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  1. Just said the same thing didn’t see your post.. Jerry could look at Cam!! If Dak is going to be greedy
  2. Listening to Cousins!! Dude isn’t that good!! Cam might find himself a new home at this rate!! That would be fun watching him beat up on the Redskins!!
  3. Lol!! Of course they have Haskins and Allen.. Cam is not going to play back-up!! Redskins not a fit for him.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get picked up til the season starts when injuries start to happen.. no off season.. teams probably keeping what they have now
  4. Oh My-Lanta say it ain’t so!!???who is this kid.. ?? We carrying 4 QBs!! Dropping Grier!! ?? Walker!?? Next Brady if Payton doing that!!
  5. Haha!! I agree there is no Olsen on the team right now!! I think this is a talent evaluation/scheme period if there is a season.. Thomas might be our #1 TE this year.. Rhule also said the draft was focusing on Defense.. free agency was for the offense..so may be we find a TE but who knows this year!! I am hoping these new coaches can help these young players Develop/grow!! Rivera was not good at that..He wanted Veterans
  6. who knows!? till he starts producing he's not an Olsen..U guys are killing me on these topics!!
  7. Patriots aren’t signing Cam!! He’s too much of a diva!! Belichick ain’t putting up with that !! Stidham is the guy!! Gees
  8. Plus the coaches might not be able to practice there plays for the time needed.. going to be like as a kid drawing plays on your hand in the huddle!! U go left, u run for the end zone and fake hand-off!! And going oh yeah block the big guys!! Defense be using one Mississippi.. two Mississippi to rush!! So equals not a great record.. 3-4 wins
  9. Never heard of the kid.. loved how he blew up the QB on the highlights!! Welcome to Panther land!!
  10. What !!?? Really!! Crazy!! Virtual training will get them ready!! Thank u Capt Obvious!! If there is a season!!
  11. I agree with the Eagles pick.. Wentz can’t stay healthy.. good insurance for Philly
  12. Thought they were after Kinlaw now it’s Young?? Lol!! Whatever!! 8pm can’t come fast enough!!
  13. I am about rebuilding the defense.. total garbage last year!! Take Simmons, Brown or Okudah whoever is left when we draft!! If Chargers f us by going defense then that leaves either Tua or Herbert pending the Dolphins..!! Eessh!! Worse scenario.. Hurney will ejaculate and pull the trigger on one of them!! Grrr..
  14. Whoever is available from Brown, Simmons or Okbukda..wtf how’s it’s spelled!! Take whose left of those 3 no questions
  15. What Adam Sandler > DookieStains!! Surprised they didn’t but a butt stripe too protect is candy ass when he craps himself!!ATL??Fug DeezNutz!!
  16. What the hell set them up in a big ass arena I. Phoenix since baseball is possibly doing it.. use tin cups on strings and doves this the dark ages bitches!! Haha j/king.. I agree Time she be extended!! Every team better have a Skype hotline setup!!
  17. I am excited !! We all were on the new hire!! Til reality kicked in!! Change brings change!! But I am still excited.. if there’s camp I will be in Spartanburg to see our new Coach and team!!
  18. Not feeling the QBs this year!! We have to get the best defensive player available!! Our defense is atrocious!!
  19. Mine is the one and only game I actually attended was Nov 2009 against the Arizona Cardinals... got the tickets super cheap first level at the end zone.. bout 10 rows up awesome seats!!! Knew By November the Cardinals were good that year..I just remember Carolina/Cards going back and forth!! I remember Steve Smith catching a pass for a TD and it was at our end zone and went crazy like he does!! Fried up the crowd !! It was so loud!! We scored again and won the game!! But unfortunately that’s we met them again in the playoffs and Delhomme had a meltdown and they went to the SuperBowl!!
  20. Apparently Cam doesn’t have much of a market either.. so.. Bridgewater is your QB!! This a defense rebuild!! Possibly draft a QBs next year!! Cuz they know it probably won’t be a great record!!
  21. Rosen sucked at UCLA!! He was Arizona’s Clausen should have never been drafted in the first round..I watched a few of his games during the Heisman hype for that year/top QBs I was not impressed!! And he’s not done well in the NFL.. stick with Grier if u want a prospect!! Hell no to Rosen!!
  22. I will have all the steaks and two gallons of ketchup for him!! If he’s enticed to come to my domicile to do the draft!! Might have to kick kids and wife off Netflix and gaming to open the bandwidth but it could be done !!!
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