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  1. Joe Burrows may have a different opinion...
  2. Interesting trade back but I have also seen mocks where both Sewell and Slater are gone before 8, but that scenario is where and why Pitt and Chase are there at 8. Slater may not be there at 10. IF both Sewell and Slater are gone at 8, take Darrisaw at 10, which feels too soon? Darrisaw at 10 or Pitt at 8? I just don’t know...
  3. Well, oddly enough, drafting the consensus top rated LT in the first round is the most direct and obvious solution. Strange but true.
  4. Doctors Jung and Freud would like to have a word with you...
  5. This is a true statement on several levels, not all of them good.
  6. Luke, CMC, Sewell. You don’t get to pick from the top ten players very often...
  7. Sewell - best player at greatest position of need. “They (BPA) are more like guidelines than actual rules”
  8. Never was a young, talented, highly paid athlete more in need of a life coach or professional mentor than D. Watson. His personal life, reputation and professional career will carry this stain for many, many years.
  9. Yes, it’s written as a fluff piece but, damn, I like this kid’s blue collar background, work ethic, modesty, along with McGown’s first hand observations and comments. Liking this trade even more after reading this article. Matt, Joe and whomever is the QB coach, show us that you really do know how to develop young players.
  10. I may do you one better. Maybe. I remember Sonny Jurgeson and Charley Taylor running the two minute hurry up drill like no one has done since. They ran it to perfection. If you followed the Skins at that time, you know what I mean. It was beautiful.
  11. An open mind. In Huddle land, you are an endangered species, sir. I salute you!
  12. Billy Kilmer. SF to Redskins. He really wasn’t a bust in SF, actually played as much half back as QB in their ‘wildcat’ offense but he didn’t really elevate his game until after he was traded to Washington. He blossomed under HC George Allen. Sometimes a change of venue and coaching DOES make a difference.
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