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  1. So much for staying under the radar…
  2. I like this this type of problem...
  3. I know. It was a momentary lapse in judgment. ”Never wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get muddy but the pig enjoys it.”
  4. Shhhhh! Don’t say the quiet part out loud….
  5. How dastardly evil of him to execute the play the way it was drawn up. If he was a better QB, he would improvise instead, right?
  6. Pie for ‘forborn’, a word I have not seen used here at the Huddle previously. I salute you, sir!
  7. People keep mentioning Brady but few or none have mentioned Sean Ryan’s name and contribution to Sam’s success thus far. Brady gets credit for scheme and play calling but it is Ryan who is in Sam’s ear and head between each offensive series. Sean Ryan, the QB whisperer…
  8. If we go 2-2 in those last four games, that will tell us ALOT about the progress of this franchise. Gotta learn to win in December, like all the other big boy teams.
  9. I wish I could put a better spin on this... but I got nothin'
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