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  1. What if I told you neither team will put 50, on us. What would you say then little boy. Just because you lose to one team one week doesn’t mean you will lose to the next. Otherwise this meme is true, which it isn’t.
  2. I wonder who said to pump your breaks and remember Matt Moore? I am neither for nor against Allen, I am for the best QB starting for the Panthers pure and simple. Right now it’s Allen, next year that may be Cam or someone else. With that said, a bad game is expected on occasion with rookie QB’s, I am not concerned about Allen’s performance today in the slightest. 1 game does not make or break a season or a career, it’s the body of Work. today was his first bad loss since he started for us.
  3. I don’t think we will hear from him today, but I think we will hear from him soon.
  4. ROFL y’all fuging crazy if you think he shouldn’t laugh or smile as a game is going on, it is what it is, this game was over from the word go! if you stuck around and watched the rest of that trash game that’s on you, I shut it off after 17-0
  5. Bill needs to take the team owners and entire staff of the Bills, Jets and Dolphins our to the fanciest dinner money can buy and thank them all for sucking to an amazing extent for 20 years which has allowed him to become the greatest coach of all time. Seriously they’ve had an automatic 6 wins every year since he’s been there
  6. No advantage in firing before seasons end. No point honesty. It will happen after the last game has been played. nothing more to see here
  7. Expect Ron Rivera to be fired at seasons end. watch games to evaluate players that may be kept or cut next offseason. that’s is all.
  8. I think the nail is already in the coffin, said it before the season that if they don’t make the playoffs this year he should be gone. either the talent on defense is that bad or he is riding Washington out of Carolina.
  9. He is a agitator, not a hero, I may not agree with Eric Reid, but I respect how he went about it. Kap wearing cops are pigs socks and a shirt with Fidel Castro on it means he cares nothing about human rights, only about creating a poo storm, people forget that Castro was not only a war criminal, but a major Human rights violator and general POS. But apparently that fact only matters if youre in Miami today in america for some reason.
  10. Colin is being too confortational, they wanted to see if he would do what he is asked to do, changing and requiring the NFL to adjust to you like a super star, which he isnt, did nothing but enforce the perception of him before this event. The question about Colin Kap. is will he create a poo storm again if you put him on your team? he just answered a resounding yes to that question by his actions yesterday. Would honestly be surprised if anyone signs him now. People are quick to forget, but last time he was in the league, he created a political poo storm that cost the league billions, it would be cheaper for the league to pay him off again than for him to creat another political poo storm and cost them billions more.
  11. Really? I honestly never did expect much from him, teams dont let good Centers walk, they just dont. If Ryan Kalil played in a bigger market, like Dallas or NYG, he's a HoF. but since it took him years to just get recognized he never will be. Just like when Gross left, gonna be a while before someone fills those shoes competently, we are still trying to fill Gross's
  12. I dont actually dislike or hate anyone on here. Conversations can get heated, but this is teh internets friend and totally not a serious place. Only feel sorry for is Alice, Alice was the Sad sod that came on here trying to look awesome on another teams forum. Only came across as extremely annoying.
  13. Unlike the three people that gave you Poo I understand sarcasm!
  14. Us Winning games this year, Run D no question. For Future purposes I’m far more interested in QB play. the three biggest issues this year though is: 1. Run D 2. O-line 3. everything else
  15. Just continuing to poo any post where people bring up The Panthers hater DeAngelo Williams.
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