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  1. No, but Gano missing played a Bigger roll than anything else today. Like DJ Moore in the Redskins game. yeah would we have squeaked a win out if Gano just makes his kicks, yes, but you should know as well as anyone winning in the NFL is hard. Rivera has a long tract record of Success, if you want to admit it or not, he does. But with all that said, I think I even told you this before the season started, Tepper didnt spend all that money to not make a the Changes he wants to make. And that I thought the moment Tepper was bought the team Rivera's days were numbered. But I also think Rivera is a lot better than many want to give him credit for, and I'm perfectly fine with him staying right now, because I like watching teams wins games. and Ive seen many many years where we didnt. Right now, I just want Washington fired. but it is what it is.
  2. You said it not me bro
  3. yes Mr. I want Hue Jackson, totally dying for an out of this conversation. I totally didnt win it when you said you would rather have Hue Jackson. totally didnt.
  4. Pretty sure he was the same guy from the Selfies he's posted. both also liked(or used to) brag about how rich they are . I mean if you know him and know its not him I will stop calling him Alice, and apologize, but i'm fairly certain its him.
  5. we are not rehashing this whole argument... Like I said last time go read a history book bro. There are books and movies about what I was talking about. you only have your opinion and some miss-understanding that anything I said then was anything more than historical fact. Honestly have no idea why I'm even talking to you Mr. I want Hue Jackson.
  6. he is Alice a saints fan, sometimes Pats fan that pretends he is a Panthers fan when it suites him.
  7. I was referencing changes that took place in the FBI post J. Edgar Hoover, dont blame me you flunked history bro.
  8. you just had Alice agree with you, I rest my case.
  9. Go back to the saints forum Alice, I’m not the smartest person in the room by a wide margin. but I’m definitely smart than you little dog
  10. Say what you want but I still didn’t get so bad as to think Hue Jackson was a good option.
  11. Season isnt over, we only lost 2 games in a row, poo happens. Today I've seen posters claim Rivera is a terrible coach, when he is currently #5 in the NFL for overall winning percentage over the last 5 years, that isnt bad thats actually really really good and anyone that says otherwise is lying to themselves. I've seen posters suggest that we should just go ahead and blow up the team. Yes lets blow up a team that still has a very manageable road to the playoffs.... Brilliant!!! I have even seen a poster suggest that Hue Jackson would be a better option than Rivera..... no sorry but I will have to pass on 3-36-1 excuse me. Am I happy about todays results? heck no, but I sure as heck know that I want to part of Hue Jackson coaching us, my brain didnt just exit stage left after loss like it did with some here apparently. If you want to brake down todays loss down to the Simplest of terms, Gano hits his kicks and we win today and half of you here arent screaming for Rivera's head on a pike. Do I like Rivera? yeah but he's got me pissed off with Keeping Washington on the team, he isnt perfect, but he has been a consistent winner, and as someone who has watched all 23+ years of Panthers Football I've seen a lot worse, so if you want to fire Rivera a top 5 coach by winning percentage, have a plan and a good one to replace him, not one you suddenly thought of after the timer hit 00:00 in todays game. But people dont want to admit its that simple of an answer tho, and heck all we have to do is have a bad series before the Fire Rivera crowed comes out from hiding. Believe it or not guys, under rivera or any other coach for that matter, we will see a 2 game losing streak again.. shocker. it happens. Get used to it grow up.
  12. you dont want to be convinced tho. want to claim an NFL owner wouldnt want a top 5 winning coach? you'd be lying or the owner has one of the 4 better coaches. if you want to say its all cam, then is Bill Belicheck all Brady? no they rely on eachother. your the one who said this, this is nothing but pure butt hurt talking. Hue Jackson really? no one in the NFL thinks that. yeah it was a bad loss today but poo happens, Patriots lost to the Titans last week. we have only lost two games in a row but now youre saying you would rather have a coach that had a combined record with the Browns of 3-36-1. with 0-16 season and 1-15 seasons under his belt. Go to bed and step away from the keyboard
  13. You also just made an ass out of yourself in the other post, rather have hue Jackson? Really? You want to fire Ronwith a top 5 win percentage for 11-44-1 hue Jackson. dude it’s time to step away from the keyboard tonight. You just went full retard.
  14. Ron Rivera is #5 among active coaches for overall wins over the last 5 1/2 years. so with that said did you know Ron was the 5th winningest coach in the NFL right now? Probably didn’t. how many of those coaches wish they had our problems? Most of them wish they hired Rivera I’d imagine. You may say no, but top 5 winning percentage says hell yeah they would. after every loss people get butt hurt and act like irrational 2 yo with little sleep. Don’t hate on me for not panicking like the rest of the children. We still have a solid road to the playoffs, and I will take that.