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Hotel for game day/night

10 September 2014 - 06:33 PM

So question...


Im not going to make it to this one but Im thinking of coming down for the Saints game on Oct 30


If I wanted to score a hotel whats the best plan?  Downtown?  Something on the lt rail line?

Just a GoPro, and a Gym, and a Lady...

04 September 2014 - 08:31 PM


Building an AR

14 January 2014 - 06:28 PM

So I'm thinking about building an AR from parts and need some recommendations.

Lower receivers, uppers, parts kits, manufacturers to avoid/look for...

Looking to end up with a 5.56 (that can also handle .223) 16" AR with a flat upper with a holographic red dot sight.

Anyone got an opinion/resource?

LEO murders schizophrenic kid

08 January 2014 - 06:24 PM

So since I seem to be always on the end of defending LEOs



TLDR: Cops are called to a residence by parents to help contain their mentally ill child. First two cops get there and are talking the kid down when third officer arrives. Third officers orders first two to use non lethal force to subdue kid and after he is stunned 3rd officer fires a single shot to the chest killing the kid.

They need to charge the son of a bitch not just put him on administrative leave.

Week 16 Power Rankings

17 December 2013 - 09:04 AM

Post 'em as you find them.



Shutdown Corner
3. Carolina Panthers (10-4, LW: 4)
Next Sunday is basically a playoff game for the Panthers, given everything that's at stake. You'd figure the Carolina crowd will act like it is.


USA Today
5 10-4 ^2 The more RB DeAngelo Williams produces, the more it lightens the load on QB Cam Newton.




SB Nation


4. Carolina Panthers

Current Playoff Projection: NFC #5 seed (Wild Card)

The defense was a little more lax than expected, but the Panthers still managed a comfortable home win against the Jets while no doubt giggling to themselves as the Saints dropped a game on the road. The offense was treated to the annual Random DeAngelo Williams 150-Yard Outburst while Greg Olsen continued to prove that he's the most reliable element in the Panthers' passing game. Carolina will be breathing fire this week to avenge their unsightly loss in the Superdome, and if they can further the Saints' road woes they'll be in prime shape to claim the division crown. (Last week: 6)




Walter Football


2. panthersb_logo.gif Carolina Panthers (10-4) - Previously: #4 - The Panthers had all the reason in the world to trip up like the Saints did at St. Louis, but they essentially beat the Jets by 17. They've kicked the crap out of inferior competition all year.

While Carolina is a very good team, I have some issues with its fans. I recently said that Cam Newton is the least-proven out of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, which is factually correct. However, at least five Panther fans told me to basically f*** myself because I was hating on Cam again. Really? Oh OK, I guess Cam is just as proven as three quarterbacks who have a combined five Super Bowl rings. Derp.

Luckily, Panther fans are not all insane. Here's one who thinks very clearly:

I sick of all of these band wagon jumping "Panthers fans" who think that just because were winning that means they can go around trolling power rankings that think the Panthers aren't number one. I'm a Panthers fan too, but this is ridiculous. News flash, 1) Cam isn't God, and 2) were ranked number 4. Quit you're incessant whining.

Yeah, what he said!

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