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  1. Less worried about the personnel than the playcalling currently.
  2. That's fine but it ended up with him in a hospital. Ask Cam or Josh Allen(or any NFL RB) about the longevity of that style of play. It's a cool weapon to have but if you get splattered by other giant players 10-15 times a game, you are gonna have a very short NFL career. So, ultimately long term he is in the same place as Bryce. Gotta figure out how to be an effective passer in the NFL.
  3. 100%. This is the data we need to know what to think about Bryce, Frank and the receiving corps.
  4. We are playing like a 3-5 win team at the moment. Lots of time left, however.
  5. Richardson is basically performing just as poorly. Only Stroud has been a standout through 2 games.
  6. You might want to take a closer look at Richardson's stats. He is actually worse than Bryce in a few of the passing metrics. NFL Next Gen Stats show how Bryce and Richardson are two of the biggest dink and dunk passers in the league at the moment. Stroud is really the only one taking and making consistent downfield shots. Here are the stats for 10+ yard passes through two weeks(keep in mind Richardson didn't get a full second game). Young: 4/19 - 60 yds, 2 INT's, 0.66 QB Rating, 22.6% Bad Throw Percentage Richardson: 4/11 - 62 yds, INT, 17.99 QB Rating, 19.6% Bad Throw Percentage Note: I had to manually compile Week 2 data on Richardson so it is possible there are incomplete passes unaccounted for. This is best case scenario for him. Stroud: 17/32 - 310 yds, 2 TD's, 107.55 QB Rating, 23.3% Bad Throw Percentage
  7. Classic, old school, WC horizontal poo. That's the problem with what we are seeing. It's not even a modern NFL offense in any way.
  8. If you want sobering statistics, Young is 4/19 - 60 yds, 2 INT's on throws longer than 10 yards on the year. Folks, that is a 0.66 QB Rating. For those that don't remember that old stat in the QBR era, that would be on a 0-158.3 scale.
  9. As others have said, in the extremely unlikely 0-17, he's gone. I don't see how you justify a second year no matter what your perspective is. We didn't build this offseason or the past two years as if we were in a rebuild. Quite the contrary. If that was the result, Fitterer and Reich would be unemployed.
  10. Agreed. His best was the best and his worst was the worst. Overall worst at the moment is Gettleman, pretty obviously. I will say that Fitterer may end up eclipsing him as the worst of our franchise history depending on the next couple of seasons.
  11. Yep. We were fuged the moment that info got publicly leaked.
  12. I am actually pleased at this development. If we see Dalton have the same struggles that Bryce has, the evidence will be clear. The playcalling is the main problem and the talent level is the second biggest problem. If things start clicking immediately or Dalton clearly performs better, Bryce is largely the problem and the other issues are more minor. This should shine a little light on what the real issues are.
  13. I think the post season review is going to reveal that Scott Fitterer is on the hot seat with the overwhelming majority of the fanbase. That's my prediction.
  14. @TheCasillas here is probably a more positive look. How was the Grugier-Hill film? He looked pretty good live.
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