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  1. I never was a fan of the Lakers, but I would always watch a game if Kobe was involved, I was dumb struck when I first read it. True Legend gone way before his time. RIP Kobe
  2. I know this isnt NFL but I dont think anyone here will argue the magnitude of this news https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28569438/sources-kobe-bryant-daughter-gianna-die-helicopter-crash Sad day in sports and the NBA, we lost a true legend today.
  3. ROFL if you think Jamis is an answer to anything. NO and hard pass. it's sad that I even needed to say this.
  4. That’s what I’ve been thinking the whole time after he kept Hurney. People around here love to hit the panic button. But you just have to wait!
  5. Greatness happened today, and I couldnt watch the game because I havent been able to get CBS since the last hurricane hit me....
  6. I'm always consistent. I think it's kinda silly honestly. the huddle can be more petty than a girl dumped right before prom at times. it's quit funny. I never understood the stalker like obsession this place has with past players. Unless they are someone of note Like Steve Smith or Mike Minter for example I honestly dont care if the go on to be the best player in the NFL and the reason anyone cares is beyond me.
  7. Josh McDaniels has been passed up for many decent jobs that are open, want to know why? ask the Colts. McDaniels agent quit after McDaniels backed out. There is nothing you can say again and be tanken for 100% after what he did to the Colts. I imagine many NFL owners didnt forget that. Browns may sign him just because they arent getting much interest because they fire people too fast. So it may be a match made there. LOL at people who thought the Browns was a more attractive job than Carolina, any halfway decent Head Coach is gonna see the 12 head coaches in 20 years and say nope! thats an average of 1.6 years, pretty much you're expected to be fired Mid second season. lol
  8. For the first time in years, decades even, I don’t know what to expect going into next season. I think anyone that says they do is lying. Will certainly be interesting times ahead!
  9. Not the biggest fan and McDaniels, but if you’re so Flippant that a single game changes your opinion of a coach against their body of work You're off your rocker.. favorite thing to bring up when people have shallow views of coaches, Ron Rivera is undefeated against Bill Belichick. So does that make Ron Rivera the better coach? no and neither does losing a single game mean McDaniels and certainly a bad offensive coordinator.
  10. I never joke, I’m always 100% serious and the internet is a super serial place! also fua it’s no secret you pretty much hate me and have for a while. the difference between me and you is I never cared about your opinion but you care about mine. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s because my responses and opinions are more thought out and balanced than your general run of the mill super sensitive reactionary posts on here.
  11. and still no one cares about yours, lol.
  12. there are 3 threads about this in differing levels, this is the only opinion on this that should matter among the 3 . so yes. sorry you got sore butt from be destroying your topic.
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