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Ted "Born A" Ginn

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    Last season the San Francisco 49ers gave up on Tedd Ginn Jr. Ginn, taken by the Dolphins with the ninth overall pick in 2007, never lived up to his potential. He has been known as a specialist his entire career. A career that has been plagued by dropped passes and opinions that he is not physical enough for the NFL.

That is, perhaps, until now.

In Carolina, Ginn has found a quarterback and a system that is not afraid to go vertical to him. Cam Newton may be the biggest difference maker for Ginn at this point in his career.

Ginn says so himself...

"A guy like Cam, he has a big arm and he's not scared of the speed. You get a guy who doesn't have a big arm sometimes and after you get two steps on a guy, he is scared he might under throw you and the defensive back might pick it off."

Ginn currently has a pair of 40+ yard touchdowns from Cam Newton.This week against the Arizona Cardinals, Ginn has a chance to further cement his place as a legitimate NFL threat.

Cardinals shutdown cornerback Patrick Peterson will cover Steve Smith for most of the game. If the Panthers plan on putting up points against their highly ranked rushing defense, they will need another receiver to step up and make plays. With Brandon Lafell being more of a possession type receiver, it will be up to Ginn to stretch the field. Just a single big play of 20 yards or more will help keep the Arizona defense honest and open up the passing lanes for Olsen and Lafell to cash in on. I believe he is up to the task.

This Sunday Ted Ginn can tell the rest of the league that his career is just beginning.

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