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Wide Receiver Roundup

Apr 08 2014 05:33 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
The Carolina Panthers have made quite a few small moves at wide receiver this offseason, I think a roundup is in order for the casual fan.

Featured on their roster are nine total wide receivers.

Jason Avant, 6'0, 9 years exp

Brenton Bersin, 6'3, 1 year exp

Toney Clemmons, 6'2, 1 year exp
Jerricho Cotchery, 6'1, 11 years exp

Tavarres King, 6'1, 2 years exp

Marvin McNutt, 6'2, 2 years exp

Kealoha Pilares, 5'10, 4 years exp

Tiquan Underwood, 6'1, 6 years exp

RJ Webb, 6'2, 2 years exp

The Panthers typically keep up to 5 receivers on their regular season roster. Looking at this list, one could speculate that Bersin, Clemmons, Webb, and King are the odd men out. If the Panthers do draft one or more wide receivers in May, McNutt and Pilares are on the bubble. Yes, I know McNutt almost caught one pass against Atlanta last season. Cut it out.

This leaves the main players on the roster currently. Here is a bit on them individually.....

Jerricho Cotchery - The field general of the group. A solid number three with veteran savvy and more importantly an ability to make those around him better. A real asset in the locker room, perhaps a mentor for the younger guys (possibly drafted?).

Tiquan Underwood - A former 7th round selection that has managed to stick in the NFL and produce. You should not discount that fact, it shows real drive. He had 4 touchdowns last season and averages 18 yards a reception while being thrown to by inferior talent in Tampa Bay. Underwood could be poised to have a break out year with an actual legitimate QB for the first time in his career. Possible number 2 talent and an upgrade over Brandon Lafell depending on his ceiling.

Jason Avant - The most recent Panthers signing. Possibly a number 2 for the Panthers. Avant had a down year last year for the eagles. This was possibly due to Chip Kelly's offense spreading the ball around more. Before then, Avant had three consecutive seasons with over fifty completions.

The good news is the Panthers have not downgraded all that much from last season.

Many in the media are pointing out that the Panthers do not have a number one receiver on the roster. While this is true, one could argue they did not truly have a number one receiver last season either. A good indication of this is the fact that TE Greg Olsen led the team in receptions.

In summary, the Panthers are a draft pick or two away from actually having improved their wide receiver roster without spending much money to do so.

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:: before

When saying Underwood played with the pats don't forget that yes he was technically on the roster, but much, much more accomplished receivers have been bounced from that system for one reason or another.

See Cinco, Ocho

Hold everything. Please stop complaining about someone else complaining. You now have me complaining about your complaining.

is that a fact?

Underwood is a "field stretcher", so is King.


King's got some juice, but he's also had trouble with press coverage.  He's a work in progress.  Glad we added him, but you can count on him or Underwood.  The Panthers must tap this draft and they must do it well.  If they do, they will look very smart.


If we are looking for some speed, Josh Huff is a guy to look at in the mid rounds, and so is Robert Herron.

Apr 10 2014 02:34 PM

Underwood is a "field stretcher", so is King.

but can they catch, play football and stay on the field?


Shirely, if they're a field stretcher they'd be known about.  Even James Jett and the Ismails were known about and could half catch.


The Panthers would be better off at this point looking for a good downfield threat at RB - similar to whatshisname New Orleans had, or CJ Spiller.  Get a TE that is worth half a fart in the draft, too.  And you will suddenly have better WR's.


But, Underwood and King would never see the field on 30 of 32 teams in this league.

But, Underwood and King would never see the field on 30 of 32 teams in this league.


King is still an unproven talent, and has basically done nothing in the NFL to this point, yet. But Underwood put up 865 yards and 6 touchdowns in 26 games through the last 2 seasons with QB's like Josh Freeman and Mike Glennon (rookie) throwing him the football.

Has anybody seen this Quincy Enunwa kid?  He's got some serious game and he could be a late roud steal.  He's big and tough.  Cam would love throwing to him.


They can load up in this draft if they just choose well.  So much talent at WR.  It's insane.  Check out Enunwa's film.  Very impressive.