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  1. @thebigcat that is becuase cam has historically never played well in the preseason. what is to be gained from reading into something that someones has historically done since they have been with this franchise
  2. I'm honestly kinda depressed over this, not so much about Rivera, kinda figured that would happen if we didn't make the playoffs this year. But Cam has looked absolutely terrible. The same man who used to carry our whole offense by himself is already looking to be at the end of his career at 30, I knew it would happen one day, but I thought we'd get another 5 years maybe he'd retire at 35. but right now this is the lowest point I've had as a fan in quit some time. really kinda upset about this
  3. I'm starting to believe it's over for Cam, hate to say it, but he has looked horribly inaccurate over the first two games, I'm starting to have flashbacks to Jake post elbow surgery and that's not a good thing at all....
  4. why? Norv doesn't want nothing to do with being the HC, so who is gonna coach the team?
  5. The Truth, mid season firing accomplishes nothing more than making some fans that always complain appy for a week at the most. what's the point in that?
  6. Probably after the last game of the season. There is absolutely nothing to gain from a mid season firing.
  7. Just the first half, was last game too. Not sure what is going on, looks like the arm strength is there but Cam is playing like crap.
  8. Lol at people salivating over the prospect of Rivera getting fired. we have had one thread talking about how soon will Rivera get fired and now this one asking who will step in mid season to take over? Y’all are out of line at this point in a season pure and simple. I’m honestly to the point where I no longer believe these people to be fans. why? They are practically opening rooting for us to lose. imo that is something a fan should never do. I have always been the firm believer in win every game you can and let the chips fall where they may. i have never, nor will I ever root for this team to lose or a coach to fail. Because why on earth would I root to watch a my team fail. i will say it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that Rivera will either stay or go this year based on how the team performs this year, nothing more or less. So it’s pretty much playoffs or bust. I don’t believe anyone is debating this at all. But the worst part is I seriously believe that these same people would be upset about the panthers making the playoffs! So as a fan, why in God’s name should you ever be upset about your team making and possibly winning a playoff game? Absolutely never. So you’re not a fan at that point. You’re a malcontent that is simply using this game to voice frustration about other shortcomings in your life. Laugh it off if you want but I have no other reasoning behind openly Rooting against a team are supposedly a fan of, other than there or some other personal issues going on. Because that poo is crazy yo. So in short get a life man(or woman). If you root for us to lose I honestly don’t want you anywhere near my team, the panthers. So feel free to go follow someone else. Patriots bandwagon may be a bit full but I’m pretty sure you will find the crowed more to your liking since half of them have jumped ship from their previous team as well. By falicia
  9. Wait until the season is over and blow poo up. anyone that is screaming for us to fire the coaches are just being dumb. It’s playoffs or a house cleaning this year. Just wait and see if we dont make the playoffs Rivera is good as gone.
  10. He is Ed’s son, Panthers should file a formal complaint and bar them from refereeing panther games
  11. What was racist in the slightest about what I said? Nothing, y’all are the clown here
  12. What is racist about saying he plays sloppy. And if you’ve been on here any time you’d know I’m a huge Cam fan. Retract your statement and apologize or I will request that you receive a temp banned for that, totally uncalled for.
  13. Let’s get this straight first turnover 100% Moore’s fault. Second one 0% if you continue to blame the second one on Moore you’re only showing how little you know about football.
  14. Lol, y’all need to get your head out of your own ass. None of that last one was on Moore. If anything on Cam.
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