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  1. This is interesting, if we do land Joe Brady could Burrow technically decline the teams in front of us if we wanted to stay with Brady? Not just the #1 pick but all 6 in front of us? I mean lets be honest this was by far his best year at any level, he wasn't even highly recruited coming out of high school.
  2. is there a link to the full press conference for those of us that missed it? I don't see it on the panthers site Never mind found it on youtube
  3. One thing that I've been thinking about with the statements that college coaches don't work in the NFL. I'm wondering if we are seeing a new era, sure they didn't work in the past but todays NFL is completely different. Notice QB's and their play, pocket passers aren't the golden rule anymore, spread offenses that give a mobile QB room to roam are becoming more the norm and mobile QB's as well. I think we will see more college coaches coming into the league and the old guard slowly start moving out. Panthers are ahead of the curve, we are going to start setting examples for everyone else to follow instead of trying to follow what is already there; i.e. Patriots and Steelers
  4. I dunno sounds about right, each place he has been it has taken him 2 years to really turn things around so that gives him 2 years to turn it around with HIS players and staff in place then 5 years to see what he can do with it.
  5. Wouldn't that be funny? Garrett beats the poo out of the Cowboys every year for the next 5 years before Jerry Jones hires him back?
  6. Bet if we put them on the O-Line they would block better than what we have
  7. At this point Dave's only option might just be to blow the whole damn thing up or risk having cancers in the locker room. Bring in a new coach, stick through the 2 or 3 years of rebuilding and bring in a new culture / mindset to Carolina...it is much needed anyway.
  8. Miami is beating NE right now does that help us at all?
  9. One thing that strikes me about his comments. We’ve all blamed Ron for playing vets to long or not giving younger players the opportunity to showcase their skills, his comments make it seem like that wasn’t his decision to make and if it wasn’t then who was calling the shots?
  10. Good lord! The man is a cancer but this move, to me, makes them the favorite to win it all. Think about it, with Michael Thomas on one side and Brown on another with Brees throwing to either one of them? This would be a nightmare for any team...who you gonna cover? Heck they have been double teaming Thomas all year and he is nearing 1800 yards receiving! Antonia Brown one on one with an accurate passer? Good night! I hate the Saints
  11. I think the gist of it was that Tepper wanted to start the search and didn't want Ron to hear second hand what he was doing. Really had nothing to do with just the interview but the entire process as a whole
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