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  1. For the record I bumped that post because Hillis is tearing it up and all we ended up was a comp 3rd. Wouldn't you rather have gotten Hillis and a 3rd? That thread was before we had Tony, Sutton, or Goodson.

  2. your on the clock with the pick i traded you

  3. Your on the clock.

  4. Your on the clock.

  5. Your on the clock

  6. LOL Colin Mochrie was hilarious on Whos Line.

  7. No idea. I missed the game had to work late. Got to see Miami get stomp thats always fun.

  8. Oh joy. That would make my year. I'd rather get Riley Cooper as Decker, though, in the 3rd.

  9. Why did you leave me negative feedback?

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