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  1. Indeed. If you’re struggling mightily with your own on field performance, you’re in no position to exhort or call out someone else. Just grind and let your own performance speak for itself.
  2. Where is Zod? Has he entered the witness protection program?
  3. I briefly dated a Hope in high school. Good times.
  4. I was about to post that he didn’t look humbled last season…. You beat me to it.
  5. How can you not root for this young man?!
  6. How about putting your chicken over my home made pasta?
  7. It’s not that hard to bulk up. Bryce, take note…
  8. Juan or Bryce? This conversation has taken a turn I don’t follow…
  9. Per Wikipedia or any college level micro Econ course - Sunk Cost Fallacy: In economics and business decision-making, a sunk cost (also known as retrospective cost) is a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. [1] [2] Sunk costs are contrasted with prospective costs, which are future costs that may be avoided if action is taken.
  10. What are these half time adjustments that you speak of? I like the idea of the Panthers trying something new. Maybe it will catch on throughout the league?
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