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  1. Yeah, I REALLY don't want to trade the farm for one of these guys. I love Bryant but not even him.
  2. I am curious to see what our decision is on the draft. TBh, I don't see a path towards getting one of the top 4 QB's without trading up. Obviously, AR and Levis are not worth trading ANY assets for, IMO. Ideally those are guys you trade down significantly to get. It won't work out that way, I am sure. On the one hand, we are obviously WILDLY QB desperate but on the other one of the things Tepper threw out in his post-Rhule firing PC was that he didn't seem pleased about wasting draft capital. So, I don't know what to think about all that. Especially since we were going to give up some serious draft capital for Stafford or Watson. If anyone claims to have an concrete idea about what our plans at QB are this offseason, I will be the first to call them a liar.
  3. Oh I am giving them a chance but there is quite literally zero evidence any of them have a clue about QB evaluation. There is a lot of evidence they don't have a clue, however. I very much trust Reich's take on a prospective QB more than the totality of our entire FO. TBH, it's not even close.
  4. Richardson is easily the most scary. His floor is one of the lowest in recent memory because he is quite bad at the moment. But, his physical abilities are far greater than Levis, without question. I would definitely take Levis over Richardson at the moment. To be clear, would really prefer not to have either as 1st round picks.
  5. Most of Walter's info is trash but Campbell apparently actually knows people. You can never say how good those sources are but his Senior Bowl rumors have been historically pretty good.
  6. I have a lot of concerns about Levis but if we get a top caliber QB coach to pair with Reich, I will try to trust whatever they think. I definitely don't have any faith in our FO's ability to evaluate the QB position.
  7. Interestingly, Campbell also reported that among the scouts he talked to, Stroud and Young were the consensus top two QB's but both had some definite cons: Young and Stroud are the clear top-two quarterback prospects for the 2023 NFL Draft, but both have flaws. Teams love Young's passing ability, his natural instincts as a passer, and his athleticism to make plays with his feet. However, his small size is worrisome, and that is going to be glaring when he meets with teams in interviews and on visits to their facilities. With C.J. Stroud, teams have concerns about him being a scheme-product quarterback, plus they are disappointed with his demeanor. Stroud is not viewed as a vocal leader to lead a team. Rather, he is said to have a quiet, almost aloof, personality. As a result of these issues, multiple sources from a number of teams say they do not think Young or Stroud is worthy of giving up the farm for in future draft picks to move up high in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. They see too much risk in either of them as a prospect to be willing to give up a huge haul in a trade. However, it only takes one team to feel differently and be desperate enough to make such a move. Additionally, given that the Texans - at No. 2 - and the Colts - at No. 4 - clearly need quarterbacks, a third team knows it has to jump to the first or third pick of the 2023 NFL Draft to get one of those signal-callers.
  8. https://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/2023-Senior-Bowl-Rumors-Wednesday Similar to Denver, another team that has a new head coach and questions at quarterback is the Carolina Panthers. New head coach Frank Reich wants stability at the position, but Carolina has not had that since the injuries added up to cut short Cam Newton's career. Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield have proven not to be the answer for the Panthers. From speaking with sources, it sounds like the Panthers really like Kentucky quarterback Will Levis. The Panthers have the ninth-overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft and are very likely to miss out on the top two quarterback prospects, Alabama's Bryce Young and Ohio State's C.J. Stroud. With the Raiders - at No. 7 - and the Falcons - at No. 8 - in front of Carolina, the Panthers may have to move up to land Levis or Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson. Carolina can't be certain that Atlanta, in particular, will pass on a quarterback. Thanks to having extra picks on the second day of the 2023 NFL Draft, Carolina has some additional ammo to move up. Perhaps Reich will take the Panthers in a different direction or target a veteran, but after speaking with some sources, it sounds like Levis is well-liked around the Carolina organization. Boy, this is really the rumor that won't seem to die. There is an awful lot of smoke there at this point. I know that Walterfootball is not the best source but I will say that a lot of Charlie Campbell's rumor mill info from Mobile every year has been pretty accurate.
  9. I mean, you can gyrate and justify in any manner you choose but the boss takes the fall for the people that work for him. So unless Fitterer is firing these guys if this goes south, it's going to be Scott Fitterer that takes the fall. Furthermore, EVERY FRONT OFFICE IS COLLABORATIVE. None of this happens in a vacuum, dude.
  10. Arnold will go down as a Ring of Honor JAG in Panthers history.
  11. It's not a matter of background, it's a matter of role. Like any any company there is a hierarchy and responsibility comes with each level. Prior to Rhule's firing, Fitterer was an assistant GM at best. He is now the actual GM. So all the decisions coming from his department ultimately land on his plate. He is the guy that takes the blame.
  12. Everything indicates Fitterer is the guy now. Since Rhule's firing(including the mid-season moves from this year) Fitterer is 100% responsible for all offseason aspects. He takes 100% of the blame and 100% of the credit.
  13. 1000% This offseason will tell a lot of the story about Fitterer. If it looks a LOT like our previous drafts, then we can assume Fitt had a much greater influence on those drafts than we knew. If the signings look a lot like the previous offseasons, same thing. Let this play out. This would be a valid 2024 offseason thread.
  14. I mean....I don't think there are a ton of guys itching to get off these teams. If we can't get his money right, maybe.
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