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  1. I think based on results McAdoo's offense is painfully predictable. Even mediocre defenses are shutting us down.
  2. I am just saying you have mentioned before you like him as a utility backup. I don't. He's terrible wherever he plays. We fundamentally disagree on that.
  3. Yep. Same dude hired both guys. Not buying it, Matt. You get 100% of the blame from now on.
  4. Yeah, no. I know you like Erving for some reason but that dude is one of the worst OL we have seen in the last decade.
  5. Probably because he is banged up. Erving is a disaster. There is no comparison.
  6. I can get WWE to an extent(don't watch). I don't get the current "yell at each other in a hyperbolic manner over things we don't actually care about." If I want a smarter and more logical version of that poo flinging, I can just log on to any message board or social media site for whatever sport I want. Me personally, I want to hear one or more logical people discuss the issue in depth. I want to see breakdowns that layman aren't going to grasp typically. I want actual inside info into how these situations happen. I don't need a bunch of hollering, IRL trolling and hot takes. Life is too much of that reality TV nonsense already.
  7. Got two minutes in and turned it off. How do people watch this garbage? Or why?
  8. You could put one of the TopCats out there and accomplish the same as Erving.
  9. Boy the people calling for Erving sure do have short memories. Please go put on some 2021 tape and then tell me if you feel the same way.
  10. I have been saying I was worried about how much damage this idiot is doing to the culture for a very young team. If we aren't careful, we are going to have to start almost completely from scratch. poo like this is the reason guys like Robby love this guy. There is zero accountability. You just show up and get paid, regardless of performance. Especially if you are a Rhule guy.
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