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  1. He's proven at this point he can stop the puck against NYR. Against Tampa I'm not so sure of but we should have Anderson back by then.
  2. Unless they are preparing shitty ice I think we win at least one too.
  3. Rangers are set up in a way that they rely on Igor to stop every shot. If he misses they lose.
  4. My friend is in full melt down mode. Accusing us of cheating and playing dirty. I'm like my dude you believe whatever it takes to swallow that pill.
  5. Yeah at this point you can't pull him. He's been a absolute beast.
  6. They came back on the Penguins. We just got to keep playing our game. Raanta is playing out of his mind right now and I'm super happy for him. He's a guy you definitely can root for because he gives 100% even if he has short comings.
  7. He will be moving right down once Brady shows up. Most frigging ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Honestly I rather get a root canal than watch Brady's smug ass try and be a color commentator.
  8. When you roll with young players poo like that happens. The Rangers remind me of us two years ago. Young, fast, and sometimes prone to mistakes.
  9. Rangers have lost two like this in OT in the playoffs no less. They fought back and won. They will be there to play game 2.
  10. Those games are far from decided. The thing you are missing is Rod did something he rarely does and changed the lineup. It was good coaching and ballsy.
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