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  1. I think the plan is to get a QB in the draft this year, and if one we like doesn’t fall to us this year we tank for Lawrence next year. it’s very risky imo, plan is to develop said QB to where they are hitting their stride when Tampa and New Orleans and possibly Atlanta are going to be starting their next rebuilds. All 3 of their QB’s are aging on the end of their careers.
  2. How do we know what the plan is? What is our goal and target? look at the contracts we are signing compared to what our division opponents are signing. Panthers aren’t planning to compete with New Orleans and Tampa for the next 2 years.... we are planning to wait them out. make no doubt if you still had any at this point. This is a full rebuild with our plan to start competing again in 2022 at the earliest, probably 2023. embrace the suck.
  3. Still don’t like him, he ain’t wrong for once, but he is also attention grabber who shits on the panthers every chance he gets
  4. This is beyond terrible in my opinion. It feels like management is intentionally running the team into the ground. I just don’t know what to say to this....
  5. I was gonna be polite and not point out it was you, was gonna let bygones by bygones and what not. there are not one but 2 threads where I discuss the same exact thing with you and spell it out line by painstaking line. You simply refuse to accept any of the points I raise in circle back around to your previous notions without recognizing anything I’ve said. an argument with you will go absolutely nowhere, Because you refuse to accept any information that is counter to your previously held belief. Pretty sure there’s a term for that from my old psychology class if someone’s willing to help me out there. But that’s you. I ain’t arguing this further, go read the last two threads if you’re still foggy on it. I see no point in catching myself in this loop again. and I didn’t run away, I simply raised the same point I just did that you constantly ignore anything that doesn’t help your argument. You’re a completely lost cause. Like I said there are 2 threads now of us discussing this if you’re still so fuzzy and wish to revisit. I mean are we really going into all of this again? Not this time.
  6. I’m totally unfamiliar with what you’re talking about. Nor did I at any point raise the same exact point and get in an argument about how I was right about the same point almost a year later because someone couldn’t read(nor wanted to admit they were wrong). c’est la vie
  7. I’m also kinda getting on the we are gonna tank this season train. We are gonna off load a bunch of dead money this year and move forward. I have no idea what we are gonna do with Cam, but having Hurney stick around say good job to Herbert doesn’t sound good for cams future here
  8. There are only maybe 2-3 CB’s a year worth that kind of money. Bradberry isn’t one of those player, he’s good to very good at times. But not elite. CB’s are a Luxury position. We got bigger fish to fry before we over pay for a CB
  9. Context means a lot. In context for where he’s been and how he’s developed the programs Matt Rhule hasn’t just done a good job he’s done an amazing job. Maybe the most impressive coaching the last few years in college football. Yeah he hasn’t competed for a national championship, but the places he coached might as well not be in the same league as your regular playoff contenders. No matter how good of a job he does, you’re not gonna get five star recruits at either of the colleges he’s been to, so the talent gap between him and the teams he competes with is bigger than What can be overcome by coaching. A good recruiting class for the schools he came from would be getting a few three star recruits. Him getting any of those guys into the NFL is nothing shy of a miracle. Bigger programs have already turned those players down because those programs thought the player didn’t have the talent. for perspective, you could say Alabama‘s second string is better than his first string players at Baylor. with the level of talent Rhule has had, there is no other way to explain his success other than purely amazing. my issue with Matt Rhule, is I like known quantities. And I simply don’t know what to expect from him right now. His resume is amazing, but I have no idea how his coaching is going to translate to the NFL. Or if it will at all.
  10. Josh Norman was elite in 2014, nobody knew who he was then so it didn’t get the buzz. If I have to explain that he was elite in 2014 I rest my case on people not knowing what their talking about. don’t even know relevant team history, I mean come on!
  11. But when they were with the panthers is all you can judge them by, that’s the only common among the two players. Norman has been playing on a noticeably worse team since he left Carolina. when Norman left people were hoping he got paid By us, and many still begrudge DG for essentially cutting him. In contrast not many, if anyone for that matter want us to pay anywhere near that for Bradberry. as the other poster stated, it wasn’t just 2015, but also 2014 That Norman balled out with us
  12. If youre seriously suggesting that Bradberry is better than Norman, we have nothing to discuss. there are differing opinions and then there is crazy talk. nobody thinks Bradberry is anywhere near Normans level when he was with the Panthers.
  13. bradberry isnt Norman or Gamble even, serious hard pass on paying him that kind of money, I'd rather spend it elsewhere.
  14. He has been very hit and miss with third round picks historically. Not terrible. Especially at drafting DE’s in the 3rd. he should never be allowed to make the 2nd round pick tho
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