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    Nope. Harbinger is the TB's #1 supporter of Joe Biden. By contrast, I don't support racist warmongers, ever. Say NO to racist warmongers. Say NO to Joe Biden.
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    i'd about rather cut my dick off than vote for biden. but trump's base will like it if he espouses his thoughts about segregation again. and i'm getting sick of fellow libs saying we have to support him to beat trump. no, no i don't because i don't. this isn't football. this is about the future of the human race and the planet and it'll just be more of the same bs with him. ugh!
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    dude only the shirt was photoshopped, it's a real picture.
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    Who ran on the issue of Japanese reparations? Also, don't bring up black college grads & AA studies in a dismissive fashion if you're going to slink away when that gets debunked.
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    I voted Trump over Hillary as the anti-war candidate. He hasn't really failed me there...
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    Which is why I, as a Trump voter in '16, would vote for Tulsi.
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    More air time for TULSI GABBARD.
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    herbaderbs in 3 weeks' time at this rate: "I'm now 100% convinced Bernie Sanders isn't actually a real person."
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    lmfao I can't with this dude
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    I don't support warmongers who voted to go to war with Iraq. That vote alone should be an automatic disqualifier. I don't support any politician whose first stop is to an exclusive political fund raiser with a billionaire known for union busting. I don't support a candidate who led the fight in congress for racist policies/anti busing. I don't support a misogynist that can't keep his hands off of women and little girls and sandbags Anita Hill in favor of Clarence Thomas. I don't support any politician that led the fight to cut Social Security in Obama's administration. I don't equate any of these requirements with high standards. They are in fact a pretty low bar to clear. They certainly don't equate to a "perfect candidate". It is just a starting point.
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    heck to some if you dont submit to there idea of the perfect candidate you are on the other side. I have stated that due to actual scientific information of the brain going into decline as you age that should take out a few of the candidates alone. If I bring up specific issues I might have - say it be the question on Bernie focusing on economic inequality versus how this ties into racial inequality (his comments that we should not fix the root of the racial difference in weath be it reparations but focus on banks) which I think is ultimately the bigger issue I am not left enough for some people. I will watch policy and debates carefully and I am sure a candidate will tick enough boxes for me to support. I am sure I will be crucified by some others on the left for my choice but I am comfortable enough from my many years of direct progressive activism that I can let it not bother me. .
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    @Harbingers This is your preferred candidate for POTUS. Well done, useful idiot of the establishment.
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    Ash Ayers is his name: He is digging the photo shops of his image.
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    nvm found it, it was Eugene Debs
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    Even when African Americans get degrees in the “all mighty” STEM fields, they’re still not getting hired at the same clip their white counterparts are. Theres also more African American STEM grads not working in their field than any other group; as we were at a 32% underemployed rate. https://www.google.com/amp/s/washington.cbslocal.com/2014/05/27/study-black-college-graduates-twice-as-likely-to-be-unemployed/amp/ In fact, our graduates have been trailing whites in employment for decades. What’s the problem? And now that everyone is doing bad, now there’s a big push for these universal policies? What we do know is that whites and other minorities, outside of blacks, tend to go conservative in their voting as they age, and start earning more. We’ll see how these white millennials vote once the trillions in inheritance is passed down.
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    https://lithub.com/rebecca-solnit-unconscious-bias-is-running-for-president/ "Meanwhile, the New York Times in all its august unbearability just published this prize sentence in a piece about Joe Biden’s failure to offer Anita Hill an apology she found adequate: “Many former Judiciary Committee aides and other people who participated did not want to talk on the record because they feared that scrutiny of Mr. Biden’s past conduct would undermine the campaign of the candidate some think could be best positioned to defeat President Trump, whose treatment of women is a huge issue for Democrats.” That translates as, let’s run a guy whose treatment of women is an issue, and let’s ignore that treatment because even so we think that he’s best positioned to defeat the guy whose treatment of women is an issue, and also fug treatment of women, especially this black woman, as an issue, really. Sometimes these guys with outsized platforms say poo like James Comey did when he complained that his erstwhile classmate Amy Klobuchar was “annoyingly smart,” perhaps because women are not supposed to be like that in his worldview. The framework that intelligence is an asset in a man and a defect in a woman is nastily familiar. Another white man had the temerity to explain to me that “The really smart wonks don’t end up being the media stars needed to win the presidency, i.e., Hillary Clinton—super smart, knows the facts, but comes off as smug and all knowing. I get this from Kamala Harris too.” In other words, he assumes that they are women who know too much and the character defect is theirs, not his."
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    Nope. Just demanding what is owed. Also, you not knowing what people are doing doesn't mean they aren't.
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    i imagined a person saying this sentence out loud and now i know exactly what you look like
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    Bill Clinton "Third Way/New Dem" signed NAFTA into law. Biden voted for NAFTA as well.
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    a presidential vote isn't going to fix the fact that you don't need to take an iq test to qualify for office. you should have to. we have a congress filled with stupid people. we have a white house filled with stupid people. we have stupid people at every single level of government. people with no understanding of basic science. i don't think we're ever getting anywhere until this changes. its why turning over the running of the country to an AI is going to seem like such a good idea. we're reaping the results of a crappy school system that's filled with inequality of education and its been left that way no matter the party in control. now pseudo-science is mainstream. i mean get yourselves all worked up about the vote but nothing is going to change. people are really dumb and they vote.
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    I'm not talking about other states. I'm talking about Colorado. The state where I've lived for 13 years and travel all over as part of my sales territory. I understand Colorado and it's leanings far better than the national political pundits do. I think the '16 election showed that they just might be out of touch with things at a grassroots level.
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    My vote has literally nothing to do with countless other voters in crucial swing states across the country.
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    Colorado is always considered a swing state. It's not. Not anymore. The Colorado Front Range is heavily left and that's where the vast majority of the state's population lives. The Front Range runs CO.
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    I really don't care about being politically friendly with left or right wingers to be honest. I won't be voting for Trump, but I won't commit to voting for the Dem candidate either. Colorado will go blue either way.
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