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In Topic: Manziel early riser for Browns

Today, 12:55 PM

so where was this great work ethic prior to this?

hint: same place it will be in a week or two when he figures this is just too much hard work.

if he had taken the job seriously he would have been doing this type stuff all along. if i'm a browns gan, i'm pissed that the future franchise QB waited until now to care and i wouldn't expect this to be the new jimmy football.

he will have a future in the league as productive and long lasting as The Golden Calf of Bristol.


There are countless players, people in general who have a high opinion of themsleves, have a lackluster work ethic, until reality hits and wakes them up. Maybe it doesnt for him, but it hyperbole to think Manziel won't get it because he didnt really get it at the tender age of 22.

In Topic: Tin Foil Hat time. (TFH)

10 December 2014 - 03:35 PM

We all watched the same Philly game and saw the grimace throughout the night. Given Cams need to not disappoint people, in his own mind, it's possible he didn't disclose the pain in that area.


He's disclosed pain on other games he's been in. And given the status of his injury, this isnt some minor pain he could conceal and play with without trainers or coaches noticing. Id imagine it would be  noticeable the way he moves and looks, paticualry the first few days after.

In Topic: Tin Foil Hat time. (TFH)

10 December 2014 - 03:27 PM

How would it not have been disovered? The pain is strong enough and in a specific area that surley Newton would notice it and alert a trainer. He also wouldve proably had to miss a game, as the other Qb's have. Coaches and trainers wouldve noticed his reaction through dealing with the pain and wouldve inquired.

In Topic: Cam has 2 transverse fractures in lower back

09 December 2014 - 03:29 PM

Romo played with it, and whoever Baylor's quarterback is had it and missed one game and played the next week with it. Not neccesairly the end of his season.

In Topic: stephen hill won't be activated because...

18 November 2014 - 02:56 PM

I've been as doubtful of Hill as anyone.


But with that said, I sincerely question whether or not this staff has the talent evaluation skills to know whether he's any good or not.


Wether or not he's good? Maybe not. But I have to imagine itd be fairly obvious wether someone understands the system or not. Hill has had these learning the system problems before, so it's lines up to his reputation.

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