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  1. Yeah, I am honestly expecting that other shoe to drop. If we waste this elite defense, it will make we sick to my stomach. I never thought this was a top 10 defense(although more than one on the Huddle predicted that). Now we have it and this offense just fugs it up left, right and center. It is so sickening.
  2. It's been hard to talk football normally this season. Too much poo I didn't want to see happen but expected to happen has happened. This is a rough one.
  3. No doubt. I am certainly not trying aggressively to come to Brady's defense. I just think he is the #3 in the list of problems we have offensively.
  4. fug me, I hope not. That would mean we are the new Bengals/Browns. I don't want to live through being that level of dumpster fire.
  5. That does happen sometimes but there have been a lot of guys open that Darnold is either not seeing(which could be later in the progressions, so that isn't as big of a deal) but he is also late with the ball. That isn't uncommon. Like I said, I have plenty of criticisms about Brady but I think the OL and QB are bigger reasons why we are struggling on offense.
  6. Yeah, well I think that is where the staff is getting their asses handed to them, believing that they can shine turds like they did in college. I am not saying they don't have the ability to develop guys but I think they may be overconfident in that regard. It definitely appears that way with the OL unit.
  7. Yeah but he also is just a bad player. Erving has talent, arguably but he also sucks. Talent can only get you so far in the NFL. Well, the stats don't bear that out. Darnold has performed worse in a clean pocket in his NFL career than when pressured. It defies logic but it is what he has done.
  8. I am not sure we have enough data to skewer him too badly, other than the OL. If we see the same in the 2022 offseason, I think we will know what the score is.
  9. I have said repeatedly that I think he only shares so much of the blame. His guys are just not executing well at this point. He definitely isn't blameless but often the plays are sound and the players are just not making the plays.
  10. Actually, I think it really begins and ends in our front office. We don't really spend significant draft capital trying to build there historically. There is only so much dumpster diving you can do and be successful.
  11. Yeah, I mean perhaps that is true but he just isn't a guy I thought looked like he had much based on the Detroit game. He did okay versus a bad opponent and that was about it. He predominantly looked like an erratic gunslinger, which is what we have right now.
  12. Actually, if you look at OL DVOA and Adjusted Sack Rate, there have been 3-4 years since 2010 that have been worse than this year. That's actually the most upsetting part. Poor OL play isn't rare in Carolina
  13. Well, our OL is also a lot worse, as are the rushing efficiency stats since 2020. People also forget how good Davis was at replacing CMC when he went down. Passes to the RB are a big part of what helps our offense be successful and Hubbard hasn't help much in that regard. His catch percentage is very low for the type of routes he is running. So, while I agree we just have to start running the ball more, I don't think we are gonna see any type of dominant rushing attack. Not with the pieces we are working with. I think more than anything we are just seeing that there aren't a lot of really clear answers on that side of the ball. Brady shares plenty of the blame but the execution by our offensive personnel overall has been pretty poor across the board. We just aren't consistent at all.
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