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  1. The NFL created the Rooney rule. The Panthers followed the Rooney Rule to the letter. If Wilks felt strung along, he can blame the NFL for creating the very rule that the Panthers were obligated to follow.
  2. Not disagreeing with you but, could you elaborate on why you think so? Thanks.
  3. Maybe, but look how McCaffrey bulked up from his Stanford days to the pros and didn't lose a step. High protein diet and anabolic steroids will get her there.
  4. Maybe red zone and goal line packages?
  5. Do it, Tepper. What good is it to have obscene money and not spend it on nice things?
  6. Fitt, Morgan, Reich... Find a way to add Luke to the coaching staff!
  7. I like this guy (Reich) more and more…
  8. Wilks has a team of lawyers. Tepper has a team of lawyers. This will be resolved eventually with a monetary settlement. This is what lawyers do. This is how the system works. The rest is just hyper ventilating and word salad.
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