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  1. I can appreciate a positive outlook but it's unlikely he is in the NFL longer than the average NFL player's career.
  2. Boy you must really think we are about to have a better offseason than I do. The truth is, most of these guys will make the roster. The money and roster situation isn’t going to improve enough to be cutting these guys yet. Now 2025? TBD. Could definitely see most of them gone by then.
  3. Oh there is no question about the loss. If we sign him for what he wants, it's a loss. If we sign him for what we offered, it's a loss. If we trade him for less than what the Rams offered, it's a loss. If he walks away for merely a compesetory pick, it's a loss. The instant we turned that offer down, we lost. The only thing that needed to be answered was by how much.
  4. The upper end is very, very high. But his medicals are going to be a BIG deal. I honestly don't think many people are that interested in his price tag. That's the big road block.
  5. The fact that he has been healthy for two seasons is the only reason he is being talked about in the draft at all.
  6. That may not be true anymore because of the position we put ourselves in.
  7. I mean, the most on brand thing we could possibly do.
  8. I like the first two picks so there is zero chance that will happen.
  9. Sadly, people rarely get smarter with age.
  10. Sadly, I still believe we are several years away from another winning season.
  11. TBH, I haven't trusted our FO to execute a successful trade down in a long time. I get the idea being solid but I just haven't seen us "win" one of those in a long time. Would just prefer BPA and not to get cute. Let's see what the "new" FO's eye for talent is.
  12. Oh our mistakes have largely been so bad. Critical weaknesses in judgement have been rife in our organization.
  13. I don't really think we are likely to be able to land a game changing weapon unless it's overpaying for an aging veteran looking for one last payday. We will be in a much better position next year with another top 5-10 draft pick(basically an inevitability). On the slight chance we end up #1 overall again, we might be able to get a banger of a WR by trading down in the top 10. I would just say we need to temper our expectations about the ability to improve much on offense. Seattle with Smith and Tampa with Baker had SIGNIFICANTLY better overall offenses than we will in 2024.
  14. I would assume a Moton extension is inevitable unless he is just sick of being here and wants to force the issue.
  15. Taking elite athletes is excellent but if they struggled in college, that should get a TON of scrutiny. Same for guys that are insanely productive in college but are clearly system guys with very low floors. Don't get enamored with any individual thing. Don't hyperfocus on the little things and miss the full picture. Also, don't take a bunch of outliers or "gut instinct" guys.
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