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  1. I think Fitters is drafting like Pre Russle Wilson Seahawks and thats OK by me.
  2. This guy kinda sucks off Gase more than he should.
  3. Morons contract will be super complex and I really think why he was tagged was because we didn't want Hurney screwing it up.
  4. May your rep go into the triple negatives.
  5. We have a ton of cap space next year but a good chunk will be paid to Moore and Moton. Anderson will need a contract too if we plan to keep him but if everything pans out we might let him walk. LT spot is definitely going to be interesting and hopefully Christensen can take the spot over by years end like you have said.
  6. Moore like I want to get paid dawg so let's go!
  7. Pitts is really a WR so honestly he probably was the most athletic true TE. Yeah not a dominating class but here's the thing. Its not that he runs lazy routes or is 50/50 on 1000 balls. He seriously only got 35 touches and sometimes you just need more experienced coaching. ND was just fine using him as a nasty blocker and letting Mayer get most of the receiving yards. Tommy T is extremely young and very well may be used just like at ND with Arnald getting most of the red zone snaps. Still I could see Brady using him midfield as an outlet on plays. I know Brady loves using guys people forget an
  8. I hope so. I mean we kinda already know he can produce in this system.
  9. I mean I guess if we had that kind of deal we might have taken it. Hard to say I mean we did entertain trade downs but it wasn't as low as SF was picking.
  10. He's probably the best TE outside of Pitts so I would say they will probably work him in. Honestly catching the ball is probably the easiest thing to correct. Samuel struggled with it until Norv fix his problem so I see no reason Brady can fix Trembles.
  11. Probably someone in the saints staff that wants to work with Brady. The Saints did this to Hurney countless times.
  12. It pretty much would have still come down to Sewell and Horn.
  13. Guess Shi Smith isn't as much a sleeper as I thought. All he does is catch anything thrown at him and he had a terrible QB.
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