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  1. I would like to do your ff league as well. [email protected]

  2. Thanks for the swag!

  3. you're on the clock punk :P

  4. thanks...I will look into it and conveniently, my wife and daughter are on Rogers too...so that could help! Thanks

  5. You're in Canada right? If so, go Rogers with the iPhone.

  6. Thanks for the rep. Here's to beating the Bruins!

  7. You sir, are the man. Thank you.

  8. jake-delhomme-shake-and-bake-o.gif lol..there's your gif

  9. You are up again in the mock draft

  10. Your on the clock.

  11. Anything by Dan Abnett. However, I recommend "Gaunt's Ghosts" first.
  12. Did you know Spanish before you went to Spain? As far as foreign languages go I'm just worried going to another country, besides Germany because that's the language I know, that it would be too difficult. I have a friend in Madrid and she loves Spain...can't stop talking about it.

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