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  1. So my only question here is where are the federal agents and protests taking place? is it just in front of the federal courthouse? if so this is an easy fix, leave area of the federal courthouse and you dont have to worry about the feds. Federal Marshalls are tasked with the protection of the federal courthouses(and have been for decades) you go there every night and day and surprise theyre gonna be there. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-07-24/federal-agents-tear-gas-rubber-bullets-push-portland-protesters-back this and other news articles source it as being around the courthouse that all this is taking place. some serious BS on both sides going on here. Trump claiming he called in the fed, nope just federal marshalls protecting the courthouse. protesters claim the feds are going out after them? nope theyre going to where the feds are, at the courthouse. total BS on all sides.
  2. I said it pretty early on here that if there was any chance that cam could return to being cam and the Panthers released/traded him it would be the biggest mistake in franchise history. Still waiting to find out
  3. I wish the best for Cam I really do, he certainly didn’t help himself the last two years here, but at the same time I blame management for mismanaging cams injury too. sad to see him go, glad he landed somewhere nice. Love to see him behind his first legit O-line since pretty much ever!
  4. that year smitty could do no wrong, best year I've ever seen a WR have, only if the rest of the offense was a bit better....
  5. 1. Said Other officer would testify against him, He didnt. 2. tasers are not considered a deadly weapon/firearm, they are(He also stated they were in an earlier interview regarding a different case but flipped back for the press conference). And Georgia code 16-11-106. States that they are. 3. No justification of deadly force, Georgia code 16-3-21 states otherwise. 4. They said brooks never displayed any aggressive behavior during the incident towards the officer. And just got shot. We all saw the video, and know that ain’t true. so 4, not even having watched the full press conference either.
  6. 1. DA did lie about 3 things at least, I haven’t had time to watch the full press conference yet, so there may have been more. I will say 2 of the things he lied about I pointed out and even quoted Georgia law on. But yeah I’m the one making up stuff. Didn’t know I could change Georgia law but oh well..... 2. You think I let anything some internet troll says bothers me? Talk about a serious case of narcissism. you actually believe I place any value on anything you say? Lol. I find your purely emotion based beliefs entertaining in a morbid kinda way. Interest when you watch someone who attaches emotions to their belief say truth be damned. It’s funny watching them act in the exact way which they are claiming to be against. Lol
  7. You know nothing about me cooter, yet you’re making assumption about me based on your preconceived notions(sounds strangely familiar). You’re an internet troll, who has a history of almost stalkerish actions(digging up Years old posts and misrepresenting what was being discussed, seriously who does that?). Only thing I worry about you is your mental health.
  8. The issue is a lot of people don’t understand police procedure and the use of force continuum. They also do not understand the laws. I have not said the shooting was a good shooting, it definitely wasn’t the cleanest instance of law enforcement use of deadly force. But according to the law it was considered a legally justified shooting. Funny how the DA ignored Georgia code 16-11-106 and 16-3-21. use of force laws, are pretty much hounded into police officers from day 1 of training, it’s one of the most important things we cover, many agencies spend 2 days a year reviewing just that. the difference here is you are making general assumptions without understanding the other side because it already fits your point of view. I present information that the DA is acting out of political gain during an election year and you ignore that in favor of your preconceived agenda. That’s a serious case of confirmation bias. what would you say if you found out the DA lied multiple times during his press conference yesterday? does that affect how you perceived what he said at all? If the answer is “No” there in lies the issue.
  9. I did call the DA caving to public pressure before hand. Your a troll again. I’d hate that my entire self worth was based on my popularity on a niche forum on the internet but to each his own. Right?
  10. GBI hasn’t completed the investigation yet, DA(elected official) unilaterally charged him without consulting anyone. It’s a political hack job. take it for what you want but the fact the DA decided to charge without anyone submitting anything is screaming political hack job. GBI is the same agency that charged the father and son within 36 hours of taking over the Arbery Murder.
  11. I've pretty much said the same thing here, already had 3 people call me a pig, so dont expect a warm welcome to ruining their point of view.
  12. lol, yall know practically nothing about me other than I have a history in law enforcement and assume I'm guilty about something(this is almost exactly like something else...). just came in here to share some perspective, I'm sorry I jumped in and ruined your cop hating circle jerk but pretending there isnt two sides to a coin under these circumstance is fienting ignorance. 2 shootings with very similar actions taken 1. Walter Scott, wrestled with a cop, ran and was Murdered by a bad cop 2. Rayshard Brooks, Shot because he raised it to the standard of Lethal force and got killed. the difference here one person was actively trying to shoot the officer with a taser, the other was just trying to get away. as I stated before, dont like the law, contact your local state rep.
  13. https://www.tiktok.com/@tophertownmusic/video/6838276862821682437?u_code=dbiklhh0hmj68j&preview_pb=0&language=en&_d=dbiklk6ai0di8g&share_item_id=6838276862821682437&timestamp=1592329423&utm_campaign=client_share&app=musically&utm_medium=ios&user_id=6811551893283505158&tt_from=copy&utm_source=copy&source=h5_m read the rest of my posts, I explain it, and as I said before, if you dont agree with it contact your local state rep. also as one that pretends to call for social justice, reverting to derogatory remarks to a group on individuals isnt exactly practicing what you preach....
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