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  1. I don't think there is any real danger of getting another player on a top 50 list in the foreseeable future. Possibly Johnson but that seems like a pretty big stretch too.
  2. I was a Bryce guy but I don't believe he has NFL elite potential after watching him for a season. He could certainly turn it around but I believe his ceiling is substantially lower than what was advertised. The most Panthers thing to happen is for him to just settle into being mediocre to slightly above average. Then we extend him based on the owner being high on copium/hopium so that the whole thing ends up being dragged out for almost a decade before we move on.
  3. 3-5 wins, so basically the new norm for Tepper. Many cups of ice will be thrown.
  4. I have no idea why anyone believes in this guy. He's a low rent, lower ceiling Brock Osweiler.
  5. Well he may make it because his price tag is cheap and his money is guaranteed anyway. I believe he is just a less impressive Dwayne Jarrett.
  6. Lol. "Glowing reports?" From where? The same sources that just gave glowing reports about Ian Thomas?
  7. Unfortunately in the modern game the old adage about rookie WR's mostly disappearing has been turned on its head over the past 8-10 years. So when you see young WR's mostly flounder for the first 2-3 seasons of their career, it's usually a pretty good sign they just aren't going to pan out. In that vein, TMJ is a complete bust. We still have some high on the hopium for the kid but it's very unrealistic to expect him to pan out. Mingo definitely had a rough start to his career. I hope it turns around this year but with two actual NFL caliber WR's on the roster now(Johnson and AT), I suspect his role will be significantly reduced from last season. Hopefully the light clicks on.
  8. They seem to be investing in Deebo and CMC instead of Aiyuk, which is extremely perplexing. If you asked most NFL teams which of those three weapons they would want, most are likely to say Aiyuk. I'm okay with this, though. fug the 49ers.
  9. We are saying the same thing, basically. This is pure fantasy.
  10. Why trade for a guy we are unlikely to be successful getting a contract extension for?
  11. Luvu was definitely an impact guy. Chinn I am not really sure he ends up developing completely. Which, that's really the franchises fault. LB, S, Nickel.....they never could find a role for him that allowed him to shine consistently. Hopefully they develop him properly in Washington. Love the player.
  12. Yeah but those players played very well here too. Those weren't diamonds in the rough, they were two of the better players at their position.
  13. IMO, he doesn't seem natural in interviews and it's more frequently a little awkward than charasmatic. I just don't expect this to go well. You never know, maybe he attacks it with the same competitive nature that he did football and he excels.
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