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A Defense Destined to Dominate

Sep 03 2013 07:05 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
The nation does not realize it yet, but Sunday's game between the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks will introduce them to one of the most dominant squads in the NFL. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Carolina Panthers Defense.

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Flashes were showing in preseason that created a small buzz. Luke Kuechly going full Lawrence Taylor against the Ravens grabbed a few headlines, but it was quickly forgotten.

The national media is sticking to their fabricated story line. The Seahawks are the anointed ones, and the Panthers are in the basement.

Get ready for a sudden twist in the NFL script.

The defense the Seahawks will face this Sunday at Bank of America Stadium isn't slightly improved, it is vastly improved. The defense that allowed the Seahawks to score just one touchdown last year is back, and they brought a few upgrades with them.

The headlines may lead you to believe the Panthers should gameplan Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. Wilson, while a promising young QB, is a game manager. He does not have the ability to take over a game like Cam Newton.

First priority for the Panthers defense will be stopping Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was more of a factor in the Panthers loss last season than Wilson. His 85 yards rushing kept the Panthers offense off the field and out of rhythm. If Lynch is stopped, the Panthers win. Plain and simple.

The importance of the additions of defensive tackles Star Lotulelei and Kawaan Short cannot be overstated. Last season the biggest weakness of the defense was the defensive interior. This season it is a strength. Luke Kuechly will now be able to roam the field and not be leashed to the middle in support of the tackles. Luke will take away the edges where Marshawn had the most luck last season.

Yesterday the Panthers signed Quintin Mikell, one of the best run stuffing safeties in the NFL. This was no coincidence. Mikell has experience against the Seahawks in addition to being an upgrade over Mike Mitchell. Stopping Marshawn Lynch just became more probable.

Also, lets not forget the return of pro bowl linebacker Jon Beason. Beason's experience and leadership alone provide an instant upgrade to the Panthers.

If you are a fan of hard nosed defensive football, there has been no more exciting time to be a Panthers fan than today. The Panthers have one of the most dominating squads in Panthers history.

The rest of the nation will realize this on Monday morning.

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:: before


Damn right!!!

And we've seen what the D can do this preseason, now curious we will look now that we will replace Nakamura with pro-bowl safety Mikell who is coming off a year top 5 grading out season and had 3 strait ALL-PRO seasons under McDermott right before he left Philly to come here.

Yes, I agree. The Seahawks hype has been fueled by the networks just like The Golden Calf of Bristol and Griffin. They are an easy pick because they were a hot team late. Turnovers will be a big key Sunday and our D has shown a knack at creating + turnover margin.

why do i get the feeling that keek is going to be making his statement to the league this game?





Think Keek already did that vs Baltimore in preseason giving everyone a taste.

But I have a feeling that Beason is going to make a statement that he's back.


why do i get the feeling that keek is going to be making his statement to the league this game?



I know what a feeding frenzy looks like.

A rare occurrence of the word "dominate" being used properly on this forum

your alliteration the past couple of days has excited me

Great article, it really is a suprise that we are always slated to go 6-10 or worse this year. It has to be because of our schedule this year. I can find no other reason we shouldn't be a team to watch this year. We are barely on the radar. I'm not expecting it to stay that way after week 1.

Zod is drunk on the koolaid.  


Best pre-game warmups we have had on the Huddle in a long time.  Keep it up and pass it around!



Time to believe.

I've played two games on Madden so far and the OP is correct the defense has dominated.


Are seahawks birds of pray?  They might want to consider it.



is it a coincidence that dove season just opened up? i don't think so. 

I nominate you to give the pregame speech to the team

dicks hard............thanks!

Got the panthers on 2 of my fantasy teams.
Zod, you just made my boy parts move. Thank you, sir.


Got the panthers on 2 of my fantasy teams.

Me too, and I am starting them this week! B)

We all know that the media line will be that the Baltimore preseason game was a one-trick pony for our defense and so begins the schlock, "Can they do it again?".  That will be answered with a solid YES in this 1st game.


You can't have a Panthers LB conversation without mentioning TD and his speed and smarts.  The trifecta of destruction!



(Amazingly the spell checker didn't red underline schlock. I'm impressed.)

Me Hyped.

So you're saying we're going to be dominate? :unsure:

If I have ever seen the perfect photo to compliment a story, this is it.  Congrats Zod on a job more than well done.

Spider Monkey
Sep 03 2013 09:52 AM
Jon Beason is going to wreak havoc.

89 is gonna torch an overconfident, cocky Sherman.