did Mcnabb.


I have seen this story before.........same poo different day.

In Topic: Chiefs/Colts Game Thread

04 January 2014 - 06:33 PM

He's over reliant on his athleticism and doesn't seem to have the mind or patience for pro football. Maybe try him at tight end?

Haha good one...I love it.

In Topic: MMQB Cam should be more like Brees

07 December 2013 - 02:26 PM

Won't give fat ass Peter King any hits. King needs to be more like Jenny Craig and push his fat ass away from the table.