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  1. If you have ever felt bloated and gassy, letting it out is favorable compared to holding it in... or, so I’ve been told. And broccoli is good for you. Eat your broccoli.
  2. Igo made very favorable noises about Sam’s early OTA performance but thank you for your expression of concern. Duly noted.
  3. I’m a Hampton Inn man when traveling on business.
  4. I’ll forgive it this season but the bar is higher next year.
  5. Rhetorical question: If you were a next level, 4D chess, genius GM with the strategy to acquire the future number one picks across multiple seasons, how would you draft to accomplish that?
  6. I see Darnold spending a lot of time watching film, receiving very detailed instruction from both Sean Ryan and Brady on what they want him to do in various situations. I think the training wheels come off around game three of the regular season and we see whether Sam has put the ghosts of the past behind him. He’s certainly capable...
  7. True, but Jake 1.0 was sufficient to get us to the Big Dance. If Darnold can become Jake 2.0, it will be hard to argue that the trade for him was a bust. Consistent playoff appearances should be a reasonable metric for success. YMMV.
  8. Ouch. Blunt but true. “The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room.”
  9. A small quibble. The phrase ‘ginger’ was in use and preceded the show. The character ‘Ginger’ was typecast as a red head starlet by the shows’s writers. There were six ‘Gingers’ between the pilot series, the successive seasons and the sequel movies, the most famous of which was Tina Louis pictured above.
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