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  1. Though not likely, based on mocks that have been posted, the following names have been available at 33… Chop Robinson JPJ / Barton McKinstry / Wiggins McConkey / Mitchell / Coleman Who is BPA in the above list? Given the Panthers roster woes, does it really matter which of the above list is chosen at 33?
  2. This is the template for how to disagree with someone without being argumentative. Well done!
  3. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!
  4. The waiver wire may have more of an impact this year on how we tweak the roster. There may be a starter or backup quality players cut from other teams. [My response is not necessarily WR specific.]
  5. He’s a nice young man. I hope he and the team can generate some success this season.
  6. Put me in the disappointed first year camp but open to new information in 2024
  7. Isn’t that the dilemma, though? Are we drafting to give Bryce ‘weapons’ and help him succeed, or to build the best damn team roster to set us up for years to come. BPA if it’s the later but, I fear we are drafting, in part, to make Bryce successful and prove he isn’t a bust.
  8. I am really conflicted between McConkey and Legette in this draft. In a ‘small ball’ offense where Bryce is the ‘point guard’ and has to have the ball out of his hands in 2.7, I want McConkey, full stop. NFL ready route running and separation, check. Any other ‘normal’ passing scheme that employs a full route tree, and not the odd occasional deep route just to keep safeties honest, I want Legette. Can Legette be fully utilized in a ‘small ball’ offense? Remember, we’re drafting to give Bryce ‘weapons’, not the best WR available when we pick.
  9. What did he do to the Pats? Not disagreeing with you, just haven’t read anything previous to your post. Thanks.
  10. You go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had…
  11. I liked Gilmore's first run as a Panther so, why not? Collect the whole set.
  12. I'm sure there are some incentives built into his contract. Money is a strong motivator.
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