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  1. Well, if we can build the kind of consistency that Seattle has been able to maintain, I don't care how we do it. I'll take their place in the bottom 10 of the draft order ever year with glee.
  2. I told you, Mr. Scot has a hard on well past 4 hours for Nippleshorts. They both fuging sucked. Who cares who was "better?" I don't stare into the toilet after a morning poo and judge which turds have floated and which have sunk.
  3. Oh I don't mean reach on them. I mean if they were to slip into the later rounds.
  4. Twitter has always been a complete sewer. I knew it very close to it's inception and haven't been wrong about it at all. I am amazed how many people even use it. It's awful.
  5. Why are you wasting time on Twitter following him wasting time on Twitter tho?
  6. Watson will end up holding out if they balk at trading him. The Texans are fuged, they just haven't accepted it yet. The best part is, they will overplay their hand and get less for Watson than they could by dealing him right now.
  7. Yeah but Hurney has actually had some really great drafts in his past. And you could easily argue that we did have a lot of boom or bust guys in this draft too(in fact that is a lot of what we did end up taking). So maybe he was just one fire in a rare case? Or maybe it was all Rhule? Or maybe it was some unknown combination of both? We really will probably never know, TBH.
  8. Saying that trading up for the 3rd or 4th best QB is stupid isn't really true. In some of the drafts over the past 20 years, even the third QB off the board was a franchise guy. Supposedly this is a very strong QB draft. We just need to worry about our evaluations. If we think there is a guy(or more than one), either go get them or see if they are available at 8. We can actually jettison Teddy in 2021. The contract was structured to make it a 1-2 year deal with marginal cap impact after the first season. I will stay on message with this is trade up/trade down scenario.....it's all a
  9. The Pats had a period where they were crushing the draft and then they sort of morphed to being pretty ho-hum in the draft and crushing free agency.
  10. Year+ out mocks don't usually fare well. We still have another season of college football to play before we need to be debating that draft class.
  11. I mean.....I have some bad news about what is likely to happen next year.......... Might want to take a look at Rhule's previous stops.
  12. I think in theory that kind of move is ideal for teams with the kind of overall roster weaknesses that we have. But, like I said, the QB question really throws a wrench into that plan. I get the crowd that always stumps for building the OL and the team THEN getting the QB. I also get the crowd that always stumps for getting the QB and THEN building the team. IMO, that probably plays the biggest role in whether we do or do not trade down. Outside the obvious, "all our top guys are gone" scenario. We do have to keep in mind that the rumor mill had it that Rhule wanted to trade
  13. Lol. It is not personal, Mr. Scot. I have had hundreds of conversations with you and rarely personally attack you. I'm sorry if you feel that way. I am literally pointing out what you actually do. Why do you think I say, "Just look at his posts." You have stayed on point for the entire episode with the, 'Well, we won while he was here!' argument, regardless of any other things he did that was bad. That's not we throwing logic out the window. Sort of like I didn't throw logic out the window when I said, 'Well I don't care how he did anywhere else!' when it gets pointed out how terrible he
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