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Tickets came in today!

18 July 2014 - 07:54 PM

I had a pleasant surprise when I got home today- my season tickets came in the mail! This is Christmas in July for me- football is almost here. :lk:  :cam1:  :rr:

Random observations from SF trip

12 November 2013 - 09:59 PM

I went out a couple days early and did the tourist thing. Everywhere my wife and I went, we wore Panthers gear. The people we nice (they know tourism is their #1 industry) whether they were working or just passing by. They usually asked if we were out for the game, wished us well, with a Go 9ers jab at the end. We went to one local breakfast spot and the whole restaurant turned and looked at us (and our Panthers gear) we we came in. Nobody said anything to us except the owner who gave us some mild ribbing. Other thoughts:
1) Candlestick is a dump, no wonder they are building Levi's Stadium which opens next year. They did have entertainment inside the gates with a band, cheerleaders, etc. The beers cost $10 each (ouch) and had liquor there too.
2) They have large, centralized parking/tailgating around the stadium (kind of like FedEx Field.) Good food, plenty of groups there early, but most arrive the hour or so before the game. Getting out of the lot is a bitch.
3)Overall, the crowd was louder than BOA. They were into the game early and were consistently making noise.
4) They have their dummies too, making "Let's go Niners" chants when SF was on offense.
5) During the game, a lot of people behind us were making comments to try to get a rise out of us, but we didn't take the bait.
6) These comments stopped in the 4th quarter, ha ha.
7) Before the game the Niners fans wanted to talk some junk, which we ignored. After the game, none would make eye contact and had nothing to say.
8) We had a lot more Panthers fans (many from the west coast who had never been east) than I expected.
9) The standard Panthers fans greeting was a fist bump and "Keep Pounding!"
10) SF had a lot of their fans fly in to see the game, I talked to some from SD, MT, etc.
11) Post game radio was in a meltdown mode as they talked about losing to us like we would if we would lose to Tampa Bay when we played them. And the radio guys were excuses, excuses, excuses.
12) Thanks the the Panthers, the flight home was short and sweet. Now let's beat NE!

SF Roll Call

04 November 2013 - 08:36 PM

OK, who is going to be at the game on Sunday?
The wife and I are flying out Thursday for the game. I paid out the ying, yang for Row 1 tickets in Section 37 (19 yd line behind and to the left of the Panthers.)
Where will you be?

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