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  1. I guess because he wins. I mean imagine if we won both our SB. We would have supported everyone.
  2. One of my favorite days. The long wait is over.
  3. The state of journalism unfortunately.
  4. Yeah my point is the NFL is inconsistent as hell and loves to ruine careers in the process.
  5. The players voted Smith as Capt too one year. I mean they have to pick someone.
  6. Still doesn't explain the double standard because that happened when he was in Dallas. Watson should be on the list until all court proceedings are finished like Hardy.
  7. Greg Hardy was never formally charged and his case was dismissed because his GF lied. So...
  8. Kinda sad they cut down pre season. I really liked watching the bottom of the roster fight it out.
  9. Broncos would probably be the only team that would trade now. They know who they have in Teddy.
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