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  1. I do hope our PP gets a little more efficient. Also glad we aren't dealing with the fuging goons from Boston trying to injure our players when they get down.
  2. I made the joke to a buddy of mine during the game that it was probably the first time Burns had been in a loud home stadium since FSU.
  3. Bye bye 2023 draft picks. Honestly, say what you will about the decision to go after Baker/Jimmy G but waiting until after the draft to chase them is a smarter move. Price is likely to drop as there will be less overall interest. The only way it could go up is a rash of QB TC injuries.
  4. Lol. You thought they weren't going to have to pay taxes on this?
  5. It wouldn't work. There is no cap on how much NFL/NBA/MLB/etc. players can get from endorsement deals. That's the equivalent.
  6. I'd rather it be open rather than the shadows. I have seen enough personally from the shadow world in AAU basketball. UNC, Duke, NC State, Wake, etc. I have seen/have knowledge of them all putting money in players pockets. That's just the local schools. Plenty nationally too.
  7. They fought it for so long because they wanted all the money. That was the reason. It's a shitshow because rather than having a plan, they fought it tooth and nail. fug all these crooked universities(athletic dept) and the NCAA.
  8. I have literally been pushing for the NIL for over 25 years. Glad to see it come to pass.
  9. Both massive, cheating douches. Nothing to see other than people being upset that their normal cheating is now legal.
  10. You have to read through all their nonsense. It's basically about marketability.
  11. If it wasn't the fuging fully guaranteed salary, he'd probably be gone. I'm somewhat glad to see Rhule have to eat his roster spot though. Put your Matt Stafford clone out there again, you fuging clown.
  12. We (The Emory Marketing Analytics Center and Fanalytics Podcast) pay special attention to the NFL because it showcases important lessons about consumer passion (fandom), and we can illustrate the power of analytics for sports and marketing. Guys, this is about marketability. Don't lose sight of that. This isn't a ranking of how hardcore the fanbases are.
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