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The Case For Janoris Jenkins

Mar 27 2012 10:02 AM HeatCheck Carolina Panthers

Janoris Jenkins | 5'10" | 193 | North Alabama

N. Alabama Stats (1 year) 2 INTs, 53 tackles

Florida Stats (3 Years) 8 INTs, 121 tackles

First want to say that if Morris Claiborne falls to our #9 pick we'd be stupid not to select him. He might not be as good a cover corner but he is right up there with Janoris. That coupled along with Jenkins's past makes Mo a safer pick. But I just want to make the case for Janoris Jenkins, whether that be at #9 or if we trade down.

Janoris Jenkins's talent should never really come into question. He has always been highly touted as he was one of the top recruits coming out of high school. As a true freshman, Janoris started from day 1 at CB. He was just the second true freshman to do that at the University of Florida. While in Gainesville he was a part of some great defenses. He even shared the field with Joe Haden. Anybody who watched Gator games would know that that was one of the best CB tandem in all of college football. But if you had to grade them separately, Janoris always seemed a couple notches above. Haden was the better athlete and had great ball skills. But Jenkins was the better cover corner and was able to limit the throws to his side of the field. The Browns now have their CB for the future in Haden and we could do the same with Jenkins.

I know many are wary of Jenkins's past and rightfully so. He has been caught multiple times for marijuana and was kicked off UF's football team heading into his senior season. Personally, I think this was one of the best things that could have happened to Janoris. It gave Janoris a new perspective on his situation, "It humbled me a lot seeing how I went from Florida to a Division II football school in one season. It really humbled me as a kid. It taught me a lot. The environment was totally different, from 95,000 in "The Swamp" to 3,500 at UNA. Big difference." This humbling experience matured him and allowed him to see how his decision making can affect him on the football field. Going from the SEC to division II, Jenkins realized the spotlight wasn't nearly as big. Jenkins never failed a drug test at UNA according to Bowden and has kept his nose clean off the football field.

Why It Makes Sense for the Panthers?
I think most could argue that CB is the one position that needs to be upgraded the most. If not the top need, it's 1b. Besides Gamble, our CBs are hardly reliable. Adding a CB that can actually cover to go alongside Gamble will ease our safeties. I feel like playing safety on a team that can't defend the pass or the run has to be a tough task. Not knowing whether to shade a certain side of the field to defend the pass or coming up in the box to stop the run seemed like a constant dilemma for our safeties. Jenkins would be the first step in making this a more complete defense.

I think many would agree that this years draft class is deep in the CB department but that doesn't mean there isn't a drop off in terms of talent.

Personal Scouting Report
First, I will begin with the negatives for Jenkins. I'll start with the obvious character concern. As many know, Jenkins played at UNA this year because he was no longer a part of the UF football team after multiple violations. Many have cited this reason alone for wanting nothing to do with him. As far as on the field weaknesses, there is really only one glaring concern and that is his size. I think his size, or lack thereof, is more of a concern in run support than in the pass game.

If you can get past his character concerns, it's easy to see that Jenkins is a stud CB. Addressing his history of bad decision making, I truly think that his time at Division II matured him. If he can keep his nose clean he will be a great CB. He does lack size but that didn't seem like a problem for him when defending the top receivers in the SEC. He has good leaping ability. He is very agile and has fluid hips that allows him to change direction even while reacting to the wideout. And even on the rare occasion that there is a sizable separation, Jenkins is able to cover ground with his speed. He is the best cover corner in this years draft because of his ability to shut down and truly limit one side of the field. Concerning run support, Janoris has great instincts. He is very aggressive and is able to stop the back before he can make his move. But because of his size he is not always able to make the tackle. But the fact that he can get there with great speed, he can at least slow things down so the linebackers can clean up the mess.

Most have seen his work at UF but here are Highlights from UNA

I understand the people that want to stay away from him because of his past. But what I can't understand are the people that are able to overlook the character concerns but are suggesting CBs (not named Claiborne) over Janoris. As far as just talent and production, he is in the debate for the #1 CB in the draft.

I think the positives outweigh the negatives and truly feel he has matured from his time at UNA. He is saying all the right things and has taken ownership of his mistakes in his interviews. This is much better than placing the blame somewhere else or trying to find excuses. Admitting your mistakes is the first step in the process of changing as a person. And that is what I see from for Janoris Jenkins.



:: before

My bad. Am I misinterpreting this then:


I knew they tested for marijuana and I read the NCAA randomly tests so I just assumed they tested randomly for marijuana. But according to you, I guess that's not the case. But who's to say the school's administered drug tests aren't random?

But really that point to me is not really a deciding one. He realizes what he did was wrong and is trying assure teams that the can't do it anymore because of his family.

As I said before they do not do random test for MJ.

Student-athletes are subject to NCAA drug testing for marijuana only at NCAA championship events

So that would only be the Champ game. Thats one game a year for two teams. Thats from the NCAA so deal with it.(http://www.ncaa.org/...rijuana+penalty) You are wrong...
That's why I said "my bad." I admitted it, I must have been misinformed.

That fact doesn't change my view of Janoris in the least.

article on the front page of ESPN about Janoris
I was just going to post that. Just finished reading. It talks about some of the better influences in his life and like I stated, how UNA was an humbling experience.

"Janoris isn't a risk of being a problem off the field in the NFL," Bowden said. "He's a tough kid and a hard worker. People talk about him having four kids, and I didn't even know that because he never talked about it. Usually, guys that have issues with that are late for practice or always dealing with stuff. I always felt like Janoris was handling his business."
Jenkins also has found comfort in the maturity he's gained over the past year. This past fall, his father, William, sent him a DVD of the movie "Secretariat" in hopes of teaching him another valuable lesson.
"I wanted him to know he was just like that horse," William said. "There are times when you're going to lose but you also can't give up. Janoris has kept fighting."

"I was just happy to get the opportunity to play with those guys," said Jenkins, who finished the season as a second-team Division II All-American. "I saw what they had to go through in order to get their opportunities. I tried to let them know that they could've been D-1 players, too, even though they didn't get the chance."
"Going from Florida to North Alabama for Janoris was like going from driving a Lexus to driving a Hyundai," William said. "But it was a positive for him. We'd been on him for three years, and I think he started to relax. He needed to realize this could all be over in a flash."Now Jenkins has to convince others that he's as contrite and committed to success as Bowden believed. Said Heater: "He's not a bad kid. I think Janoris just made some bad decisions. He had a lot of friends from Pahokee that would come see him [in Gainesville], and I don't think they were the best influences."

Bowden added that he doesn't see Jenkins as having a drug problem, saying, "I can see how this happened. His coaches had left. He couldn't practice because of that injury. And Pahokee isn't that far from Gainesville. If he had been getting up at 5 a.m. to lift weights, I guarantee he wouldn't have been doing that stuff."[/size]]

good article.

The guy definitely made some mistakes and has/will pay his dues. But that doesn't make him a bad person.

NFP: Breaking Down a Pick 6

I remember this game and this INT sparked UF

Is Jenkins sitting on this route? No question—and I like it. There is no need to backpedal out. If you know pressure is coming (and you trust your ability to open and run), then go ahead and play through the 3-step game (slant, hitch). Too often we see DBs at the college level backpedal and give up the slant or hitch routinely because they don’t trust their skill set. If your cushion (distance between DB and WR) isn’t threatened by the initial release, then don’t give ground.

We should trade back and pick this dude up AND and extra 2nd. possible?
Hairless Cat
Apr 01 2012 11:15 AM
I dont think the best cb duo in the world will do us much good if we dont make a couple of moves to shore up our pass rush and start to consistantly get pressure on opposing qb 's. IMO d line and linebacker are our biggest needs. Besides I think Gable and Hogan will both do well this year - if they get help from up front.

I dont think the best cb duo in the world will do us much good if we dont make a couple of moves to shore up our pass rush and start to consistantly get pressure on opposing qb 's. IMO d line and linebacker are our biggest needs. Besides I think Gable and Hogan will both do well this year - if they get help from up front.

But what it does do by selecting a shutdown corner, it fixes the pass game quicker and makes your defense more complete. We are going to need to strengthen our pass defense and rush defense regardless. But if you have a duo of CBs that can actually defend the pass that makes the jobs of the safeties that much easier. I am not saying that our whole lack of rush defense was because the safeties were caught helping the CBs but it had to play a factor. There are more pieces that go into creating QB pressure and it'll take more than one player to accomplish that.

So why not draft a CB that helps you shore up the pass defense and then focus on creating a pass rush?
I completely agree with your assessment of his talent. He lacks none. If we were in the teens, I would take the pick, but with the eighth pick, it is risky. I wouldn't be upset if we took him (especially over Poe), but it is a definite risk that cannot simply be overlooked.
This draft is deep at CB. Why take a chance on Jenkins? If he is there when we pick in the 2nd, I think the value would be way to high to not pick him, BUT...that likely won't happen, so this seems like a moot issue.

Look at how quick JR has been to get rid of guys with 'possible' cahracter or substance abuse issues in the past...why would he change now? Just b/c he has Rivera?! I love the point about Rivera not running a daycare & having other things to do! :rolleyes: