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Game Grades - Seahawks at Panthers

Oct 08 2012 06:55 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
The Panthers once again faced a top defense in this league, and once again their college style offense look like it should have stayed in school.

On with the grades...


The option doesn't work. The option, it doesn't work. One thing that doesn't work, the option. If I had to choose one thing that doesn't work, it would be the option. Option. No. Work. No.

Offensive Grade: F


Overall the defense was good. After all, they put up more points than the offense.

Kuechly is a rising star in this league and had a great presence in the huddle as he gave out the play call. The players already respect him, he is a natural leader.

Alexander and Norman are to rookies that will be contributing to the Panthers for a long time, fans should be excited about that.

Captain had a fantastic game. Obviously his pick 6 was great to see, but his tackling and help in run support was something to be equally excited about.

Defensive Grade: B


See offensive grade.

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