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    Awesome for the team and Pep. Hopefully they send Burns to visit his office soon for tips. Tepper continues to make great moves for our team.
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    A benefit of sweeping the Islanders is that we got to rest some and get a few bodies back from injury. It's great having Svechikov and Martinook back. Ferland and Mrazek are also both saying that they will be ready for Game 1. For those that don't follow hockey closely or are new to the game here's why that's important: Andrei Svechnikov is our star rookie we picked #2 last year. He has a special skillset that we lack on the team. He's a very good shooter, skater, passer, and he's gotten much better defensively over the course of this year. He can make plays that most can't and he's looking to score on a team with a lot of passers. He's going to be a star soon. Jordan Martinook is usually a fourth line energy guy but did spend some time on the third line for a bit. He tends to stick up for Andrei on the ice and Jordan, Andrei, and Dougie Hamilton (a defenseman on our team) are pretty close. It also means the AHL player filling his spot can go back to Charlotte. Micheal Ferland is a guy we picked up this year in the Calgary trade along with Dougie Hamilton. He plays a physical game and in the past has laid some big hits to go along with the points he scored. The second half of the season he's been hurt quite frequently and we have no idea what the injury is and his production has stalled as a result. If he can go back to playing the way he was at the beginning of the season he would be a huge asset to the team in this series as a deterrent to Marshand of Boston who likes to take cheap shots at opponents. Petr Mrazek is currently our #1 goalie we acquired this year as a free agent. Since January he's had an outstanding record. He's been on the front page of NHL.com several times for some of the saves that he's made this year. You can see that the team has confidence that they can win any game that he or Curtis McElhinney (our other outstanding goalie) starts. All three levels in the Hurricanes organization are doing really well. It's incredible to think that the Everblades (ECHL), Checkers (AHL), and Hurricanes (NHL) could sweep every major championship in North American professional hockey this year.
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    Remember in 2015 when we were projected to win 6 games and finish last in the Division and then went 15-1?
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    That is not a goal of mine, but thinking it will probably happen anyway.
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    Man, Bucs aside, I feel for JPP. That sucks man.
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    I'd imagine it wouldnt do much good for morale...
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    The guy is not wrong. Our later round picks have been underwhelming for a long time. I truly think that is a result of having RR friends coaching positions instead of quality coaches who can actually develop people. I think Tepper saw that as well. I think he evaluated every part of the team and the progress they are making like any business. I am hopeful that can change with the new experienced coaches we have added. Especially Fewell. I am really hoping he can make something out of Gualden, Corn, Doss, And Seymour. We don’t need Probowlers out of the later rounds, but we do need guys who can develop into serviceable depth when called upon.
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    Man, I just love Julius’ story. This will be a great opportunity for both he and the panthers, and I’m glad he’s sticking around the team
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    I predict 11.6 wins and a greater than 90% chance of making the playoffs. I have the same amount of credibility as those projections.
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    With the way the Panthers looked at the end of the season I wouldn't be surprised if they only won 4 games. I also wouldn't be surprised if they won 12 and made a Superbowl run. Honestly, no idea what to expect out of the team this season.
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    You of all people are going to say whether or not actual panther fans deserve something?
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    This just popped up on a Charlotte news station. Haven’t seen this before. Looks great (if it ends up in SC). Sorry for having to take a photo of the TV. Couldn’t find it anywhere online.
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    Its better to tell the guys you drafted "you were the guy we always wanted", "we had a first round grade on you", and build up their confidence then let them see "man, they didn't really want me. I was just leftovers".
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    As a fan, I'd love to know myself but what is to be gained from the team's perspective by having it publicly revealed?
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    Post the article.... I’m not giving the Falcons fan page a hit. Not a chance.
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    To be fair...we normally do. If I were not a fan I would usually slot us there simply based on track record.
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    real smile fake smile
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    We need to take advantage and start out fast and steal this one in Boston. If we do that that’s huge.
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    I think it shows just how bad a judge of character Republican voters are too. You gotta be real gullible to think "this dude knows what he's doing" back in 2016. Google existed back then. Everyone in NYC knew he was a shitty businessman and a clown who stiffs people.
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    If we lose Game 1, delete this thread. I'll make the next game thread.
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    Cant lie, that's good stuff right there.
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    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26686576/2019-nfl-power-rankings-projected-wins-playoff-chances-1-32?platform=amp I guess few folks expect Cam back at 100% given when healthy last year we were 6-2 and cruising to the playoffs. Seems they are focusing on how we finished up instead of our potential. I am predicting 11-5 or better. Yeah it is too early but what else is going on?
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    The Justice Department has informed House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler this morning that the “President has asserted executive privilege over the entirety of the subpoenaed materials.” In other words, America, when Trump tells you he has been "totally exonerated" in the Mueller Report, you're just going to have to believe him because he's not going to allow anyone to read it for themselves. Why block a written report that you claim gets you off the hook? I'll wait for the Trump nut-huggers to provide the excuses.
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    because he is one of the biggest losers of all time. Likely is the greatest in terms of losing money and when the sane world cut him off. He went abroad and took dirty money to bail him out and keep his fake con going. Same dude is the one who doesn’t even understand trade. Thinks tarrifs means the Chinese are giving him money. Ignores literally all experts and informed folks on every topic known to man
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    Yeah, no. Imagine you’re considering 6 different girls to date. So you make a pros cons list to rank them. Your top two choices get taken before you can make your move. Then you start dating one and show them where they landed on the list...
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    Mentions Burns and targeted weight gain over the next 2-3 seasons...
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    I love how much Pep has grown in his time in the NFL and with the Panthers. he is one of my all-time favorite players in the NFL
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    I think Pep is a truly good man. Glad to have him as part of the organization. eta Tepper keeps on Teppin'
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    I mean this is completely fair. We've never been a consistent franchise so 7-8 wins is probably going to be normal every year for us until we start having some sustained success. No reason really to take it as an insult or anything.
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    the law on abortion is about fetal viability you actual lean left on that issue. Gun rights are fine but the public safety role needs to be addressed, you cant let the power of those that choose to own guns be a public danger to society. Gun laws are designed to keep public safety in mind. Of course if the CDC was allowed to study this we could have a more rational policy on it but NRA lobby has made this virtually impossible. Trump actually signed a omnibus bill loosening the restriction on the CDC but still bars federal funds being used in it.
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    Libertarian = excuse making shoe shiner for the GOP sorry I just call it like I see it
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    I lean to the right on certain wedge issues (abortion, though I'm fine with it in most cases up until fetal viability). I'm pragmatic in that I am willing to compromise on things to bring about positive change. I won't let one thing (gun rights) keep me from appreciating someone like Tulsi.
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    It's also worth pointing out that you don't necessarily have to gain significant weight to add significant strength.
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    What temp did he order his steak?
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    man, nah, you need to lay off the shogun of harlem. you got no idea what you're talking about, or the kinda trouble you're getting in. i seriously doubt you got the glow. i seriously doubt it. and without the glow, you have no hope against shonuf. one thang you ain't, and that's bruce leroy
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    I mean, we know racism was a huge factor and those klan rallies he'd throw played a big part, but besides that. Republican voters are dumb.
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    My hometown, really moving up in the world. Should be sponsored by Shrimp Boat, though. *single tear*
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    Honestly cant even tell what I'm looking at
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    I'm doing a write up for my company's quarterly newsletter on why Game of Thrones is so popular. Below is a VERY rough draft. If you're interested I'd appreciate feedback.
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    Nappy homeless guy? Well someone needs to "plan some more movies" if they don't recognize my avatar.....
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    Walls was also a 4x All Pro (as a Panther) and Gross was also an All Pro. I just think many are young to appreciate some of the players who did most of their work in previous decades.

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