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Should the government intervene with the NFL's policies?

14 September 2014 - 03:37 AM

Given recent events that have transpired regarding domestic violence in the Greg Hardy/Ray Rice cases and other matters pertaining to NFL players, like Josh Gordan or Richie Incognito, do you think the government should have the authority to enforce penalties on the company, NFL, if the company doesnt follow the government's ideal "disciplinary measures" for infractions on its social policies.


In other words for example, is it ok for a the US Government to penalize the NFL if the NFL doesnt discipline Rice hard enough after his court sentencing?

#1 in the South again

21 August 2014 - 11:32 AM



Guess whos dropping like a ton of rocks, a certain team with an aging QB and a fanbase full of bandwagoners you say? nooooooo




If it wasnt apparent already, the Cowgirls still lead and of course the Belicheats and the REDSKINS are just behind them. Wow, Spain has two soccer teams that are valued the same as the Cowboys? Two soccers teams? same country? 17th isnt bad for the Panthers, pretty consistent. We assimilate more aints/falcants fans everyday, which is fine by me. Resistance is futile.



Yahoo Sports predicition with better info than Walterfailball

22 July 2014 - 10:34 AM




Not bad, I read it while doing the SCP shuffle this morning. Pretty much on the spot with all of his points.



oops already had a thread on it. . [DELETE ME]



(alright alright this was my first one at least)

NFL Experts Analysts and Writers that are going to hurt their credibility this year

26 June 2014 - 04:10 PM

I noticed that every year people talk about how teams or players are going to take a step back. Why not discuss how good this info is that we've been getting and in turn talk about who's going to have to do the most backpedaling this upcoming year. I thought I would reserve this thread for all the shockingly bad assessments that "Experts" give so that we can refer back to it mid season and have lots of laughs. . . again



My money is on Adam Schein. Clearly the most clueless and useless member of the nfl xm broadcast team. Im not sure what else he does but suffice to say that listening to him for more than 30 minutes will leave you with less respect for anyone who calls himself a radio host. He makes the whole sports show concept feel like if you just string words together that other people say perpetually that you can actually count the seconds until listeners just want to kill themselves. . . twice for redundancy out of respect for the host.


Still, he doesnt just copy other people's bad points, he has plenty of his own horrible predictions. Here's one of his poorly thought out articles from last year entitled:


Carolina going nowhere with Cam Newton and Ron Rivera


Since then he's admitted that he's wrong . . mostly, but then again that doesnt really matter does it? It was still a dumb article and admitting it simply confirms that more right?




Here's another awful prediction of his:

Super Bowl XLVIII prediction: Atlanta Falcons-Houston Texans


Well, that one didnt turn out to well either since the Falcons finished with 4 wins and "DEAR LAWD HELP ME HELP ME" losses while the Texans finished two and "OMG PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!"




Schein's work has mostly always been this bad since his first days in the field. I've seen no growth in his knowledge of the subject and with the latest round of articles and "predictions" from 2013 I am inclined to say that his downhill trend will continue. He will continue to be a disappointment as an analyst and likely take another huge hit to his credibility this year. I dont know if he can continue to hold a job if he doesnt improve his knowledge of the game. I expect Adam Schein to take the biggest step back as a sports analyst this year.




Who do you think will disappoint more than him?