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  1. I would take him in a second. He's an actual starting QB.
  2. Well hes played his 3 games this year. Time to shut it down.
  3. It not talent it's coaching. Every team has talent but we lack in two important departments. Coaching and QB play and until one or both those change we will not compete.
  4. It's not the players that are sinking this team outside of Baker Mayfield. If he could just at least manage the game we would have one 3 game by now. I really don't see that happening and once again Rhules desire to trade for a QB goes up in smoke.
  5. You over rating our team. Our offense has serous problems. I might be more inclined to agree if it were not for that. AZ is a toss up but I just don't see our defense containing Murray and SF has a really good defense. The Rams and Bucs are going to kick our asses simply because we don't have the talent they do.
  6. People talk about his size but the biggest thing I see is his field vision. He misses a lot of open people. That might change with comfort though.
  7. Read my words. It's not better. If anything it's worse with a slightly better QB.
  8. I just don't see that consistency coming.
  9. I'm not sure how much embarrassment he can take but those two teams are making a fool out of Tepper for keeping a loser coach.
  10. A great coach can get to the playoffs without a great QB. A great QB will never make the playoffs with a bad coach. You really need both.
  11. At this point I see him staying the next 4 years and being the worst coach in the history of the NFL. That's now bad I see teppers ego.
  12. Yeah the offense just looks sloppy. It could improve but I'm not really betting on it.
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