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  1. Not surprising. I think getting traded is the least of his current concerns.
  2. If you are trashing the history of the Packers or their success, and you AREN'T a division rival....you are just a plain dumbass. I would kill to have the current or historic success that Green Bay has had.
  3. I don't think he really needs cash flow from the team. The investment has been well worth it based on the appreciation of the franchise. He'll make out like a bandit when he gets rid of the team. I somewhat doubt he will be interested in being a forever owner. Although he has been involved at some level in NBA basketball for most of his life, at this point.
  4. He got his stake at a low price and the value of NBA franchises has gone up tremendously since he has owned the team. He's crushing it, honestly.
  5. This has to be the dumbest Huddle post of 2021 to date. Congrats on that milestone. Not that this clown ever showed much inclination towards knowing much about the NFL but....wow. Impressive.
  6. There aren't many QB's Darnold is assured to be better than but Taysom The Golden Calf of Bristol is one of them.
  7. The obvious answer is no and no. He is accomplishing what he wants, the value of that team skyrocketing.
  8. I think this was predictable. He just got married and wants that Jeopardy gig. I think he is ready to move on from football but doesn't have the nuts to just say he's done. He wants his pound of flesh from the franchise he thinks wronged him.
  9. Yeah, I think we are largely just going to see bottom of the roster churn for 2021. Any major changes are going to be 2022.
  10. 5-9 wins seems about the range I would predict pre-training camp. The amount of unknowns is rather high for us.
  11. Spending too much money on overpaid short term fixes(assuming they are even fixing anything) isn't what rebuilding teams should do. We aren't going to be able to improve much from the current FA crop but we can sure burn through our cap space attempting to do just that. The offseason is effectively over minus trading, injury additions, and camp cuts.
  12. Roll with what we have now and attempt to improve next offseason. We should know at this point this is rebuilding. Hurney is gone, no reason for Hurneyism to persist.
  13. The fact that so many teams in the league are passing on Dix(including us) should basically let everyone know that his career is likely over.
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