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  1. This is true, I am not factoring in his awfulness enough as a positive attribute for getting us a shot at another top 10 draft pick. However, the counter to that being, what if it also exposes how poorly our staff is at evaluating QB talent?
  2. Too early. Let's see the draft first. Then we can jump the shark.
  3. Well he really never had competition back in the day.
  4. Fitterer falls asleep during the eighth pick and wakes up after 4 teams have rushed to the virtual podium?
  5. Doesn't make a lot of sense for us. Not atrocious, just head scratching. But, it is Mel Kiper. The expectations start pretty low.
  6. The demand has largely been for starters but not highly paid backup QB's. There is a reason we had no success attempting to trade him, nor has he had success trying to get traded.
  7. We needed this game. Hopefully we keep this momentum up in the 3rd and walk all over them in the second game, as well
  8. Well, luckily you aren't doing our drafting.
  9. Mac Jones At 8, definitely not Parsons. Below 10, fine with Parsons.
  10. My actual big board and my Panthers big board would look quite a bit different. I do adjust for our specific needs.
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