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  1. When your job can be replaced by a tablet you don't have much leverage. CEO and Servant don't go in the same sentence and that's what a server is. A servant.
  2. You do know that there is a minimum wage for servers not just tips. Still if you suck at your job you shouldn't be rewarded. Car dealerships work off of commissions and so do hedge fund managers. The good ones get paid the others do what sucky wait staff do and work at seven 11 and bitch about how life isn't fair.
  3. To be fair it was before they shipped Hopkins off though.
  4. Teams might be better off going through the draft and then trading for him. If we land a quality QB it would definitely sweeten the deal for the Texans.
  5. That would be horrible imo. In rather give up more firsts than our two best offensive weapons. Realistically I would consider a tag and trade scenario dealing Samuel to them and a few firsts but we have to sign moton to do that.
  6. What defensive player could we give? CMC is about all we have. I guess we could package Chinn, Shaq, and YGM. But that's about it.
  7. He's definitely good but the question is can we surround him with enough talent after giving up multiple firsts and our own stars to get him.
  8. Hey those legs weren't going to shave themselves.
  9. Eh it's actually the first year Rhule gets to work with his GM on personal decisions. Thus year one of rebuild and 6 more years of passes. Just saying...
  10. I honestly see this as year one. We were never going to truly rebuild with Hurney giving out mega deals to aging vets. Now we have a new coach and GM and hopefully a new direction.
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